Environment Act Licensing

The Manitoba Environment Act outlines an environmental assessment and licensing process for developments that may have potential for significant environmental effects. Some developments may require both provincial and federal environmental approval prior to proceeding. Under agreement, Manitoba and Canada have agreed to co-operate and co-ordinate respective environmental assessment processes, in order to promote an effective and consistent environmental assessment process in Manitoba. Early consultation with Manitoba Sustainable Development will help determine whether both federal and provincial environmental approvals are required.

mechanised logging - FallTimber harvesting that requires a forest management plan or operating plan under The Forest Act are listed as Class 2 Developments in the Classes of Development Regulation under the Manitoba Environment Act and therefore require that an Environment Act Proposal be submitted to the Environmental Approvals Branch.  

The Proposal is distributed to the Technical Advisory Committee for review and comment.

Environmental Approvals Branch places the Proposal in the Public Registries and will advertise the Proposal and submission of the forest management or operating plan, and request public review and comment.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Guidelines for the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for long-term Forest Management Plans are prepared by the Environmental Approvals Branch, reviewed by the Technical Advisory Committee, placed in the Public Registries, advertised in local papers, and reviewed by the public.  Upon consideration of the public and technical comments, the Director of Environmental Approvals issues the guidelines.


Clean Environment Commission Hearings

The Environment Act provides authority for the Minister to call public hearings to consider Proposals filed under the Act. Hearings are not mandatory under the Act, but generally are called where a development Proposal is of general interest to, or will affect, a large number of Manitobans or where through the screening process there are significant public concerns identified. Hearings conducted by the Clean Environment Commission ultimately provide advice and recommendations to the Minister based on evidence received during the hearing process.

Environment Act Licence

At the conclusion of the public review period and Clean Environment Commission Hearings, all public and Technical Advisory Committee comments and Clean Environment Commission recommendations are considered. A licensing decision will be made to approve or refuse a proposal. If approved, a licence will be issued with limits, terms and conditions identified.

For more information about the environmental assessment and licensing process, visit Sustainable Development, Environmental Approvals Branch web site, or call the Branch at (204) 945-8321.