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Trade Description:

Machinists set up and operate a variety of machine tools to precision cut, mill, turn, bore, drill or grind metal and similar materials into parts or products. They study specifications and drawings, calculate dimensions and tolerances, and then measure, set up and manufacture their projects.

You can also train to be a CNC machinist after you complete either your machinist or tool and die certification. A CNC machinist is someone who programs, sets up and operates metal-cutting computer numerical control machines. Machinists are employed in machine shops, rail companies and by metal product, and farm machinery manufacturing and the aerospace industry.

Trade Regulation PDF Document Prepping for the Exam - Booklist
Red Seal Occupational Standard

Apprenticeship - Annual Requirements:

Levels Total Hours/Year
(On-the-Job & Technical Training)
Total Weeks/Year
(Technical Training)
Delivered By
4 1,800 9-8-8-8

Training Standards:

PDF Document Level One PDF Document Level Chart
PDF Document Level Two
PDF Document Level Three PDF Document RSOS Subtask to Unit Comparison
PDF Document Level Four

Red Seal Exam Information

Red Seal Exam Breakdown Red Seal Exam Self-Assessment Guide (Online)
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Challenging the Exam - Trades Qualification:

Years of Experience
Hours Required
Additional Practical
Exam Required
6 10,800 Yes
PDF Document Employer Declaration | PDF Document Employer Declaration (FR)
PDF Document Statutory Declaration | PDF Document Statutory Declaration (FR)

Designated Trainers:

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Accredited Programs:

Apprenticeship Trade Training Institution -
Secondary Schools
Training Institution -
Post-Secondary Schools
Training Institution
Program Name
Machinist __ Assiniboine Community College, School of Trades & Technology Industrial Metal Fabrication (Machine Shop Program) 1
Murdoch MacKay Collegiate __ Metals & Aerospace Technology Program 1
__ Neeginan College of Applied Technology / CAHRD Machine Tool Technology 1
__ Red River College, Mech, Manufacturing & Materials Manufacturing Technician 1
__ Red River College, Mech, Manufacturing & Materials Precision Metal Machining 1
Technical Vocational High School __ Machine Shop Program 1