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The Advisory Council on Workplace Safety and Health

Mandate and Responsibilities

The Advisory Council on Workplace Safety and Health reports directly to the Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade to advise or make recommendations to the Minister on the following matters:

  • General workplace safety and health issues;
  • Protection of workers in specific situations;
  • Appointment of consultants and advisors;
  • Any other matter concerning workplace safety and health on which the Minister seeks the Council’s opinion.

The Council plays a key role in the development and revision of workplace safety and health legislation and regulations.

Board Members


Dennis Nikkel

Technical/Professional Representatives

David Fritz (1)
Michael Gordon (2)
Michael Kelly (3)
Gary Sawisky (4)

Employer Representatives

James Battershill (5)
Ian Cooper (6)
Neil Curry (7)
Mike Jones (8)

Worker Representatives

Blaine Duncan (9)
Phil Kraychuk (10)
Wally Skomoroh (11)
Gina Smoke (12)

Nominated by:

(1) The American Industrial Hygiene Association, Manitoba Local Section
(2) Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of Manitoba
(3) Manitoba Federation of Labour, Occupational Health Centre
(4) Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, Manitoba Chapter

Manitoba Employers Council

(5) Keystone Agricultural Producers
(6) Hudbay Minerals Inc.
(7) Made Safe, Manufacturing Safety for Manitoba
(8) Construction Safety Association of Manitoba

Manitoba Federation of Labour

(9) Manitoba Government Employees Union
(10) United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union
(11) Canadian Union of Public Employees
(12) Unifor Local 468


Council membership consists of a chairperson and between 6 and 12 members with equal representation from three groups: organizations representing workers, organizations representing employees and technical or professional bodies whose members are concerned with the general purposes of The Workplace Safety and Health Act.

All positions on the Council are nominated for representation on behalf of an organization, the result of consultations held by the Minister.

Length of terms

The chairperson and members of the Council may be appointed for terms of up to three years in length. Terms may be renewed until a maximum of ten years.

For more information on appointment and nomination processes, visit the Government of Manitoba’s Agencies, Boards and Commissions portal.

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