Manitoba Scaler's Licence Program

Timber scaling is the process of measuring or estimating the quantity of trees after they are felled, expressed as volume, area, length, mass or number of products.

This page outlines the Manitoba Scaling Program, scaling course contents and duration, requirements to obtain and retain a Manitoba scaler's licence and examination procedures.

Information collected from scaling is used to determine wood volumes for Crown dues payments, wage payments, statistical analysis, commercial transactions, research and development and inventory control.

The Forest Planning and Development section is responsible for Manitoba’s Timber Scaling Program. The authority for the measurement of all forest products harvested on Crown lands in Manitoba is contained in the provisions of The Forest Act Chapter F 150 (C.C.S.M. c. F150) and Forest Use and Management Regulation 227/88 R which states:

Licence for scaler
16 No person shall act as a scaler unless he holds a valid and subsisting Manitoba scaler's licence.

The objective of the Manitoba Scaler's Licence Program is to provide a uniform standard of training and certification for individuals involved in scaling timber harvested in Manitoba, and to ensure that all proper scaling methods are followed by industry.


To set standards for:

  1. Licence fees
  2. Types of licences and licence renewal policy
  3. Scaler's status
  4. Scaling course content, instruction and examination procedures.

sample scaling 1
Sample scaling at Tolko

To provide the following:

  1. Updates to scaling policy
  2. Development of scaling manuals and scaling programs
  3. Training and certification of instructors
  4. Training and certification of potential scalers
  5. Schedule and conduct all licence/refresher courses and exams
  6. Expertise for all policy and training
  7. Conduct check scales to compare the work of other scalers
  8. Conduct rescales where parties disagree on the first scale results.

sample scaling 2
Sample scaling at LP

Resource References
The Canadian Standards Association manual Scaling Roundwood/Measurement of Woodchips, Tree Residues, and Byproducts 0302.1-09/0302.2-09 is used as a reference.

Scaling Courses
Applicants for a Manitoba Scalers Licence are required to attend scaling courses held by Manitoba Sustainable Development. Applicants must pass field and written tests.  Successful candidates are also required to complete and pass a refresher scaling course within 5 (five) years of the date of issuance of their original scalers licence. The refresher course is valid for 5 (five) years from the date of successful completion.

cube scaling
Cube scaling at a scaling course

To provide compliance with federal labour mobility legislation, anyone with a valid out-of-province scaling licence (validated by Manitoba Sustainable Development) will be provided with a Manitoba Scalers  Licence valid for 5 (five) years without being required to take either the Manitoba Scalers Licence or Refresher course. They will be required to complete the Manitoba Scalers Licence or Refresher course within 5 (five) years of the issuance of the original licence as per current scaling licence requirements.

stack scaling
Stack scaling at a scaling course

Manitoba Manual of Scaling Instructions Fourth Edition 2017
This manual is used in both the full scaling course and the refresher course. It summarizes the procedures and instructions for scaling or measuring Crown timber as approved by the Director of Forestry. Manitoba Manual of Scaling Instructions 2017 (pdf)

Course Location
Usually held in Swan River, courses may be held annually, or less frequently dependent on demand or need.  Dates and locations when set are posted on the Forestry Branch website.

Course Content
The 4 ½ day long full scaling course consists of:

  1. Scaling manual review
  2. Cube scaling individual logs
  3. Stackwood scaling piles of timber
  4. Assessing cull and defect
  5. Weight scaling methods
  6. Field and written tests

Scaling Exam
The field test consists of cube scaling 50 logs, cube sample of 30-40 logs and stack scaling 300-400 m³ of stacked roundwood. The written test consists of 20 true/false questions and an open book exam of 10-15 questions. An overall mark of 65% or better must be obtained to satisfactorily complete the course.  Candidates achieving an overall mark between 50% and 64% in the Scalers Licence course may be recommended to receive an Interim Scalers Licence which is valid for a period of one year.

An Interim Scalers Licence may be extended until the next Scalers Licence course is offered by Manitoba Sustainable Development. An Interim Scalers Licence is not transferable to another individual and may be used only at the facility for which it was originally issued.

Course Fees
Course fee is $200.00.  An application form and a $50.00 licence fee must be submitted in order to receive a Manitoba Scalers Licence. A Manitoba Scalers Licence is valid for five years from the date of issue. The successful candidates will be licensed to measure all classes of Crown timber.  All expenses such as accommodation, travel, meals, etc. are the responsibility of the applicant.


diameter measurment
Diameter measurement

Scaling Refresher Course
Held annually at various locations in the Province. Dates and locations when set are posted on the Forestry Branch website.

Refresher Course Content
The 1 day scaling refresher course consists of:

1. Written test

2. Field exercises that consist of discussion and peer review of:

  • Cube scaling individual logs
  • Stackwood scaling piles of timber
  • Assessing cull and defect

The field exercise and written test are similar to those at the full scaling course. The pass/fail decision is based on the written test mark. An overall mark of 65% or better must be obtained to retain a full scaling licence.

Refresher Course Fees
There is no course fee for the scaling licence refresher course, but the $50 licence fee still applies.  All expenses such as accommodation, travel, meals etc are the responsibility of the applicant.

height measurment
Height measurement

Director of Forestry
The issuance of a Manitoba Scalers Licence is subject to the approval of the Director of Forestry. The Director of Forestry will act as arbitrator in the resolution of any disputes arising from the interpretation or implementation of the policies stated above.

Program Contacts

Forestry and Peatlands Management Branch
Forest Planning and Development Section
200 Saulteaux Crescent, Box 70
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3J 3W3
Fax: (204) 948-2671

Todd Ringash, A/Wood Measurement Coordinator
Phone: (204) 391-2133

Regional Contacts

Northwest Region
Troy Werstroh, Regional Forester
Box 2550, The Pas, Manitoba R9A 1M4
Phone: (204) 627-8352
Fax: (204) 623-5733.

Northeast Region
Bruce Holmes, Regional Forester
59 Elizabeth Drive, Thompson, Manitoba R8N 1X4
Phone: (204) 677-6642
Fax: (204) 677-6359.

Western Region
Andrew Grauman, Regional Forester
Box 640, 201-4th Ave. S. Swan River, Manitoba ROL 1ZO
Phone: (204) 281-2987
Fax: (204) 734-4210.

Eastern Region
Michael Doig, Regional Forester
284 Reimer Avenue, Steinbach, Manitoba R5G 0R5
Phone: (204) 346-6116
Fax: (204) 326-2472.

Interlake Region
Tim Harapiak, Regional Forester
Box 6000, Gimli, Manitoba ROC 1B0
Phone: (204) 642-6073
Fax: (204) 642-6108