Wildlife Branch

Manitoba has a rich diversity of natural landscapes and wildlife species, from the polar bears of Churchill to the garter snakes of Narcisse to the orchids of the tall-grass prairie near Tolstoi. Our environment, culture, economy, and society are interdependent and we must wisely protect, use, and manage our wild animal and plant resources. More...

Go Wilid Manitoba

Go Wild Manitoba

Are you interested in helping conserve plant and animal species in Manitoba?


Moose Hunting Conservation Closure

Boreal Woodland Caribou Recovery Strategy

Ecosystem Protection Zone for Alvar


Protecting White Pelicans

The Fisheries and Wildlife Amendment Act (Restitution)

The Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund

The Fish & Wildlife Enhancement Fund promotes and funds projects that conserve & enhance Manitoba's wildlife populations and recreational fisheries. More...


Be Bear Smart

Black bears are part of our heritage. Manitoba has a healthy black-bear population, and to ensure that it remains that way, we must be Bear Smart. More...


Carp Exclusion Project

Efforts to exclude adult common carp to restore vegetation in Delta Marsh continued this spring. Tens of thousands of common carp were denied entry into the marsh and by midsummer submerged vegetation has shown significant improvement.


Snakes of Narcisse

The activity level of the snake dens is posted every few days during the spring and fall. Check the status when planning your trip to Narcisse.


Report on public comments 

Report on public comments on the proposed changes to trapping policy in Manitoba's provincial parks and other Crown lands with recreational developments.

Trapping Restrictions in Provincial Parks

Changes are being considered for this trapping season as a result of a recent review. Until then, previous restrictions will remain in place. Please consult the nearest district office for updates prior to trapping in any provincial park.

Mars Hill Wildlife Management Area

Manitoba Sustainable Development has developed a designated trail network designated for use by motorized vehicles in the Mars Hill Wildlife Management Area (WMA). More...

Living with Wildlife in Manitoba

Wild animals in inappropriate locations can pose significant problems for or threats to humans, other animals, or the environment. They can cause serious damage to crops, livestock and property. They can create hazardous conditions for vehicular traffic. They can expose you and/or your pets to disease and health issues. More...

Problem Predator Management Program

Manitoba livestock producers lose a number of animals annually to predators such as coyotes and wolves. To assist producers in dealing with their losses, Manitoba Sustainable Development has enlisted the co-operation of the Manitoba Trappers Association (MTA) to provide services to remove problem predators. More...