Crown Timber & Permits

Crown Timber

Manitoba's Crown Timber Pricing

Crown timber harvested in Manitoba is measured in cubic metres (m3). For each cubic metre of timber harvested, specific dues and charges must be paid. Commercial users must pay three specific charges as per The Forest Act:

  • Crown Timber Dues
  • Forest Renewal Charge (FRC) - The Forest Act states a forest renewal charge (FRC) shall be levied on all timber harvested on Crown lands. The revenues are to be used by Manitoba to reforest areas harvested by timber sale and timber permit holders, and by forest management license (FML) holders to reforest areas harvested within their License areas. The provincial FRC rate is $5.75 per cubic metre for softwoods and $0.50 per cubic metre for hardwoods and tamarack.
  • Fire Protection Charge (FPC) - The Fire Protection Charge ($0.17/m3) is collected to offset the firefighting/prevention costs the province undertakes to protect forest resources.

Market Based Timber Pricing

Timber dues are set monthly based on the previous month average commodity reference prices in accordance with Manitoba's Timber Dues Tables.

Timber dues for all other forest products and commodities will be established annually and periodically reviewed.

Timber prices will apply to all Crown timber moved, scaled or delivered that month. Timber prices will be updated on this website and will be available at Sustainable Development offices each month.

Timber Scaling Program

Timber scaling is the process of measuring or estimating the quantity of trees after they are felled, expressed as volume, area, length, mass or number of products.

Information collected from scaling is used to determine wood volumes for Crown dues payments, wage payments, statistical analysis, commercial transactions, research and development and inventory control.

The authority for the measurement of all forest products harvested on Crown lands in Manitoba is contained in the provisions of The Forest Act Chapter F 150 (C.C.S.M. c. F150) and Forest Use and Management Regulation 227/88 R which states:

Licence for scaler
16 No person shall act as a scaler unless he holds a valid and subsisting Manitoba scaler's licence.

Manitoba Manual of Scaling Instructions Fourth Edition, January 2019
This manual is used in both the full scaling course and the refresher course. It summarizes the procedures and instructions for scaling or measuring Crown timber as approved by the Director of Forestry.

Manitoba Scaling Manual

Manitoba Scaling Course

Scaling licence and scaling licence refresher courses may be held annually, or less frequently dependent on demand or need. Dates and locations for courses will be posted here, when set.

Manitoba's Monthly Timber Return

All timber delivered to a destination other than an FML and/or an EDT Mill must be reported and paid for by the Cutting Right holder (Quota holders or Timber Sale holders).

All timber that meets the above definition must be reported on the monthly timber return. The return only needs to be completed for months when Crown timber is moved or delivered. The return must be submitted by the end of the month following the month in which the timber was moved.

A year end March/final timber return is required from all cutting right holders when operations are complete or to declare you have not operated in the year. This final return must be submitted by April 30th. In the box on the lower right of the form, please check the applicable response. In the Remarks section include an estimate of on hand wood by species and location, use back of page if required. Return must be signed as usual.

The timber return forms have been revised to include harvest block number. Please enter the harvest block number from which the timber was harvested and summarize by commodity/product and block number. The electronic version will do this automatically. On the electronic version the regular and salvage FRC and FPC rates are available as drop down selections. Click on the rate box and select the appropriate rate. Please review the instructions tab of the timber return form for more details.

The timber return can either be completed by hand or electronically:

Monthly Timber Return - Electronic - Multi-page Microsoft Excel version that can be completed on your computer, all pages summarize (select Enable Macros when starting).

Monthly Timber Return - Adobe PDF version that can be printed and completed by hand. The second page may be printed as many times as required.

Electronic Stacked Wood Tally Sheet - Microsoft Excel version that can be completed on your computer and submitted with the electronic timber return.

The monthly timber return forms are also available at Manitoba Sustainable Development, Forestry Branch, 200 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba Sustainable Development Regional and certain District offices.

Scaling Plan Forms

Quota Holder Request for Forward Cut

If a Quota Holder wants to deliver more than their authorized volume for the operating year a Request for Forward Cut form must be completed and submitted to their regional forester. Signed approval must be received prior to harvesting the additional volume.

Signing Authority Form for Timber Sale Holders

The Signing Authority form is to be used by Timber Sale holders to give signing authority to another individual for Timber Returns, Scaling Plans, Operating Permits etc. Note completion of this form allows another person to sign paperwork, the Timber Sale holder is still responsible for the management of the Timber Sale including the accuracy and timely submission of all documents.

This form can be downloaded, completed and emailed, mailed or brought into your Regional Forester. Please keep a copy for your records.


Personal Use (fuelwood) Timber Permits

Firewood or fuelwood has been used historically and continues to be used by thousands of Manitoba's for everything from heating their homes to enjoying while camping.

Where Can I get a Personal use Timber Permit?

"Own Use" or "Personal Use" Timber Permits to cut fuelwood on Crown land are available at Manitoba Sustainable's Regional and District offices throughout the province. Personal Use Timber Permits are for own use only. It is illegal to sell any timber that was cut under the authority of a "Personal-Use" Timber Permit.

The availability of fuelwood and the demand for permits varies throughout the province. Therefore each region of the province may have different policies regarding the issuance of "Personal-Use" permits in order to manage the forest resource sustainably. Regions may:

  • have designated sites where firewood can be harvested - Eastern Region Designated Sites
  • promote the salvage of downed/dead material in newly logged areas
  • provide access to a crown location of your choice

Please Note:
Personal Use Timber Permits are available at the Sustainable Development Head office in Winnipeg (200 Saulteaux Crescent, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Mon-Fri), but only for designated fuelwood sites in the Eastern Region. For other areas please contact your local district or regional office.. For other areas please contact your local district or regional office.

How much do the permits cost?

The pricing is an all-in-one fee allowing the purchaser to harvest up to a fixed volume of timber.

Permit Volume (up to)

Permit Fee





2.5 m3


$ 20.00

$ 1.00

$ 21.00

5 m3


$ 25.00

$ 1.25

$ 26.25

10 m3


$ 35.00

$ 1.75

$ 36.75

15 m3


$ 45.00

$ 2.25

$ 47.25

20 m3


$ 55.00

$ 2.75

$ 57.75

25 m3


$ 65.00

$ 3.25

$ 68.25

For volumes greater than 25 m3 please contact your local Regional office.

As per the Forest Use and Management Regulation Personal Use Timber Permits are for own use only. It is illegal to sell any timber that was cut under the authority of a Personal Use Timber Permit. You must have the Personal Use Permit with you at all times when harvesting. Prior to the transport of timber harvested under the authority of the Personal Use Timber Permit, the Load Slip portion, on the back of the Personal Use Permit must be completed for every load. Harvesting and/or transporting of Crown timber without authority can result in substantial fines and potential confiscation of material and the equipment used in the unauthorized activity.

Buying Fuelwood Privately

Fuelwood can be purchased all over Manitoba from gas stations to campground stores or directly from timber harvesters. It can also be purchased in many forms from bundles to truck loads. Manitoba Sustainable Development does not regulate all aspects of this market therefore it is important that as the buyer you are as informed about your purchase of timber as possible.

Units of Measure

In Manitoba and throughout Canada the standard measurement of wood or timber is in cubic metres (m3). However when it comes to the measurement/sale of firewood the imperial measure of cords continues to be referenced. See these fact sheets for more information on the measurement of stacked wood in imperial or metric units. Timber is often sold already split, and although it is priced by the cord it may not be a "stacked" cord. It is between you and the seller to establish a price per unit so ensure you know how much you are really buying.

Timber Dealers

Businesses purchasing timber from private land or Crown timber harvesters for resale must hold a valid Timber Dealers Licence. Therefore if you are buying fuelwood from a timber selling business, ask where their timber is from and if they hold a valid Timber Dealers licence. Note: Retailers selling small volumes of previously processed timber purchased from a Timber Dealer are generally not required to be licenced. For more information about Timber Dealers licenses contact 204-945-1067. Make sure that you obtain a receipt. The receipt should include the date, company name, address, telephone number, the price as well as the quantity and species.

Buying Local Timber and Invasive pests

There are many invasive pests, such as elm bark beetle which spreads Dutch Elm Disease, that can infect and kill Manitoba's beautiful native and urban forests. Some related tips to help reduce the spread of invasive pests:

  • DO NOT purchase, store or transport Elm wood
  • Do purchase fuelwood from local sources and Manitoba dealers

For more information, please contact Manitoba Sustainable Development, Forestry Branch Tree Line at
204-945-7866 or 1-800-214-6497.

Christimas Tree Cutting Permits


Manitoba has many private Christmas tree farms where you can cut a farm grown Christmas tree or purchase a pre-cut Christmas tree. For more information about private tree farms and the Manitoba Christmas Tree Grower's Association go to Real ChristmasTrees

Permits to cut Christmas trees, on Crown land, for own use, are available from Agriculture and Resource Development, 200 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg (8:30 am to 4:30 pm Mon to Fri) and district and regional forestry offices, in the late fall prior to Christmas each year.

With the purchase of a permit, the permittee is authorized to cut a coniferous Christmas tree not exceeding three (3) metres in height from a designated area. Regional/district staff will direct permittees to designated Christmas tree cutting areas. Dues for own use Christmas trees, not exceeding three (3) metres in height, are $5.00 per tree plus GST.

Special Conditions:

  • cutting shall be confined to the area stated on the permit
  • tree(s) shall not be sold or bartered
  • permit shall be retained by the person in possession of the tree(s)
  • permit shall be produced for inspection on request by a Conservation Officer
  • permit expires on the 31st day of December following the date of issue

Collection of Boughs and Branches for Commercial Use

Special conditions are in place for individuals interested in harvesting and collecting boughs and branches for commercial use (ex. wreath making). Please contact the district or regional forestry office in the area you are interested in to get information on required permits, fee schedules and location of designated commercial collection areas.

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