Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) in Elk and White-Tailed Deer

The bovine TB surveillance program in elk and white-tailed deer is continuing. In order to detect changes in the prevalence rate for this disease in these species, the number of samples needed for testing has increased. Failure to meet sample targets through hunter submissions may result in actions to collect additional samples. Therefore, it is important that all hunters who harvest a white-tailed deer or an elk in these GHAs submit samples as required by regulation. Hunters are required to submit the following samples within 48 hours:

  • The complete head, upper neck, lungs and trachea (windpipe) of elk and white-tailed deer shot during the hunting seasons in the Riding Mountain area (GHAs 23 and 23A).
  • Samples must be delivered to a Drop-off Depot
  • Hunters should immediately report any small, pea-sized lumps in the rib cage or lungs of elk and white-tailed deer.

All hunters are required by regulation to submit samples to Manitoba Sustainable Development through a Drop-off Depot.

Hunters are requested to avoid taking elk and white-tailed deer that have been fitted with radio-collars. These marked animals are important to the success of the ecological studies of elk and white-tailed deer.