Manitoba's Monthly Timber Return

All timber delivered to a destination other than an FML and/or an EDT Mill must be reported and paid for by the Cutting Right holder (Quota holders or Timber Sale holders).

All timber that meets the above definition must be reported on the monthly timber return. The return only needs to be completed for months when Crown timber is moved or delivered. The return must be submitted by the end of the month following the month in which the timber was moved.

A year end March/final timber return is required from all cutting right holders when operations are complete or to declare you have not operated in the year. This final return must be submitted by April 30th. In the box on the lower right of the form, please check the applicable response. In the Remarks section include an estimate of on hand timber by species and location, use back of page if required. Return must be signed as usual.

The timber return forms have been revised to include harvest block number. Please enter the harvest block number from which the timber was harvested and summarize by commodity/product and block number. The electronic version will do this automatically. On the electronic version the regular and salvage FRC and FPC rates are available as drop down selections. Click on the rate box and select the appropriate rate. Please review the instructions tab of the timber return form for more details.

The timber return can either be completed by hand or electronically:

Monthly Timber Return - Electronic - Multi-page Microsoft Excel version that can be completed on your computer, all pages summarize.


Monthly Timber Return- Adobe PDF version that can be printed and completed by hand. The second page may be printed as many times as required.


Electronic Stacked Wood Tally Sheet - Microsoft Excel version that can be completed on your computer and submitted with the electronic timber return.

The monthly timber return forms are also available at Manitoba Sustainable Development, Forestry and Peatlands Branch, 200 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg, and Manitoba Sustainable Development Regional and certain District offices.


Quota Holder Request for Forward Cut

If a Quota Holder wants to deliver more than their authorized volume for the operating year a Request for Forward Cut form must be completed and submitted to their regional forester. Signed approval must be received prior to harvesting the additional volume.

Signing Authority Form for Timber Sale Holders

The Signing Authority form is to be used by Timber Sale holders to give signing authority to another individual for Timber Returns, Scaling Plans, Operating Permits etc. Note completion of this form allows another person to sign paperwork, the Timber Sale holder is still responsible for the management of the Timber Sale including the accuracy and timely submission of all documents.This form can be downloaded, completed and emailed, mailed or brought into your Regional Forester. Please keep a copy for your records.

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