Workforce Development

Getting Ready

Start in High School

Did you know that you can jump start your trade program AND get credit toward your high school diploma? We offer several programs designed for youth that are interested in getting an apprenticeship. Learn more about the Youth Apprenticeship Program.


Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

In pre-apprenticeship programs, you can learn the skills employers look for when hiring apprentices. These programs can also shorten the time it takes to complete your apprenticeship. Learn more about Pre-Apprenticeship Programs.


Credit for Prior Learning

Do you have related experience from a previous job or training from another province? It may count toward your apprenticeship. Please contact Apprenticehip Manitoba for more information.

Or, maybe you have been working in the trade for a number of years. You may be eligible to challenge your exam. Learn more about challenging your exam:


Research the Trade

Research the trade that you are interested in and be prepared. Know the trade requirements and start moving in that direction. Learn more about trade programs in the Trade Profiles.