Manitoba's organic sector has a lot to celebrate during Organic Week 2016 (September 17-25). The Canadian organic market is vibrant, with double digit annual sales growth and many new entrants from mainstream farming.
The scientific community is also beginning to pay attention to organic agriculture. There is now a federal funding program dedicated to organic research and a national organic science conference taking place in Quebec during Organic Week 2016.
Dr. Martin Entz, a professor at the University of Manitoba, began investigating organic farming systems long before most other Canadian researchers. In fact, this year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of organic research at the Glenlea Research Station. Check out the 25th anniversary video for research highlights. Click here to read the complete video transcript.
To learn more about organic farming research in Manitoba, visit the University of Manitoba’s Natural Systems Agriculture website.
If you are new to organic farming and want to learn more about the process and cultural practices of organic farming, visit This information is specific to the Prairie region and has been compiled by organic associations in the three Prairie provinces.
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