Forest Management Planning

Companies who hold or are seeking a Forest Management Licence are required to develop long-term Forest Management Plans under The Forest Act. The Forest Management Plan must be developed in accordance with current guidelines provided by Manitoba Conservation.

winter logging roadThe Forest Management Plan proposes long-term timber harvesting, access development, and forest renewal activities throughout the Forest Management Licence area. The Forest Management Plan must also describe the forest resource values involved, planning framework and consultation process, preferred management approach, operating practices, and contain a sustainable wood supply analysis.

Forest Management Plan Guidelines

Planning guidelines provide direction for developing long-term forest management plans that are consistent with Manitoba’s commitment to sustainable development and an ecosystem approach to achieving sustainable forest management.

In 2007 submission guidelines for 20 year forest management plans were developed.  These guidelines will be periodically updated to ensure submitted forest management plans are consistent with provincial policy, practices and standards for forest management.

Manitoba’s Submission Guidelines for Twenty Year Forest Management Plans (2007)

Forest Management Plan Approval Process

The Forest Management Plan is submitted to Manitoba Conservation for review by appropriate branches and regional integrated resource management teams. The approval of a Forest Management Plan is the responsibility of the Forestry Branch Director.