Contact Information

Toll Free Numbers
General Numbers
Manitoba Sustainable Development General Inquiry [email] 1-800-214-6497 204-945-6784
Manitoba Sustainable Development offices   See Map(s)
Turn in Poachers (Manitoba Sustainable Development) 1-800-782-0076  
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Bird Band (Migratory birds) 1-800-327-2263  
Canada Border Services Agency (within Canada)
(outside Canada)
Canadian Firearms Program 1-800-731-4000  
Canadian Food Inspection Agency 1-800-442-2342 204-983-2219
CITES Permits 1-800-668-6767  
Environment Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service) Winnipeg   204-983-5263
Hunter Education Courses and Certificates 1-877-633-4868  
Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters 1-800-305-0013  
Manitoba Wildlife Federation 1-877-633-4868 1-204-633-5967
Manitoba Guide Licensing Program 1-800-214-6497 204-945-7775
Travel Manitoba 1-800-665-0040 204-927-7838
United States Customs - Pembina, North Dakota   1-701-815-5800
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dunseith, North Dakota   1-701-263-4462
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pembina, North Dakota   1-701-825-6366