Basic GMP Program

The Basic Good Manufacturing Practices Program guidebook and electronic templates have been designed to support food processors who have a provincial government permit (provincially permitted facility) to process food for sale to the public. This resource can be used to help you create and implement a basic food safety program that includes personnel practices and sanitation programs.

The guidebook and electronic templates are most valuable for small- to medium-sized food operations, including:

  • plant owners
  • plant management
  • production supervisors
  • production workers
  • quality assurance personnel
  • anyone interested in food safety

Basic Good Manufacturing Practices GuidebookBasic GMP Program Guidebook (PDF 3401 KB)
Copyright Notice (PDF 20 KB)

Electronic Templates

The electronic templates were created in Microsoft Word 2016 because it is currently the most common program for written documents. To use the templates in this guide, you must be familiar with the Microsoft Word computer program.

 Personnel Practices



For more information, email the Food Safety and Inspection Branch or call 204-795-8418 in Winnipeg.