Crown Forests

Manitoba has over 26 million ha of forest lands, of which approximately 94% are provincial Crown land.

Our Crown forests are managed for diverse economic, environmental, social and cultural uses. To effectively meet these varied needs, Crown forest lands are designated for different uses such as Provincial Parks, Wildlife Management Areas, Ecological Reserves or Provincial Forests.

Under The Forests Act, Provincial Forests were developed primarily as a source of sustainable timber supply. Today there are 15 designated Provincial Forests, totaling almost 22,000 km².

Much of the province's unallocated forest land is remote or commercially unproductive, yet our productive forests support two major forest companies as well as numerous midsize and small forest operations.

Manitoba Sustainable Development, Forestry Branch is mandated with management responsibilities for provincial Crown forests.

However, within the forest management license (FMLs) areas where major forest companies have been allocated long term tenure to wood supply, those companies have become responsible for certain forest management responsibilities, such as forest renewal, for the Province.