Business Risk Management Programs

The Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable-CAP) continues to deliver a complete and effective range of business risk management (BRM) programs.

These programs help farmers manage income declines caused by production losses, low prices, and increased input costs. Each program provides protection for different types of losses in different ways.

They respond to producer demands for risk management programs that are simple, responsive, predictable and bankable.

In Manitoba, the federal and provincial governments provide these BRM programs under Sustainable-CAP: 

AgriRecovery is a disaster relief framework that provides a coordinated process for governments to respond rapidly to natural disasters affecting producers. It is designed to help producers with extraordinary costs incurred to resume operations after a disaster. Programs developed under the framework will be announced  separately. 

AgriInvest is a self-managed producer savings account that helps provides coverage for small income declines and allows for investments that help mitigate risks or improve market income.

AgriStability provides support when a producer experiences large decline in the farm's operating margin. A payment is triggered when the margin (allowable revenue less allowable expenses) falls below 70% of the producer's historical reference margin.

AgriInsurance provides insurance products for production losses caused by natural perils (weather, pests, or disease) for most crops grown in Manitoba, including cereals, oilseeds, special crops and forages. 

Livestock Price Insurance offers livestock producers protection against unexpected market price declines.




Changes in effect for the 2023 program year


  • The compensation rate will increase from 70% to 80% of the margin decline beyond the trigger level. The trigger level remains at 70% of the reference margin.