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Manitoba's Mineral Resources

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Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention
Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention
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Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention
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Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention
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Previous Years' Highlights
Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention


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2013 Convention Highlights

The 2013 Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention attracted more than 1000 delegates including mining experts, geoscientists, educators, community and Aboriginal leaders, and resource and industry specialists.

The Convention featured 34 technical presentations on recent geological findings and exploration projects around the province, 26 mineral property showcases and a restructured tradeshow floor that allowed for 96 booths. The featured short course offered 8 presentations that focused on the geology and mineral potential of Manitoba’s premier mineral belts.

The Student Activity Corner promoted mineral education for students, with almost 300 kids taking part through school tours. They participated in various activities including digging for fossils with the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, panning for gold with champion panner Yukon Dan, and visiting other mineral displays and activities with the Mineral Society of Manitoba.

The convention opened to the public for free on Friday afternoon and attendees were able to peruse the trade show floor, attend  technical presentations  and participate in the Student Activity Corner.

The next convention will be held November 19, 20 and 21, 2014.

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