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Exam Information

The following provincial building locations are currently used for Apprenticeship Manitoba's General Exam sittings and Special Accommodation Exam sittings:

  • 111 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg
  • 340 9th Street, Brandon
  • 118-3 Station Road, Thompson
  • 305 4th Street West, The Pas




Apprenticeship Manitoba requires apprentices and trades qualification applicants to adhere to the highest standards when completing their examinations. Cheating by any means will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the program. View Apprenticeship Manitoba’s Examination Cheating Policy for more information



You will most likely be writing your final examination on your last day of technical training when you are in your final level. In order to take this step, you must successfully pass all your unit tests. The time allotted for this multi-choice theory examination is from 12:00 noon until 4:00pm.


Trades Qualifiers

You will be required to apply to write your certification examination based on a preferred date and location.


Who Needs to Apply to Write the Certification Examination?

The following list of candidates who have been approved to write the certification exam will be notified of their exam eligibility and sent an Exam Application.

  • Trade Qualification (Exam Challengers)
  • Candidates writing level placement tests
  • Apprentices under exceptional circumstances. For example if you cannot take the exam on the last day
  • Any candidates who require a special accommodation exam sitting (readers, translators, dictionary)
  • Holders of Apprenticeship Manitoba accredited programs who would like to continue with their apprenticeship. These include Red River College Culinary Arts and Hospitality Diploma and Assiniboine Community College Culinary Arts Diploma

Exam Schedule

Select the time and location that is best for you based on dates and times provided in the exam schedule and include it on your exam application. Return it to us for scheduling.

Effective March 1, 2013: We no longer assess or schedule exams for Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba. For more information contact their office directly.


Resources for Preparing to Write the Exam

Your will have four hours to complete the certification exam which is made up of multiple choice questions. You must score 70% of higher on the written certification exam and successfully complete the practical exam (where applicable).

If you do not pass the exam, Apprenticeship Manitoba will provide you with a summary of your results outlining which areas require improvement. If you are not successful after the second attempt, you must take approved upgrading before attempting the exam again.

Contact us for more information on approved upgrading courses.


Study Tips

  • Read the trade profile, there is great information on the training standards, books to read, and a link to the occupational analysis. There are also sample exams that can be accessed through the trade profile.
  • For apprentices, keep and review all your notes and textbooks from technical training.
  • Read trade magazine to stay current and improve reading comprehension.
  • Make notes about the things you learn on the job. Ask questions if there are things you don't understand.
  • Brush up on your essential skills for the trades by visiting the Essential Skills Drop-In Centre.
  • If English is not your strongest language, read trade-related materials as often as possible to review vocabulary and content.
  • Look-up unfamiliar terms in a dictionary and write down their meaning in a study booklet.
  • Consider taking an English Language skills upgrading course.

Practical Exams Information

As an additional requirement for certification in some Manitoba designated trades, a practical exam is required. Accredited institutions for these trades are responsible for the scheduling and administration of the examinations that has been incorporated into the technical training. See the trade profiles to see if this applies to you.


Special Accommodation Request

A special accommodation is an adjustment to the standard way a written examination is taken. It is for clients with an identified disability or English as an Additional Language (EAL) needs. Special accommodation is granted to provide these clients the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge on a theory examination.