Manitoba's Crown Timber Pricing

Crown timber harvested in Manitoba is measured in cubic metres (m³). For each cubic metre of timber harvested, specific dues and charges must be paid. Commercial users must pay three specific charges as per The Forest Act:

  • Crown Timber Dues
  • Forest Renewal Charge (FRC)
  • Fire Protection Charge (FPC) - The Fire Protection Charge ($0.17/m³) is collected to offset the firefighting/prevention costs the province undertakes to protect forest resources.  

Market Based Timber Pricing

Timber dues are set monthly based on the previous month average commodity reference prices in accordance with Manitoba's Timber Dues Tables.

The timber pricing system sets dues by four timber classes, each associated with a forest  product commodity:



Reference Publication

Reference Market

Oriented Strand Board

Random Lengths

OSB North Central

Softwood Lumber

Random Lengths

2x4 #2&Btr KD Western S-P-F $/1000FBM


Pulp and Paper Weekly

Unbleached Kraft
Extensible multi-
wall sack
50lbs $/ton


Pulp and Paper Weekly

Newsprint Paper
30 lbs East


Timber dues for all other forest products and commodities will be established annually and periodically reviewed.

Timber prices will apply to all Crown timber moved, scaled or delivered that month.  Timber prices will be updated on this website and will be available at Manitoba Conservation offices each month.

To check the current or historical timber dues:

Current Timber Dues

Historical Timber Dues

Manitoba Timber Dues Tables

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