Forest Health

Did you know there's a really easy way you can help keep Manitoba's forests healthy? All you need to do is download the free Go Wild Manitoba app and join the Forest Insect and Disease project. Click here for more information.

The Manitoba government monitors for various forest pests and diseases, including spruce budworm, jack pine budworm, and Dutch elm disease along with invasive pests, such as emerald ash borer and gypsy moth. Monitoring is done through visual inspections and baited trapping of adult insects. In some cases, control programs are implemented to curb the spread and damage caused by some forest pests and diseases in the province.

Emerald ash borer trap
Emerald ash borer trap

Monitoring jack pine budworm populations  through branch sampling
Monitoring jack pine budworm
populations through branch sampling

Advisories and Alerts


The Forestry and Peatlands Management Branch distributes a number forest pest and disease brochures: Forest Health Brochures

Forest Health Inquiries

For more information about forest insects and diseases, please send an email to: If you would like assistance in identifying a forest health issue, please include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Tree location and growing conditions
  • Tree species
  • Tree age
  • Number of trees affected
  • Unusual weather factors (dry or wet conditions), activity such as construction near the tree
  • A description of the symptoms and where they are on the tree (leaves, branches, stem, lower or higher in tree etc.)
  • Pictures (close-ups of damage and whole tree pictures)

You can also have a licensed arborist or tree care professional look at your tree.

For Information on Dutch elm disease, please visit:

For more information on plant pests and plant pest identification, please visit: