Measures to Reduce Soil or Pest Movement in Manitoba for Custom Applicators

When soil-borne pests (ex. clubroot and verticillium wilt) are detected in a field, there is the potential for spread with the movement of soil. 
Soil can be transferred on agricultural equipment such as tractors, sprayers and cultivators, but vehicles, boots and tools can also carry soil to spread pests.

Vehicle/Equipment Sanitation Recommendations

  1. The largest factor contributing to soil-borne pest spread is through movement of contaminated soil on equipment. When scouting or parking water trucks, do not drive into the field or field access.
    • Exceptions can be made with permission of the grower, but vehicle sanitation will apply. People walking into fields must follow human sanitation procedures. 
  2. Equipment should stay out of fields following a rain, as wet soil removal can be difficult.
  3. When vehicles/equipment must enter fields, the following is recommended:
    • Before entering the field, vehicles/equipment must be cleaned including:
      • External cleaning with a pressure washer to remove soil from previous field.  Focus on tires, undercarriages. A carwash can also be used.
      • After washing down, mist points of soil contact with a disinfectant.  Disinfectant should follow washing, as disinfectants do not effectively penetrate soil. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Talk to individual growers about expectations and concerns on soil or pest movement.
    • When leaving the field, knock off all clumps of soil–preferably not in the field approach.

Human Sanitation Procedures

If industry personnel are entering fields, whether the field is known to have a soil-borne pest or not, they should:
  • Wear disposable footwear that can be removed immediately after leaving the field, or use rubber boots or other footwear that can be sterilized when leaving the field.
  • Dispose of the disposable footwear in a garbage bag. Do not reuse.
  • Clean and disinfect any tools that may have been in contact with soil in the field.


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