Burge Lake - Site 1 Subdivision

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Burge Lake - Site 1

Average Lot Size: 30 m x 45 m (may vary)

Getting There

The subdivision is located approximately 1070km (670 miles) northeast of Winnipeg, or five minutes north of Lynn Lake. Access to this subdivision is via PR 391 to Lynn Lake, north on gravel road PR 394, then east on PR 398 to Burge Lake Provincial Park.

Location and Description of Subdivision

The 4-lot subdivision has cottage lots adjacent to the Burge Lake Provincial Park. The average lot size is 30m x 45m but may vary due to topography or other requirements. There is a nearby public beach and boat launch located approximately 500 meters away on Burge Lake.


The subdivision has gravel road access. Full services and amenities are located in the historic community of Lynn Lake, an award winning scenic community, in the heart of the boreal forest in the Precambrian Shield. Lynn Lake provides hospital and RCMP services. Thompson is the largest nearby urban center located approximately 335km south. Manitoba Hydro and MTS services are available at this location. It is the lot holder's responsibility to call Manitoba Hydro and MTS to arrange and pay for cottage hook-up.

Contact for information and permits

David Hastman, Northeast Regional Lands Manager -
Sustainable Development
Building #407, 59 Elizabeth Drive
Thompson, MB R8N 1X4
Tel: 204-679-0987 Fax: 204-677-6359