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Nitrogen Rate Calculator for Wheat, Barley and Canola (XLS 402 KB) (Excel Ver 1.0 May 2009)

This Nitrogen (N) Rate Calculator for spring wheat, barley and canola is a spreadsheet that can be used to evaluate different net return per acre scenarios involving N source and cost, the expected crop price and soil nitrogen (nitrate-N in lb/ac to 24"). The user must select appropriate soil moisture supply categories for wheat and barley, which in turn represent yield potential and yield responses based on numerous research trials.

The user has the option of changing fertilizer source, cost, crop price, N rate and soil nitrogen (any yellow cells). The value with the maximum return to nitrogen is highlighted in blue.

NOTE: The calculator performs best when downloaded.

Details on the development of these revised nitrogen rate guidelines and fertilizer economics are provided in the background information below:

Details on terminology used are provided in the Glossary of Terms.


The equations developed in this calculator are based on soil fertility plot studies carried out by Western Cooperative Fertilizer Limited over the period from 1989 to 2004 and adopted by the Manitoba Soil Fertility Advisory Committee of government, university and private industry scientists. The actual yield data equations are only best fit for the site-years mentioned for each crop and will not reflect responses of all fields in the Agroecological zones they represent. Therefore, N responses may be different on individual farms, depending on management practices and agroecological conditions.

Economic return comparisons to N fertilization are based on the principle of net return as described by University of Wisconsin Professor M. Rankin. Rankin, M. 2005. Nitrogen $ Rate of Return Calculator Version 3. University of Wisconsin - Extension.


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Funded by Agri-Food Research & Development Initiative (ARDI) and Western Co-operative Fertilizers Ltd.