Singush Lake

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Singush Lake to Re-open to Day-use Boaters in 2020

March 27, 2020

Since May 2017, Singush Lake has been closed to day-use boaters due to the Manitoba government finding a “suspect” adult Zebra Mussel on sampling equipment retrieved from the lake.

Singush Lake is located in the south eastern part of Duck Mountain Provincial Park, 68 km north-west of Dauphin.

From experience with the speed in which the south basin of Lake Winnipeg was invaded by Zebra Mussels, the Manitoba government took a precautionary approach and closed the lake to prevent potential spread of Zebra Mussels to other water bodies.

When Singush Lake was closed, cottager owners were able to continue to use their watercraft in the lake provided they had authorization in the form of a provincially-issued control order. The condition of the authorization was that the cottage owner could not move their watercraft to use it on any other Manitoba water body.

The Manitoba government monitored the lake regularly over the past three years and have found no evidence to suggest the presence of Zebra Mussels. As a result, Singush Lake will re-open to day-use boaters for the 2020 open-water season.

To keep water bodies such as Singush Lake Zebra Mussel free, the Manitoba government would like to remind surface water-users that:

For more information on aquatic invasive species, visit or call 1-877-867-2470 (toll free).