Personal Use (fuelwood) Timber Permits

Firewood or fuelwood has been used historically and continues to be used by thousands of Manitoba's for everything from heating their homes to enjoying while camping.

Where Can I get a Permit?

"Own Use" or "Personal Use" Timber Permits to cut fuelwood on Crown land are available at Manitoba Manitoba Sustainable's Regional and District offices throughout the province. Personal Use Timber Permits are for own use only. It is illegal to sell any timber that was cut under the authority of a "Personal-Use" Timber Permit.

The availability of fuelwood and the demand for permits varies throughout the province. Therefore each region of the province may have different policies regarding the issuance of "Personal-Use" permits in order to manage the forest resource sustainably. Regions may:

  • have designated sites where firewood can be harvested - Eastern Region Designated Sites
  • promote the salvage of downed/dead material in newly logged areas
  • provide access to a crown location of your choice

How much do the permits cost?

"Personal-Use" Timber Permit pricing has changed as of April 1st 2011. The pricing has been simplified to an all-in-one fee allowing the purchaser to harvest up to a fixed volume of timber.

Permit Volume (up to)

Permit Fee





2.5 m3


$ 20.00

$ 1.00

$ 21.00

5 m3


$ 25.00

$ 1.25

$ 26.25

10 m3


$ 35.00

$ 1.75

$ 36.75

15 m3


$ 45.00

$ 2.25

$ 47.25

20 m3


$ 55.00

$ 2.75

$ 57.75

25 m3


$ 65.00

$ 3.25

$ 68.25

For volumes greater than 25 m3 please contact your local Regional office.

Buying Fuelwood privately

Fuelwood can be purchased all over Manitoba from gas stations to campground stores or directly from timber harvesters. It can also be purchased in many forms from bundles to truck loads. Manitoba Conservation does not regulate all aspects of this market therefore it is important that as the buyer you are as informed about your purchase of timber as possible.

Units of Measure

In Manitoba and throughout Canada the standard measurement of wood or timber is in cubic metres (m3). However when it comes to the measurement/sale of firewood the imperial measure of cords continues to be referenced. See these fact sheets for more information on the measurement of stacked wood in imperial or metric units. Timber is often sold already split, and although it is priced by the cord it may not be a "stacked" cord. It is between you and the seller to establish a price per unit so ensure you know how much you are really buying.

Timber Dealers

Businesses purchasing timber from private land or Crown timber harvesters for resale must hold a valid Timber Dealers Licence (click here for a Timber Dealers Licence application form). Therefore if you are buying fuelwood from a timber selling business, ask where their timber is from and if they hold a valid Timber Dealers licence. Note: Retailers selling small volumes of previously processed timber purchased from a Timber Dealer are generally not required to be licenced. For more information about Timber Dealers licenses contact 204-945-1067. Make sure that you obtain a receipt. The receipt should include the date, company name, address, telephone number, the price as well as the quantity and species.

Buying Local Timber and Invasive pests

There are many invasive pests, such as elm bark beetle which spreads Dutch Elm Disease, that can infect and kill Manitoba's beautiful native and urban forests. Some related tips to help reduce the spread of invasive pests:

  • DO NOT purchase, store or transport Elm wood
  • Do purchase fuelwood from local sources and Manitoba dealers

For more information, please contact Manitoba Sustainable Development, Forestry Branch Tree Line at
204-945-7866 or 1-800-214-6497.