Forest Management Licences (FML)
and Crown Land

The Forest Act provides for the establishment of a Forest Management Licence to provide a continuous timber supply to a wood using industry.

A Forest Management Licence, granted for a period of not more than twenty years, may be renewed for further periods.

The Forest Management Licence describes the land upon which trees may be cut, the volume of wood that may be harvested, and other terms and conditions. There are currently two Forest Management Licences in Manitoba.

Timber management and forest renewal are the responsibilities of Manitoba Conservation on Crown Forest Land outside of Forest Management Licence areas, and within Forest Management Licence areas where the wood is used by a facility other than that operated by the Forest Management Licensee.

  • FML 2 - Canadian Kraft Paper Industries Limited, The Pas, MB
  • FML 3 - LP Canada Ltd., Minitonas, MB