Urban Forest Publications

A variety of Urban Forestry publications are available here in Acrobat .pdf format. They are organized into the following categories:

General Tree Care Brochures

cover of the 'Tree and Shrub Care' brochure

Tree and Shrub Care
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This brochure covers the essentials of urban tree care: pruning, heading back, shearing, thinning, removing large limbs and treating wounds.

download the Tree and Shrub Care brochure (1.04 MB)
cover of 'Setting Down New Roots' brochure

Setting Down New Roots
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A handy guide to selecting, transplanting and replanting native trees and shrubs.

download the Setting Down New Roots brochure (10 MB)

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Dutch Elm Disease

  cover of the 'Dutch Elm Disease' brochure

Dutch Elm Disease

This folder contains an overview of Dutch Elm Disease, its causes and symptoms, how this disease spreads and the main strategies for controlling it.

download the Dutch Elm Disease brochure (644 KB)
  cover of the Dutch Elm Disease Questions & Answers pamphlet

Dutch Elm Disease:  The Dangers of Storing Elm Wood

This folder contains an overview of the dangers of storing elm wood, and its relationship in spreading the Dutch Elm Disease.

download the The Dangers of Storing Elm Wood pamphlet (.497 MB)  

Tree Pest Brochures

front cover of forest tent caterpillar brochure

Forest Tent Caterpillar
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Learn about the life cycle, damage and control of the forest tent caterpillar, Malacosoma disstria.

download the Forest Tent Caterpillar brochure (10 MB)
cover of 'The Spruce Budworm in Manitoba' brochure

Spruce Budworm
Ref. Number: MG-10383

This brochure profiles the most destructive and widely distributed forest pest in North America: the spruce budworm Choristoneura fumiferana (Clemens).

download the Spruce Budworm brochure (410 KB)