Manitoba Ag Weather Program

Manitoba's ag agro-meteorology program provides weather-related information and value-added tools for Manitoba producers. All of the current and archived weather data is available free of charge.

The program is always expanding and improving to provide more reliable data, particularly in areas that have lacked adequate coverage.

The program has three main goals:

  • Improving weather monitoring across agricultural Manitoba
  • Encouraging partnerships and sharing of weather information
  • Developing value-added tools to assist decision-making by Manitoba producers

Weather monitoring stations

The Manitoba government operates about 120 automated near real-time permanent weather stations. These stations complement the automated weather stations of Environment Canada and other networks.  Producers interested in hosting a weather station around the identified areas of future planned installations should ensure that the proposed location meets the site selection criteria.


Findlay station (2020)



Selkirk station (2023)


The weather stations that MAWP operates are solar powered and communicate wirelessly. This enables stations to be situated well away from geographical or man-made features and obstructions that may influence the local conditions. The objective is to locate the station where it may adequately represent the climate of the area. Each station measures a minimum of air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed/direction, and soil temperature. Wherever possible, stations are located above surfaces that represent the general area or optimally, a short grass surface. The data is collected and stored at 15-minute intervals in Campbell Scientific dataloggers to compute hourly and daily data.