Cereals Canada

Cereals Canada is a national, not-for-profit industry association representing the Canadian cereal grains value chain. It values relationships and working with government and stakeholders to provide timely, expert technical information and deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

It is dedicated to supporting the Canadian cereals value chain including farmers, exporters, developers, processors, and its customers around the world with a focus on trade, science, and sustainability. In 2021, the cereals value chain supports the work of over 52,000 Canadian farms and has a return of $9.9 billion dollars of export revenue to the Canadian economy.

Cereals Canada is the voice of the cereals value chain and continues to monitor market access issues, provide market support and programming and promote the use of Canadian cereals in the global marketplace. Cereals Canada focuses on four key areas:

  1. Market Access and Advocacy: Focusing on market access, trade policy, and domestic regulations, Cereals Canada supports Canada’s market competitiveness by conveying its priorities to the federal government.
  3. Market Support and Development: Cereals Canada provides unbiased, technical support to help customers understand the quality of cereals and how to integrate Canadian cereals into in-country milling and food processing (end-product) systems. It also supports the value chain by communicating the quality, consistency, and reliability of Canadian cereals to a global audience.
  5. Market and Technical Research: Cereals Canada monitors the quality of cereals around the world, identifies food trends that impact customers and the use of Canadian cereals, and gathers insights from market trend analysis to help inform and influence decisions.
  7. Growing Canadian Demand: Canada’s reputation for growing and supplying sustainably produced, consistent, versatile, high-quality wheat, barley, and oats is known around the world. Communicating key initiatives, programs, and technology informs the value chain, government, customers, and consumers about quality cereals grown across Canada.

Cereals Canada provides key technical support to domestic and global customers of Canadian cereals. Its facilities in downtown Winnipeg have these technical labs:

  • Analytical laboratory: Conducts rheological (related to the science of flow and deformation of matter) and analytical tests on wheat, flour, semolina, oats, barley, and special crops using a wide range of equipment commonly used in quality control labs in commercial operations, such as flour mills. Protein assessment focuses on both quantity and quality as it relates to end-product quality.
  • Asian products: Produces various types of Asian noodles, steamed breads, dumplings, and other products.
  • Bakery (pilot): Provides the ability to simulate processes found in bakeries throughout the world to produce pan bread and other baked goods, including flatbreads, hearth breads, buns, and bagels.
  • Bakery (test): Focuses on small-scale baking.
  • Milling: Contains pilot and lab-scale roller mills for the production of flour from wheat, pulses, and other field crops.
  • Pasta and extrusion: Produces traditional pasta using various drying conditions and extruded products, such as snack foods and breakfast cereals, using a twin-screw extruder.
  • Pulse processing and specialty milling: Uses various equipment to dehull, split, mill, and/or dry fractionate pulses or other special crops.


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