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Apprenticeship is your ticket to a challenging and rewarding career in the skilled trades!

Apprenticeship is a work based post-secondary training program that leads to a Certificate of Qualification in a skilled trade. Most trade programs take 2-4 years to complete and they combine approximately 80 percent paid-on-the job training with 20 percent technical training in the classroom. Knowing the three E's is your key to understanding apprenticeship programming.

Experience Work based training with an employer is 80 percent of an apprenticeship program Once you successfully complete all three of these components in your specific trade program, you will receive a Certificate of Qualification in your trade.
Education Technical Training in the classroom is 20 percent of an apprenticeship program
Exam Successfully passing the final exam is the final step to achieving journeyperson status

The apprenticeship program can lead you down a path to an exciting career and financial success. Apprenticeship programs are work based (you earn while you learn) and the cost of training for the majority of programs is only $464 - $696 per year.

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