What You Should Know About Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program

Program Overview

The The Pest Control Grant Program *formally known as The Bed Bug Grant Program* and the Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program were created as part of the Provincial bed bug reduction strategy to help non-profit organizations reduce the spread of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program

The Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program offers a wide variety of specialized bed bug specific materials at below market prices to combat bed bug infestations to any resident of Manitoba.

What materials are available through the Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program?

Materials include bed bug-proof mattress and box-spring covers, insect monitors and record keepers, insect interceptor traps, dissolvable laundry bags, bed bug warning stickers, educational handouts and clear-view bed bug monitors. Organizations interested in accessing prevention materials through this program must attach a completed order form to their grant application.

How do I order prevention materials?

Manitoba residents can order materials directly from the Materials Distribution Agency by emailing a completed order form (pdf 485 KB) to MDA@gov.mb.ca.

Qualifying organizations can attach the Materials Distribution Agency order form to their Pest Control Grant Application for processing.

Once payment is confirmed, Materials Distribution Agency will ship the materials directly to you.

For detailed information about the Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program, please contact Materials Distribution Agency at:

Telephone: (204) 945-0570 or
Email: mda@gov.mb.ca