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Apply to Challenge the Certification Exam

If you currently reside in Manitoba you may be eligible to apply to challenge for a Certificate of Qualification.

If you are approved to write the exam it must be written in Manitoba.

Applications take up to 8 weeks to process after payment and all documents are received.


Eligibility Requirements

You must meet all three requirements to be eligible.

  1. Demonstrated minimum number of years working in the trade
  2. Demonstrated minimum number of hours working in the trade
  3. Demonstrated experience in at least 70 percent scope of the trade

Important Note: All declarations and submitted documentation are verified and additional information to support your application may be requested/required. This may include but is not limited to T4’s, Records of Employment, company invoices, tax documents or company financial statements.

Additionally: Registered apprentices are considered to be in training therefore, years and hours as an apprentice are not applicable towards Trades Qualification.

To learn more about trade specific requirements, please see the Trade Profiles.


Application Checklist

If the trade profile page doesn’t have the declaration forms available, contact

NOTE: An interview with the Qualifications Assessor may be required so that you can better express your work experience.

Questions about Trades Qualification? Contact the Trades Qualification Assessor directly at

Note: If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for your trade, but have some work experience, you still have options through apprenticeship training. Your previous work experience can be assessed through discussions with your employer and the Apprenticeship Training Coordinator assigned to your trade This assessment may reduce the overall length of your apprenticeship program.