Community Development

The Community Development Branch of Municipal Relations works to strengthen community planning and development in neighborhoods, communities and regions across Manitoba by co-ordinating delivery of programs and technical assistance to increase municipal and organizational capacity, assisting municipalities and community organizations in undertaking projects that provide long-term benefits to their communities and encouraging regional approaches.
The Branch provides single window services including capacity-building, advisory and consultative support of community-based and regional organizations and local government. It focuses staffing and on-line resources to assist organizations to be more self-sufficient, strengthen governance and enable improved outcomes including access to programs, grants and resources, in partnership with other departments and organizations.
The Branch also provides a single point of access for grant applications which will reduce red tape for the non-profit sector and that support community partnerships to build vibrant sustainable communities providing a high quality of life for Manitobans. Its Community Development Program consolidates funding and commitments to non-profit organizations and local governments for community development activities, and related partnership projects across Manitoba. The Community Development Program also supports youth employment through the delivery of the Green Team grants.
  • Renewing the Non-Profit Sector - The Manitoba government is developing a new strategy to build capacity and promote sustainability in the non-profit sector that will guide future provincial investments and inform transformation in community development programs. A new strategy will strengthen the non-profit sector, assisting individual organizations across Manitoba to be sustainable and successful and will ensure Manitoba's non-profit sector is best poised to deliver positive outcomes and increase philanthropy and charitable giving. 
  • Building Sustainable Communities - helps build thriving sustainable communities that provide a high quality of life for Manitobans. The grant leverages investments in community development by local governments, non-profit organizations and others.

For more information on the Building Sustainable Communities Program visit . In addition, the department staff in regional offices across the province will work with clients to provide support and answer any questions. If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Municipal Relations Staff:


For further information and assistance:

Municipal Relations - Community Development Branch Offices

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Interlake Region

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Parkland Region

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Norman Region

114-59 Elizabeth Drive

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For more information about these programs and services, or support provided under previous programs, please contact us at:


Municipal Relations

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