Lake of the Prairies - Cupar's Creek

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Lake of the Prairies - Cupar's Creek

The impoundment of water caused by the Shellmouth dam is known as the Lake of the Prairies, and is naturally confined by both the Assiniboine and Shell River Valleys. The primary functions of the reservoir are flood control and water storage. It is important to note that water levels fluctuate throughout the year. The Asessippi Provincial Park is situated at the south end of the lake and provides important regional and provincial water-oriented recreational opportunities, allowing for year-round, cottage based leisure.

The subdivision is located in the aspen-oak parkland of the Boreal Forest Region, where trembling aspen is the dominant tree species. The subdivision offers spectacular views of sloping valleys which are ideal habitats for white-tailed deer, coyotes, raccoons and the occasional elk or moose.

Lake of the Prairies is 68 km long. It has a width varying from approximately 183 to 805 metres (600 to 2,641 feet), a surface area of 65,150,000 m2 (6,515 ha) and a maximum depth of about 15 metres (49ft). The lake supports an active year-round sport fishery. Species caught by anglers include; northern pike, walleye, yellow perch and carp.



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Getting There:

The Cupar's Creek subdivision is located along the west shore of Lake of the Prairies about 400 km west of Winnipeg or approximately 21 km west and south of Roblin on PTH 5. It is located approximately 4.5 hours drive from Winnipeg or about 2.5 hours travel northwest of Brandon near the Manitoba- Saskatchewan border. Access is primarily off PR 482 and PTH 5 from the Town of Roblin and north of Rusell. From Asessippi Provincial Park take PR 482 north of the Shellmouth dam. Access is 5 km south of the junction of PTH 5 on PR 482 and then east 3 km on gravel road.

Location and Description of Subdivision

The subdivision is located on the west shore of Lake of the Prairies just north of the mouth of Cupar's Creek in the R.M. of Shell River. The public beach and boat launch are located approximately 25 km south at Asessippi Provincial Park. The average lot size is 35m x 60m (115ft x 197ft) but may vary due to the topography and other requirements.


The subdivision has gravel road access with local services and amenities provided in the nearby Town of Roblin that is approximately 15 minutes to the northeast. The subdivision is pre-serviced by Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba Telecom Services. The lot holder is responsible for Manitoba Hydro and MTS directly to arrange and pay for cottage hook-up.

Contact for information and permits:

Myles Kopytko
Western Regional Land Manager
Main Floor - 1129 Queens Avenue
Brandon, MBĀ  R7A 1L9
Phone: 204-761-7538 Fax: 204-726-6301