Partial index of Manitoba soldiers killed in the First World War

This index was generated from a series of index cards created by the Government of Manitoba for the purpose of documenting Manitoba casualties of the First World War. The original index was made during and after the war but was not a complete record. As a result, this is also not a complete list of Manitobans killed in the First World War. (It would appear that many of the names on the cards were gathered from newspaper casualty lists. Death dates are often the same as those in the newspapers, including the same errors. Some of the men identified as killed were not – and likely reflect errors in the newspaper lists.)

Archives of Manitoba, A 0156, Index cards identifying soldiers killed in World War I

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Archives of Manitoba, A 0156, Index cards identifying soldiers killed in World War I
Card # Surname, Given name Rank Battalion Personnel
of Residence
Next of Kin / Siblings at the Front Details Surrounding Death Date of Death Military Honours Notes
168Abbiss, Arthur D.CorporalCamerons150358WinnipegKin – EnglandKilled in Action13-Sept.-18
645Abbott, RobertSergeant61st460007WinnipegParents, 144 Inkster Ave WinnipegKilled in Action30-Oct-17Obituary included
999Aberdeen, Clifford A.Private 865542BrandonPte William G. Aberdeen (brother)Killed in Action04-Apr-18Obituary included
508Abjeis, AlesiPrivate 830644WinnipegKin - Alesi Fracosco, ItalyKilled in Action9-Oct.-17
581Adair, Alex217096Camp HughesKin - ScotlandKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
565Adams, HenryMtd. Rifles of D of W291010WinnipegWife, 2 Children - 281 Harrison St.Died of Wounds2-Nov.-17
958Adams, Richard A.859007WinnipegKin - IrelandKilled in Action26-Apr.-18
879Adamson, L.D.RolandRolandDied of Wounds2-Mar.-18
458Aird, John DonaldMtd. Rifles106052TransconaKin - 200 Ravelstone Ave., TransconaDied of Wounds7-Nov.-17
964Albertson, Hans295009WinnipegKin - Bella Coola, B.C.Killed in Action21-Apr.-18
500Alliban, RaymondMtd. Rifles216563Firdale - EnlistedWinnipegKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
627Allwood, Arthur865687Arizona, ManitobaKin - EnglandDied14-Nov.-17
600Alward, Earl S.Services154679Winnipeg690, Mulvey Ave.Died of Wounds17-Nov.-17
86Anderson, A.J.CaptainPortage la PrairieSon of Edward Anderson, K.C.Killed in Action1-July-16See File 86
1067Anderson, AlexCorporal179th CameronWinnipegSister, Ste. 2, Verona Apts.Killed in Action1-Oct.-?Obituary included
59Anderson, Arthur NormanPrivate 90th RiflesWinnipeg56 McDonald St., MotherDied of Wounds4-Sept.-17 (Trib.)Brother: #361 File, Obituary included
361Anderson, OliverPrivate 90th RiflesWinnipeg56 McDonald St., MotherKilled in Action - Somme26-Sept.-16Carpenter-Argyle School
538Anderson, Peter216768WinnipegKin - Scotland
955Andrew, Alvin A.506414DarlingfordKilled in Action26-Apr.-18
737Andrews, Ernest EdwardSgt.Formerly 79th, Now 27th Battalion71135St. JamesWife - 369 Kensington St., St. JamesKilled in Action6-Apr.-16
227Andrews, Fred71773WinnipegKin - S.J. Andrews, Pulhem Market, Norfolk, EnglandDied of Wounds25-Sept.-17
1004Archer, C.J.GunnerFt. Garry HorseGuntonWife - England; Father - GuntonDied of Wounds17-Apr.-18 (Wpg. F.P.)Obituary included
1020Archer, H.A.Lieut.ManitouFather - Thomas - Manitou
838Ardell, E.C.Private Army TransportWinnipegMother - 193 Douglas Park Rd.Died of Pneumonia - Leeds War Hosp.29-Nov.-? (Telegram)Employed Stovel Co., Obituary included
1023Armstrong, AlexanderPrivate ManitouFriend - Mrs. T. Cassin, Manitou
181Armstrong, DavidPrivate Col. F.J. Murray's Batt.229384WinnipegSister - 1639 Pacific Ave.; Mother - ScotlandDied of Wounds16-Sept.-17Obituary included
274Armstrong, Victor AlbertPrivate 45th424522BrandonExperimental Farm for DetailsDied from Wounds - London13-Oct.-16
606Arnold, HenryPrivate 460006WinnipegKin - England, Lieut. Col. F.J. MurrayKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
397Atcheson, John James216061WinnipegKin - G.W. Atcheson, EnglandKilled in ActionPlumridge, Saskatchewan
Atkins, D.Private 1034Manitou
1048Atkins, JamesLeft with C.A.M.C.523564WinnipegKin - BelfastDied of Wounds25-June-16
511Avison, Edwin H.Left with Hansford Batt.234287DugaldKin - J.C. Avison, 289 Berry St. - BrotherKilled in ActionObituary included
4Baglien, G.Camper, ManitobaKilled in Action3-Sept.-17 (Trib.)
182Bailey, Fred E.J.1000034 (?)VirdenKin - EnglandKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
908Bailey, W.J.WinnipegDied of Wounds19-Mar.-18
803Bain, JamesPrivate 27th Battalion71238WinnipegKin - Benj. Bain, 10 North St., Forbes, ScotlandKilled in Action27-Apr.-16
1056Bains, J.Lieut.(Formerly 79th)Winnipeg (Oshawa)Killed in Training Accident26-June-18Manager of Fittings, Ltd., Winnipeg, Obituary included
383Baker, JamesSapper441729WinnipegDied of Wounds18-Oct.-17Saskatchewan Timber Wolves
1052Baker, LeeCorporalWarf (?)422953FranklinPresumed Dead28-June-18
522Baker, Walter H.WinnipegKin - BattlefordDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17Left with University
944Bakersville, C.W.Sgt.Son of J.D. Bakersville, M.R.P. For EmersonObituary included
495Bakersville, GeorgeLce. CorpWpg. Grenadiers216815GrahamdaleDied of Wounds4-Nov.-17Obituary included
807Baldwin, H.Imperial Army Transports (Motor)WinnipegKilled in ActionKentish Association Member
859Ball, Albert RansomeLieut.WinnipegKin - 155 Wellington CrescentDied of Wounds29-Apr.-15Background Info on Card
464Banks, R.J. (Robert James)Capt.WinnipegKin - 464 Spence St.Missing, Believed Killed in Action10-Nov.-17
738Banning, Charles WesleyPrivate 27th Battalion, Fort Frances72071WinnipegKin - Thomas Banning, Strasburg, SaskatchewanKilled in Action6-Apr.-16Born Canada
566Barclay, Robert859460WinnipegKin - ScotlandKilled in Action12-Nov.-17
808Barden, H.Gunner13th Battery C.E.F.WinnipegKilled in ActionMember, Kentish Association
809Bardy, H.WinnipegBrother - F. Bardy, Union Bank, Main StreetKilled in Action
309Barker, Archibald420139Winnipeg260 Burrows Ave.Killed in Action11-Oct.-17
1064Barnes, Frederick WilliamSgt.61st University461342MinnedosaKin - Mrs. F.W. Barnes - StepmotherKilled in Action31-Aug.-18Background Info on Card
482Barnes, Peter865886BrandonKin - EnglandDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17
430Barnwell, Sylvester187231WinnipegKin - IrelandKilled in Action5-Nov.-17LBD's under Ltd. Col. W.A. Munro
474Barr, AndrewCameron Draft153634WinnipegDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17
790Barrett, Cecil RoyGunner (?)20th Batt. 5 Brig.86508Kin - W.P. Barrett, M.D. Milford House, Folkstone, EnglandKilled in Action
898Barrett, Herbert E.Can. Artillery, 10th Batt.718023WinnipegKin - EnglandKilled in Action19-Mar.-18
1033Barrett, R.L.Private ManitouKin - Charles Parker, SuffolkKilled in Action11-Nov.-17
554Barter, Ernest G.865034BrandonKin - EnglandKilled in Action4-Oct.-17
753Bauer, Peter186845Elmwood563 Herbert Ave.Died of Wounds17-Nov.-17
366Baxter, JamesMtd. Rifles187778LaviniaKilled in Action4-Nov.-17
583Bayley, John V.152279BrandonDied of Wounds15-Nov.-17
461Bealey, Walter I.Sgt.Cameron Highlanders420496WinnipegWidow / 2 Children, Exeter, EnglandDied at Ninette on Return from Front9-Nov.-17Obituary included
684Beattie, Frederick116811Swan RiverKilled in Action20-Nov.-17Victoria, B.C.
662Beattie, L.116811MowbrayKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
1022Beckett, Edgar ErnestPrivate 184thm 14 M.J. Comp.871578ManitouMother, Mrs. M. Beckett, ManitouKilled in Action9-Apr.-17Farm labourer - Other Details
43Beckett, J.M.Lieut.EngineersWinnipegKilled in Action30-Oct.-17
285Beford, FrankSgt.Artillery86013WinnipegKilled in Action1-Oct.-17
42Bell, DonaldWinnipegDied of Wounds30-Oct.-17
225Bell, HaroldPrivate 90th Rifles, 78th Battalion187511Kin - Mrs. J.H. Bell, Box 117, EriksdaleKilled in Action - Gassed 6 Jan. 19179-Apr.-17Other Details
286Bell, James B.875329ClearwaterEnlisted: Crystal CityKilled in Action1-Oct.-17
938Bell, John WesleyPrivate 46th -> 45th424500MinnedosaFather: A.J. Bell, MinnedosaDied of Wounds / Vimy10-Apr.-17Other Details
862Bennet, Fred V.830046Winnipeg427 Graham Ave., WinnipegKilled in Action25-Jan.-18
509Bennett, PearcyPrivate 865340BrandonWife: 229 Princess Ave., E. BrandonKilled in Action9-Oct.-17
457Bertelson, L.C.HargraveDied of Wounds8-Nov.-17
122Berthelett, R.InfantryAubigneyKilled in Action10-Sept.-17
916Biggar, Edward J.Lieut.WinnipegKin - EnglandKilled in Action14-Mar.-18
812Birch, A.R.WinnipegKin: 25 Bishop St., Shrewsbury, EnglandWork Bio
127Birchnell, F.Private 700695WinnipegRelatives at 212 Good St.Killed in Action10-Sept.-17Obituary included
873Bishop, G.A.WinnipegBio Details
1021Black, ReginaldLieut.ManitouMother: Mrs. Black, Manitou
523Blackmore, Hugh C.University BattalionWinnipegKin: Turo, N.S.Died of Wounds10-Nov.-17
763Blackwell, JamesPrivate 45th Battalion424324BrandonKin: Mrs. Elizabeth Blackwell, 39 Ashworth StreetKilled in Action19-Apr.-16
5Boardman, George A.Private Little Black DevilsWinnipegParents: Heywood, Manchester, EnglandKilled in Action3-Sept.-17 (Trib.)Obituary included
956Boening, Charles859850WinnipegKin - ScotlandKilled in Action26-Apr.-18
290Bojre, ChesterLance CorporalSintalutaKin: Moose JawDied of Wounds1-Oct.-17
469Bole, Warner F.Lieut.WinnipegKin: Moose JawKilled in Action12-Nov.-17
66Bolton, E.L.Private 184thMr. And Mrs. F. Bolton, DarlingfordKilled in Action15-Aug.-173 Brothers, Obituary included
65Bolton, H.A.Corporal90th Winnipeg RiflesMr. And Mrs. F. Bolton, DarlingfordKilled in Action20-June-17Military Medal3 Brothers, Obituary included
609Bolton, W.E.701209Winnipeg372 Stradbroke [Stradbrook] PlaceKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
64Bolton, W.G.Corporal90th Winnipeg RiflesMr. And Mrs. F. Bolton, DarlingfordMissing, Vimy Ridge, Grave Located9-Apr. - 1-Aug.-173 Brothers, Obituary included
391Borchard, W.M.Sgt.-Major97thWinnipegWife, 3 Daughters, 5 Sons, 1 Son Killed in Fr., 76 Dudley Ave.Died, Age 68, on Winnipeg StreetObituary included
419Borthwick, P.Lieut.WinnipegKin - ScotlandKilled in Action6-Nov.-17
390Bouchard, RalphWinnipegKilled in ActionAug.?
810Boulder, S.Killed in ActionKentish Association
129Bourassa, S.Killed in Action10-Sept.-17
888Bowden, Frank865508BrandonKin - EnglandKilled in Action10-Mar.-17
574Bowes, Donald C.Camp Hughes/ E.R. Weyland622721BoissevainKilled in Action15-Nov.-17
708Bowman, Kenneth G.Private 27th / G.R. Snider71353WinnipegKin - H.A. Bowman, 338 Atlantic Ave.Killed in Action4-Apr.-16Bio Details
874Bowman, Robert PercivalPrivate 79th Brandon152865PendennisFather : J.T. Bowman, PendennisKilled in Action15-Sept.-16Bio Details
475Boyle, DanielLt. Col. Morley859951WinnipegKin - IrelandDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17
728Boyle, Harold W.186031WinnipegChapleau, Quebec
184Bradhsaw, ThomasVirdenKin - EnglandKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
608Bradley, Stephen GoddardCol. Munro186048Winnipeg563 Polson Ave.Killed in Action14-Nov.-17
401Brandie, Henry81097WinnipegKin - ScotlandDied in Prison Camp - German Sources26-Oct.-17
709Brandon, WilliamPrivate 27th (?)72145WinnipegT.W. Brandon, 24 Henry St., Tring, HertsKilled in Action4-Apr.-16Bio Details; Worked at Eaton's
8Braund, R.Kin: Bannerman, Manitoba3-Sept.-17
6Bray, E.Russell, ManitobaKilled in Action3-Sept.-17
794Bredin, C.E.A.Capt. Acting Major45thFirdaleFirdaleDied of Wounds18-Nov.-17D.S.O.Obituary included
284Bremner, Robert D.SapperEngineers860003WinnipegKin: St. John, NewfoundlandKilled in Action29-Sept.-17
108Brethor, G.R.HamiotaKilled in Action8-Sept.-17
880Broadfoot, D.Lieut.GladstoneKilled in Action6-Feb.-18
629Broome, George A.Camp Hughes440955Camp HughesKin: Maple CreekKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
752Brown, C.Lieut.WinnipegKin - EnglandDied of Wounds17-Nov.-17
1011Brown, D.H.Private 5th BattalionCrandallWife Here?, Parents: Larkhall, EnglandDied of Wounds, General Hospital, Winnipeg6 Apr.-18Obituary included
839Brown, E.R.Private Winnipeg GrenadiersWinnipegMother: Sturgeon CreekKilled in Action29-Nov.-16 (Newspaper)Obituary included
324Brown, EdwinWinnipegKilled in Action15-Oct.-17
671Brown, J.A.Acting Corp.Grenadiers26188WinnipegWidow, 2 Children, 477 ElliceKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
998Brown, J.A.Corp.GrenadiersWinnipegWidow, 2 ChildrenKilled in Action30-Oct.-17Accounting Department, C.P.R., Obituary included
422Brown, R.R.J. (Ralph Russell James)MajorWinnipeg83 Robinson St., WinnipegDied of Wounds6-Nov.-17
774Brown, Robert148276SewellKin - EnglandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
7Bruce, G.W.Lance-Corp.1st ContingentWinnipegMother: Mrs. Bella, 370 Albany, Brother Charlie Also WoundedKilled in Action3-Sept.-17Printer, Obituary included
792Bryan GregoryFort Garry HorseWinnipegKin: George Bryan, Inisfail, Alberta
585Budge, WilliamPrivate Winnipeg Grenadiers288256WinnipegKin: Scotland - ParentsDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17Dominion Transfer Co., Obituary included
607Bull, martinUnder Lt. Colonel F.J. Murray187019WinnipegKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
633Burch, Alfred F.Mtd. Rifles926039Camp HughesKilled in Action14-Nov.-17Obituary included
682Burch, Reginald E.288005Winnipeg444 Rosedale Ave.Killed in Action20-Nov.-17Obituary included
1010Burgess, FrederickPrivate 100th Winnipeg Grenadiers216758Parents: 384 Kennedy St.Killed in Action24-Mar.018Obituary included
918Burke, Edmund JohnLce. Sgt.61st to 44th4651113ManitouKilled in Action - Shell Fire3-June-17Bio Info
450Burley, JosephCamerons859951WinnipegKin: 329 PacificDied of Wounds8-Nov.-17
855Burnett, Alan W.Private NinetteFather: Capt. Burnette, Ninette, Brother at FrontKilled in ActionBio Info, Obituary included
298Burns, HenryPrivate 106th20887WinnipegKilled in Action22-May-15
990Burns, James622335WinnipegKin - Ireland
617Burns, Walter865743Camp HughesKin: Buffalo, New YorkKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
226Butchart, T.J. LogiePrivate 203 RD Batt.234050MinnedosaDied11-Oct.-17
421Cachtley, J.721263Garson QuarryDied of Wounds6-Nov.-17
949Cairns, Garnet C.Private 1000229McGregorFather: Thomas at McGregorKilled in Action26-Oct.-17Brother #948
948Cairns, Lindsay H.Private McGregorFather: Thomas at McGregorKilled in Action26-Oct.-17Brother #949
586Calder, James424641DauphinKin - ScotlandDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
741Calder, ThomasPrivate 27th Batt.72160WinnipegKin: Jane Calder, Birling in Maidestone, Kent, EnglandKilled in Action6-Apr.-16
510Cameron, D.U.MajorWinnipeg GrenadiersWinnipegWidow: nee Katherine Sutherland and Daughter in EnglandKilled in ActionObituary included
984Cameron, James N.C.288110WinnipegKin - ScotlandKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
1012Campbell, David859900WinnipegKin - ScotlandDied of Wounds4-Dec.-17
130Campbell, G.B.Private Little Black DevilsNorway HouseKin: Mr. And Mrs. William Campbell, Norway HouseKilled in Action10-Sept.-17Obituary included
372Campbell, Glenn LyonLt. Col.Gilbert PlainsKin: Wife - 210 Maryland St. (2nd Wife)Died in Hospital21-Oct.-17Obituary included
990Campbell, James G.216471MargaretKilled in Action10-Mar.-18
730Campbell, R.J. McLeanPrivate WinnipegKin: Lansdowne Ave.Died of Wounds28-Oct.-17Obituary included
1013Campbell, Robert859662WinnipegKin: Tisdale, SaskatchewanDied of Wounds30-Nov.-17
103Campbell, S.J.Gilbert PlainsKilled in Action7-Sept.-16
254Campbell, StewartPrivate 424647BrandonFather: James Campbell, Antler, SaskatchewanWounded, Missing, Now Presumed Dead22-Sept.-17
228Campbell, W.E.Private 181st Battalion865607MolsonFather: John F. Campbell, MolsonKilled in Action23-Aug.-17Obituary included
229Cannon, David C.Cypress RiverDied of Wounds21-Sept.-17
871Capnerhurst, ArchiePrivate Lord Strathcona House2415Kin: Mrs. W. Cornets, Toledo, OhioKilled in Action
721Carey, Ben H.CorporalSewellKin: Shawville, P.Q.Killed in Action15-Nov.-17
237Carlson, A.G.AshernDied of Wounds26-Sept.-17
616Carlson, IverLance CorporalLeft with Lt. Col. Murray460270WinnipegKin: Sinman (?), OntarioKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
109Carscadden, Lorne E.City of Winnipeg BattalionVirdenKin: Mother, 3 Sisters, 8 BrothersKilled in Action8-Sept.-17Obituary included
524Carter, G.Fort Francis UnitKin: Lardle, OntarioDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17
449Cassel, LewyLieut.1000779ElkhornKin: VirdenDied of Wounds8-Nov.-17
1036Cassels, W.J.Private 43rd153915ManitouMother: Mrs. Ellen CasselsKilled in Action / Somme6-Oct.-16
1043Cavanaugh, C.E.Private 79th Camerons153779ManitouFather: G.M. CavanaughKilled in Action / Shrapnel / Lens4-June-16
178Chalk, W.J.Lieut.Grenadiers - 100 BattalionWinnipegFather: James Chalk, Brother: InvalidedKilled in Action / Announced in Germany13-Apr.-172 Cards - Lawyer, Obituary included
926Chambers, James HaroldPrivate 222nd291545BaldurStepfather: J.H. ScottKilled in Action3-June-17Bio Info
843Chambers, WilfridPrivate 184th BattalionParents: 330 Arnold Ave.Killed in Action29-Nov.-17 (Newspaper)Obituary included
395Chaplin, John Henry153151WinnipegFather: Harry C - EnglandKilled in Action9-Oct.-17
615Chapman, FrederickGrenadiers216673WinnipegKin - EnglandKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
350Chisholm, DavidLeft with Col. Morley830057WinnipegKin: John Chisholm, ScotlandDied22-Oct.-17
767Chittenden, A.G.Lce. Corp148306SewellKin - EnglandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
614Christian, DonaldLt. Col. Bradbury719017WinnipegKin - ScotlandKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
9Chroyen, A.S.Kin: 54 Dagmar StreetKilled in Action3-Sept.-17
440Clark, MarcelPrivate 622906WinnipegKin -England
420Clarke, J.C.150844BrandonKilled in Action6-Nov.-17
446Clarke, Joseph859851WinnipegKin - ScotlandDied of Wounds5-Nov.-17
991Cleaver, George1000958Winnipeg192 Johnson Ave., Almwood
840Clegg, Alex H.Private 61stWinnipegParents: 469 Cumberland Ave.Missing as of 30-Oct.-16Obituary included
588Cleghorn, George153015WinnipegKin - ScotlandDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
80Clemis, WesleySapperCanadian Army Service Corps49385Widow, 3 Children, 255 Beacon StreetDied of Wounds, Cambier25-Aug.-?Obituary included
224Clenca, Ralph ClarkeSgt.Winnipeg Grenadiers148075NinetteParents at NinetteDied of Wounds, Somme15-Oct.-17Bio Info
441Cloutier, John JosephPrivate 196th Battalion910776BrandonDied of Wounds29-Oct.-17
1040Cobley, GeorgePrivate Manitou
165Coghill, Malcolm81612WinnipegKin - England13-Sept.-17
781Coleman, William C.86902WinnipegKin - EnglandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
721Collins, PercyLieut.79thWinnipegParents - Saltcoats, SaskatchewanDied of WoundsMay-17Obituary included
100Collins, W.E.RossburnDied of Wounds7-Sept.-17
95Collum, W.H.R.MajorWinnipeg CameronsWinnipegKin - GlasgowDied of Wounds6-Sept.-17
805Constantine, S.830168WinnipegKin - ItalyKilled in Action21-Nov.-17
812Convey, A.J.WinnipegKilled in Action
69Cook, R.Hodgson, ManitobaKilled in Action1-Sept.-17 (Telephone)
416Cooke, Herbert AshleyLce. Corp457498BrandonFather: Brandon, from U.S. To EnlistDied (Pneumonia)28-Dec.-16
939Cooke, HeskethSgt.86755WinnipegKilled in ActionApr.-17
957Cookes, Horace A.420269WinnipegKin - ScotlandKilled in Action26-Apr.-18
736Cooper, AlexanderPrivate 29th Battalion72190WinnipegMother: Mrs. Margaret Cooper, Aberdeen, ScotlandKilled in Action6-Apr.-16
745Cooper, David35371MakinakDied of Wounds21-Nov.-17
967Cooper, EzraMtd. Rifles291817BoissevainKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
711Cooper, HarryPrivate 27th City of Winnipeg71462WinnipegKin: J. Cooper, London, EnglandKilled in Action4-Apr.-16
1031Cooper, WilliamPrivate ManitouMother: Mrs. Vanderpost
640Cooper, William T.Private 184th Battalion874531MordenParents: MordenDied of Wounds7-Nov.-17Obituary included
589Copeland, Thomas622933WinnipegKin: Shrewsbury, QuebecDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
750Copsey, William A.700934WinnipegKin - EnglandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
965Cordin, AlexMtd. Rifles871344Winnipeg39 Andrews St., WinnipegKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
282Corfield, William H.1000065VirdenKin - WalesKilled in Action1-Sept.-17
176Cormode, JamesNorwoodKilled in Action; Previously Missing14-Sept.-17
183Corney, Sidney216331WinnipegKin - EnglandKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
628Cornthwaite, WilliamGunnerArtillery86017WinnipegAunt: Mrs. A. Wade, 673 Stella, Kin: EnglandKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
927Cosgrove, Robert HenryCorporal90th Winnipeg Rifles186073NapinkaKilled in Action at Lens23-June-17Bio Info
155Costello, Alfred BenedictArtillery151587BrandonKin: Harbour Main, NewfoundlandKilled in ActionList of 14-Nov.-17
813Costello, Francis RobertPrivate 44th Battalion422437WinnipegKin: J.L. Costello, 357 Queen Street, St. JamesKilled in Action
814Costello, R.E.78th BattalionWinnipegKin: J.L. Costello, 357 Queen Street, St. James
815Coster, E.WinnipegKentish Association
841Coward, W.H.Princess PatsBoissevainParents: 527 Jubilee Ave.Died of Wounds29-Nov.-? (Telephone)Obituary included
526Cramer, Thomas A.291548BaldurKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
1030CraniePrivate Manitou
369Creer, George S.223rd BattalionKin: Maberly, OntarioDied of Pneumonia15-Oct.-17
929Cripps, Arthur G.Private 424712NapinkaMother: Kentish Town, London, EnglandKilled in Action10-May-17
876Crosland, A.W.WinnipegKilled in ActionKentish Association
166Crowe, Thomas H.A20031WinnipegKin - IrelandKilled in Action13-Sept.-17
1057Crozier, DavidPrivate 18th -> 78th875253ManitouKin: T.L. CrozierKilled in Action / Vimy Ridge9-Apr.-17Bio Info
186Crozier, WilliamPrivate 81194ManitouBrother: T.E. Crozier, AltamontKilled in Action5-Aug.-15Brother: Private Dan Crozier, 184th, Vimy, Missing in Action, Obituary included
1026Crutchfield, R.Private Manitou
979Crwaford, Robert G.Private Col. MacKay's BattalionWinnipegWife: 712 Walker Ave., 3 ChildrenKilled in Action6-Dec.-17Obituary included
498Cunningham, James A.865506BrandonDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17Bio Info
578Cunningham, William BenjaminCorporal865074BrandonMother: Mrs. H. Cunningham, Brandon 710 - 14th StreetKilled in Action / Passchendaele While Trying to Repair Communications when Company was Cut Off27-Oct.-17
10Curlie, C.W.Lance CorporalKin: Dauphin3-Sept.-17
11Curwen, H.J.Kin: Basswood3-Sept.-17
626Cutler, Henry G.81204WinnipegKin: Hamilton, OntarioDied of Wounds14-Nov.-17
367Cutler, John G.Left. with Lt. Col. Wayland622934WinnipegKin: Wife - ScotlandKilled in Action15-Oct.-17
601Dahl, Henry A.737037St. JamesKin: Delta, AlbertaDied of Wounds16-Nov.-17
516Dalton, Phillip H.Gunner / Artillery301407Winnipeg1313 Logan Ave.Died10-Nov.-17
735Daly, DanielPrivate 27th Battalion71803WinnipegKin: Mrs. Ellen Daly, 99 Clifton Terrace, Weehawken, N.J., U.S.A.Killed in Action6-Apr.-16Born U.S.A.
335Daniel, GeorgeCorporal / Artillery87071WinnipegKin: Justice Apts. Or 552 Heatherington Ave.Died of Wounds12-Oct.-17
605Dauler, P.WinnipegDied of Wounds19-Nov.-17
318Dauphinais, ArthurPrivate Left with Col. Munro187550 (or 187530)StarbuckMother: Mrs. P. DauphinaisKilled in Action (Lens)15-Aug.-17Bio Info
12Davidson, E. HerbertKin: In St. James3-Sept.-17
942Davidson, R.Sergeant90th then 78th186550WinnipegWidow and 4 Children: 223 Parkview St.Died of Wounds30-Oct.-17Boer War Vet, Obituary included
644Davidson, RichardPrivate 3rd Field Ambulance34450WinnipegParents: 413 Simcoe St.Killed in Action31-Oct.-17Obituary included
179Davidson, Safford S.Private Gordon Ambulance CorpsWinnipegFather: A.T. Davidson, 470 McDermot Ave.Died of WoundsObituary included
396Davies, Alfred J.153164WinnipegKin: Aunt Mrs. M. Constable - EnglandKilled in Action9-Oct.-17
187Davies, Arnold EdwardPrivate 865923Brandon (Nesbitt)Kin: WalesDied of Wounds23-Sept.-17Obituary included
1006Davies, Harry H.Private WinnipegKin: Mrs. George Davies, 1579 Alexander Ave.Killed in Action25-Mar.-18Bio Info, Obituary included
465Davies, Oscar GrayCol. Gillespie10000989DauphinKin: WalesKilled in Action9-Nov.-17
188Davies, ThomasLittle Black Devils234845BrandonKin: Wales, Father Samuel DaviesKilled in Action23-Sept.-17
400Davis, CaradogCorporal712250WinnipegKin: WalesKilled in Action (Previously Missing)26-Oct.-17
734Dawson, David MaxwellPrivate 27th Battalion71251WinnipegKin: Mother - Aberdeen, ScotlandKilled in Action6-Apr.-16
639Day, P.C.R.1000045VirdenKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
642Dealey, W.Lieut. Cpl.WinnipegDied in Canada18-Nov.-17
281Delaney, David L.622396Portage la PrairieKin: Metapedia, QuebecDied1-Oct.-17
900Demery, W.J.WinnipegosisKilled in Action19-Mar.-18
610Dempster, EdwardCity of Winnipeg Battalion71370WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action (Previously Missing)14-Nov.-17
817Denne, W.C.WinnipegMother: Mrs. Denne, 816 Flora Ave.Killed in Action
505Denner, FredPrivate 622025Died of Wounds20-Oct.-17Obituary included
13Desjardins, H.Kin: Brokenhead ReserveKilled in Action3-Sept.-17
320Dickie, James420151WinnipegKin: ScotlandDied17-Oct.-17
191Dickie, M.M.Private Col. Murray's Battalion460706East KildonanParents: Kildonan RoadDied from Wounds - Wounded Late August18-Sept.-17Obituary included
887Dickson, Joseph892111Grand VitalKilled in Action10-Mar.-18
1037Dickson, Thomas A.Private 187555ManitouFather: W.W. DicksonKilled in Action / Vimy Ridge10-Apr.-17Bio Info
462Ditch, O.H.Private With Lt. Col. Gillespie1000695MinnedosaParents: W.H. Ditch, MinnedosaDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17Obituary included
106Dixon, A.GimliDied of Wounds8-Sept.-17
677Doak, W.DouglasKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
258Doane, Edward F.Lce. CorpHollandDied20-Sept.-17
652Dobinson, W.E.With Lt. Col. Hansford234768WinnipegKin: Tugashe, SaskatchewanKilled in Action19-Nov.-17
1018Dobson, JamesBombardierArtillery UnitWinnipegFather: D.T. Dobson, 379 Harrison Ave.Killed in Action28-Mar.-18Obituary included
764Dobson, Luther288382NorwoodKin: EnglandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
702Doig, James922102WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
373Doigney, MauriceLeft with McLean700145St. BonifaceWide on Provencher Ave.Missing in Action since 8-Oct.-16 / Now Presumed Dead24-Sept.-17
670Donaghy, W.874689WinnipegWidow and 6 Children, 827 Alverstone St.Killed in Action20-Nov.-17
995Doner, Alexander L.441857Winnipeg587 Jubilee Ave.Killed in Action4-Dec.-17
161Donlon, T.P.MinnedosaDied of Wounds13-Sept.-17
799Donnelly, Walter10001121NeepawaMervin, Sask.Killed in Action23-Nov.-17
14Dorman, ArthurPrivate With Lightfoot291291WinnipegWife: Mrs. A. Dorman, Davidson Blvd.Killed in Action18-Aug.-17Obituary included
464Dorrian, Jim291603WinnipegKin: IrelandKilled in Action6-Mar.-18
167Douglas, James H.148135WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action13-Sept.-17
386Dow, Colin StanleyPrivate 107th Battalion718473Gilbert PlainsMother: Mrs. J. McDow, Gilbert PlainsKilled in Action11-Oct.-17Obituary included
551Dow, G.186088Winnipeg538 Simcoe StreetKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
241Dow, George H.Col. Munro's Battalion186088Winnipeg538 Simcoe StreetKilled in Action27-Sept.-17
818Dowker, J.WinnipegFather: James Dowker, 107 GerardKilled in Action
189Down, Edward F.Lance Corporal472073Wadena, SaskatchewanFather: W. Down in HollandKilled in Action23-Sept.-17
105Down, G.H.Winnipeg538 Simcoe StreetKilled in Action8-Sept.-17
501Downey, R.C.Lance CorporalHollandKilled in Action12-Nov.-17
556Downie, John HardySergeant44th Battalion622536Grandview - RoblinParents: A.W. Downie, GrandviewKilled in Action16-Nov.-17Obituary included
681Dowsett, Frank R.288636ElginKilled in Action19-Nov.-17
15Draper, IraKin: Winnipeg, No Address3-Sept.-17
190Drummond, K. Lammond420746WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action22-Sept.-17
569Drummond, William?865928Brandon?Killed in Action15-Nov.-17
537Duff, Adam W.822515?WinnipegKin: Scotland
680Duff, Andrew J.Private Lt. Col. McMeans288246WinnipegMother: 148 Argyle StreetKilled in Action19-Nov.-17Obituary included
760Duncan, AlvinPrivate 27th Battalion426952WinnipegMother: Mrs. M. Elliott, Saskatoon, SaskatchewanKilled in Action5-Apr.-16Bio Info
16Duncan, I.Kin: Winnipeg, No Address3-Sept.-17
388Dunmell, John Robert234747WinnipegKin: Patience, AlbertaKilled in Action24-Oct.-17
411Dunwoody, Thomas C.Lance CorporalWinnipegKilled in Action30-Oct.-17
326Dupas, J.Private 16 Can. ScottishWinnipeg?3 Brothers: All at Vimy Ridge, D. Wounded, H. Wounded, Both Now in England, L. Still at Front 107th RoneersDied of Wounds / Vimy17-Oct.-17Obituary included
56Eardlt, A.E.Brandon634-10th St. BrandonDied of Wounds4-Sept.-17
575Easson, C.622153Winnipeg?580 McAdam Avenue, WinnipegKilled in Action15-Nov.-17
480East, FredActing Corp.152370BrandonKin: EnglandDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17
374Eccles, ErnestLeft with Saskatchewan Timber Wolves440175WinnipegMissing: 4 Feb. /17; Now Presumed Dead24-Sept.-17
560Eddie, Charles43rd Canadians859373Winnipeg509 Henry Avenue; Son of W.G. Eddie, 827 William AvenueKilled in Action - Passchendaele26-Oct.-17Note from Father
779Edge, James693346WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
773Ediss, W.G.148159BirtleKin: EnglandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
490Edmund, DavidFlt. Lieut.Aviation Corps.WinnipegFather: William Edmund, Raglan AvenueKilled in Plane Accident in Toronto11-Nov.-17Obituary included
819Edwards, A.J.222nd BattalionKilled in Action
223Edwards, Samuel HenryPrivate 150071NinetteParents: NinetteKilled in Action26-Sept.-1619 Years 6 Months of Age
333Edwards, Walter H.482409Camp HughesKin: At Indian HeadKilled in Action12-Oct.-17
459Einarson, JohnLieutenant223rd BattalionWinnipegHome: Logberg, Saskatchewan, Stg. Joe -> Overseas /w in Trenches, FlandersKilled in ActionObituary included
706Eldred, Edgar Hutchinson424764ClanwilliamMissing: 15 September 1916, Ratd. KA1-Nov.-17
330Elliorr, John McCrearyLieutenantWinnipeg35 Kennedy StreetKilled in Action / Reported Through Germans12-Oct.-17
453Elliott, George RichardCo. Gillespie1000093NeepawaKilled in Action7-Nov.-17
637Elliott, James925994DarlingfordKin: Cardiff, SaskatchewanKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
936Elsey, ReginaldPrivate 78th Battalion138759WinnipegKin: NapinkaKilled in Action9-Apr.-17Bio Info
521Emmons, Hugh C.Sergeant178th Camerons859295KelwoodParents: KelwoodKilled in Action16-Nov.-17Obituary included
582England, Sidney M.150370SinclairKilled in Action15-Nov.-17
863Erickson, Andrew829234BenitoKilled in Action25-Jan.-18
267Err, R.C.WinnipegKilled in Action28-Sept.-17
801Ewing, SamuelPrivate 235129Winnipeg519 Basswood PlaceKilled in Action30-Oct.-(16?)Obituary included
766Fahey, JohnPrivate Lt. Col. Kirkaldy Battalion147451WinnipegFather: J.F. Fahey, 46 Lily StreetKilled in Action6-Nov.-17Obituary included
344Fairey, JamesPrivate 441668Camp HughesKin: Aldina, Saskatchewan
743Falls, C.A.Gunner Dte.WinnipegParents: C.A. FallsDied of Wounds21-Nov.-17Obituary included
192Faulkner, Charles T.100001082Swan RiverKin: England
518Feltham, Alex WilliamBrandon Battalion150382Died of Wounds10-Nov.-17
110Fenton, E.T.BrandonKilled in Action8-Sept.-17
61Fergie, Richard Hamilton44th Battalion71256WinnipegKin: Robert Fergie, 260 Main Street and ScotlandKilledTrib. 4-Sept.-17, F.P. 15-N0v.-17
135Ferguson, D.WinnipegKilled in Action10-Sept.-17
339Ferguson, HenryPrivate Camerons / Lt. Col. J.J. Reid859027Killed in Action16-Oct.-17
437Ferguson, John71850WinnipegKin: Ireland
240Ferris, A.F.RathwellDied of Wounds27-Sept.-17
263Fessey, William H.722259TransconaKin: Damascus, OntarioKilled in Action28-Sept.-17
256Fidler, H.G.Private With Lt. Col. BradburyWest SelkirkKin: Parents: W.T. Fidler, West Selkirk, Brother: Percival, Wounded, Vimy Ridge, Now in Hospital, EnglandKilled in ActionObituary included
678Fisher, A.GrandviewPresumed Dead20-Nov.-17
563Fisher, F.J.LieutenantCanadian EngineersWinnipeg563 Beresford: ParentsKilled in Action10-Nov.-17Obituary included
720Fisher, Isaac S.532350WinnipegKin: Montreal, QuebecDied of Wounds16-Nov.-17
111Fisher, J.A.NingaFather: J.D. Fisher, NingaWounded, but Not Killed8-Sept.-17Obituary included
173Fisher, John T.LieutenantLt. Col. Gillespie's BattalionNesbittFather: J.F. Fisher, NesbittKilled in Action30-Aug.-?Obituary included
901Flaherty, Patrick S.174th Camerons693308BinscarthKin: IrelandKilled in Action19-Mar.-18
101Flett, Alex107th BattalionElphinstoneWidowed Mother; Brother S, Flett (238)Died of Wounds7-Sept.-17Obituary included
57Flett, JamesPrivate With Lt. Col. Dan McLean701107GonorParents: Gonor, MBMissing; Killed in Action, Died of Wounds4-Sept.-17Obituary included
238Flett, SolPrivate Died from Wounds from Bomb26-Sept.-17Obituary included
881Forrester, H.WinnipegDied of Wounds6-Feb.-18
850Fortin, EdgarPrivate 199355St. BonifaceParents: Dubuc Apartments, St. BonifaceKilled in Action6-Nov.-?Obituary included
193Foster, JamesCamerons420051WinnipegReported Missing; Killed in Action22-Sept.-17
17Foster, W.Kin: Crystal City3-Sept.-17
405Foster, William871475WinnipegMrs. E. Higgins, 627 Garwood AvenueKilled in Action27-Nov.-17
414Foulder, JohnWinnipegKin: EnglandPresumed Dead30-Oct.-17
785Fourgers, Alex716054WinnipegKilled in Action22-Nov.-17
875Frame, William LaytonLieutenant121st West IrishVirdenWounded Vimy; Died in London of Wounds11-June-17Bio Info
860Francis, AllanPrivate 79th Battalion150908Mother: Box 407 Portage la PrairieDied of Wounds23-Apr.-17
784Fraser, Simon A.CorporalWinnipegMother: 587 Beresford , Brother in FranceKilled in Action30-Oct.-17Military MedalConspicuous Bravery, January 1917, Obituary included
112Froats, J.H.Portage la PrairieKilled in Action8-Sept.-17
1017Frost, Alfred86424Winnipeg737 Manitoba AvenueDied of Wounds30-Nov.-17
632Frost, Isaac J.624542RoblinKin: EnglandDied of Wounds14-Nov.-17
18Fry, William FrankPrivate Lt. Col. Beaubier's Battalion865382Kin: Brandon, Parents: Birmingham, EnglandKilled in ActionObituary included
287Fullford, Arthur F.874240WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action1-Oct.-17
775Funnell, L.1000261MinnedosaKin: EnglandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
1027Galbraith, A.Private KaleidaFriend: Mrs. Marshall, Kaleida P.O.
300Galbraith, A.E.Private 7th Brigade423023MiamiParents: MiamiDied of Wounds18-Sept.-17
557Galbraith, Caorns422071WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action10-Nov.-17
542Galbraith, William JohnPrivate 79th Infantry152818BrandonFather: 832 - 11th Street, BrandonKilled in Action15-Sept.-16
977Gallie, AlexanderGunner2043535MiddlechurchKin: ScotlandKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
894Gambler, J.294867Pine CreekDied4-Feb.-18
19Gammie, James90th Under Lt. Col. MunroBrother: 735 SimcoeDied of Wounds3-Sept.-17Obituary included
613Gardiner, HenryLeft with Col. Gillespie1000008DauphinKin: ScotlandKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
718Gardner, G.Private Manitou
718Gardner, G.W.874585MowbrayKin: EnglandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
1053Gardner, Thomas424815Camp HughesKin: Kennedy, SaskatchewanPresumed Dead28-June-18
641Garvie, EdwardPrivate Lt. Col. Sharpe's Battalion874699MiddlechurchFather: A. Garvie, East St. PaulDied of Wounds / Vimy18-Nov.-17Obituary included
659Gates, J.AshernKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
870Gauthier, L.R.OtterburneDied of Wounds2-Feb.-18
99Geddes, JohnCaptainWinnipegKin: Scotland, Brother: A.F. Gedes, Also Killed - BlairmoreKilled in Action23-Apr.-15Obituary included
325Gentles, ArchibaldBrandonDied of Wounds15-Oct.-17
133Gibbons, J.R.Private 90th RegimenWinnipegSister: Chatsworth ApartmentsKilled in Action10-Sept.-17Obituary included
20Gibson, AlexPrivate 90th RegimenSpringfieldParents: SpringfieldKilled in Action15-Aug.-17Obituary included
418Gibson, George148282WinnipegKin: England
338Gibson, John W.LieutenantWith Col. R.A. GillespieMinnedosaDied of Wounds17-Oct.-17
230Gillespie, John W.WinnipegBrother's BattalionKilled in Action25-Sept.-17Obituary included
128Gislason, BjornPrivate 22nd Lions29110Silver BayFather: Joel Gisalson, Silver BayKilled in Action22-Aug.-17Bio Info
570Godrin, Herman1000551DauphinKilled in Action15-Nov.-17
194George, James A.SapperEngineers216353WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
74Goguillot, G.E.CorporalLt. Col. Campbell's Battalion216201WinnipegRes: 745 Logan AvenueKilled in Action15-Aug.-17Obituary included
58Goodyear, Chester H.Lance CorporalRes: 651 Dufferin AvenueDied of Wounds
761Gordall, Percy MartinPrivate 48th Battalion430556Killed in Action6-Apr.-16
485Gordon, William J.J.Private McMeans' Bulldogs288271WinnipegParents: 517 Heatherington AvenueDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17Obituary included
968Gott, Harold292428EmersonKin: Amherst, South DakotaKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
658Graham, A.Elm CreekKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
1047Graham, A.W.Private Fort Garry Horse15518ManitouKin: Mrs. S. Graham, ManitouKilled in Action5-Aug.-15Bio Info
476Graham, GordonCamerons (Reid)859602WinnipegKin: Regina or ScotlandDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17
539Graham, John H.151704BrandonKin: Verner, Ontario
435Grant, Herve M.Lieutenant147th BattalionWinnipegParents: W.S. Grant, McMillan Avenue, Overseas BrotherDied of Wounds3-Nov.-17Military CrossObituary included
851Grant, JackPrivate 150011WinnipegMother: 238 Morley AvenueKilled in Action6-Nov.-17Obituary included
134Grant, R.N.865531BrandonMother: 236 - 16th Street BrandonKilled in Action / Lens25-Aug.-17Bio Info
90Green, AlbertPrivate Lt. Col. Wayland's Battalion422621WinnipegRes: 835 Moncton AvenueKilled in Action6-Sept.-17Obituary included
1049Green, C.F.860006WinnipegRes: 33 Inkster AvenueDied2-July-18
1065Green, FrankPrivate 226th Battalion1000262MinnedosaFather: K. Francis GreenDied of Wounds11-Aug.-18Bio Info
417Green, SidneyPrivate 8th Battalion130 (?)WinnipegKilled in Action22-Oct.-15
837Green, WesleyPrivate Home: Arthur, OntarioKilled in ActionObituary included
920Greener, JohnCorporal144th Battalion829658WinnipegSister: Mrs. J.B. Leech, 659 PacificKilled in Action23-Aug.-17Military MedalObituary included
172Greener, Thomas B.Corporal32nd Battalion81336WinnipegSister: As Above / Brother: F.W. GassedKilled in Action10-Sep.-16
877Greenlay, Ernest AugustusPrivate 222nd Battalion292220Brother: B.F. GreenlayDied of Wounds / Boulonge15-June-17Bio Info
820Greenslade, P.A.14th HussarsWinnipeg
896Greenwood, George288263Winnipeg305 Martin AvenueDied of Wounds24-Jan.-18
1070Gregg, A.T.Lieutenant12 Can. Field Ambulance532353KenvilleKenville: 6 Sisters and 3 BrothersKilled in Action27-Sept.-18Obituary included
876Greig, James McTayCorporal27th Battalion71262WinnipegKin: Alloe, ScotlandKilled in Action2-Mar.-18
1016Greig, John R.1000594Rapid CityDied of Wounds30-Nov.-17
85Griffin, Charles RussellPrivate 78th BattalionKin: Littleson; Mrs. C.R. Griffin, 713 Boyd BoulevardKilled in Action / Somme25-Sept.-17
571Griffin, Harold234672WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action15-Nov.-17
786Grossi, GiacintoWith Lt. Col. Hansford234569Mortlach
562Guild, William ForbesCaptain52nd BattalionWinnipegMember: Campbell, Pitblado Co.Died of Wounds10-Apr.-17
940Gunn, Thomas G.Lance Sergeant34th Fort Garry HorseWinnipegParents: R.E. Gunn, 55 Kingston RowKilled in Action30-Mar.-?Obituary included
890Hainstock, R.E.Shoal LakeKilled in Action3-Feb.-18
62Hall, SamuelWinnipegC.P.R.Killed in Action4-Sept.-17
249Halliday, George235164Camp HughesKin: Ayton, OntarioKilled in Action18-Sept.-17
947Halliday, JamesPrivate Lt. Col. McMeans BattalionWinnipegWife: 483 Jasper AvenueKilled in Action17-Nov.-17Obituary included
846Hamilton, J.C.Private 90th - Lt. Col. WatsonWinnipegWife and 2 Children: 1-543 Notre DameKilled in Action10-Nov.-?Obituary included
621Hamlin, Joseph J.830551WinnipegKin: Springfield, OntarioKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
429Hampton, William L.Private 424868Camp HughesKin: EnglandKilled in Action5-Nov.-17
84Hancock, WilliamPrivate 79th Camerons153410WinnipegMrs. Caroline Hancok, 319 Lock St. WestonKilled in Action / Somme21-Sept.-16
987Hangen, Edwin288952BrandonKinistina, SaskatchewanKilled in Action29-Nov.-17
220Hanna, George W.Private 25th Battalion, B.E.F.186131MiamiMrs. Sam Hanna, Miami / 3 Brothers, 1 Wounded Day He was Killed, 1 Hurt, EnglandKilled / St. Eloi9-Apr.-16
253Hanna, Oswald John D.Private 234337WinnipegMother: Mrs. MargaredDied: Tuberculosis
353Harder, OwenGunnerArtillery -> Howitzer1250027WinnipegWife and 2 Children: 2 Exeter Apartments, Lily StreetAccidentally Killed in Action6-Oct.-17Obituary included
821Hardwicke, R.L.Fort Garry Horse -> 19th Alberta Dragoons
21Hardy, Frank LeaPrivate 44th Battalion22241BrandonMother: N. Hardy, 6 Curran Block, BrandonKilled in Action / Lens15-Aug.-17Bio Info
985Hare, Ernest V.9829240WinnipegKin: England
273Harknes, JamesWinnipegKin: Scotland
758Harper, AlbertPrivate 61st -> 27th, City of Winnipeg460143WinnipegKin: James Dingle, 175 Homewood Avenue, Hamilton, OntarioKilled in Action6-Apr.-16
791Harris, SydneyWinnipegKin: Ely, Cambridge, England, Father/Dr.
911Harrison, G.W.NesbittKilled in Action27-Jan.-18
470Hartley, Gordon WalkerWith Col. R.A. Gillespie1000339Swan RiverMilton, OntarioKilled in Action12-Nov.-17
597Hatch, W.With Lt. Col. Hansford234445WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
1035Haycock, G.Private KaleidaMother: Mrs. George Horton, Kaleida, P.O.
612Haywood, John R.622966Camp HughesFort William
163Hazel, PercyPrivate With Lt. Col. Murray460738WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action13-Sept.-17
140Hazelwood, HerbertJoined in EdmontonKin: Saskatchewan and ManitobaDied of WoundsObituary included
536Heale, FrankPrivate 14th Battalion830103WinnipegParents: Kissimmee, Fla., 3 Brothers, 1 Sister, Teulon, MBKilled in Action14-Nov.-17Obituary included
928Heather, Lewis P.Private 45th Battalion424897NapinkaMedoraKilled in Action / Missing
477Heather, Malcolm CharlesWith Lt. Col. Gillespie1000858SourisDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17
371Heatley, William S.Private Cameron HighlandersHeadinglyBrother in war tooKilled in Action16-Aug.-17Obituary included
408Heldred, EdgarClanwilliamPresumed Dead29-Oct.-17
739Heldt, George FredericPrivate 27th Battalion72082WinnipegKin: Ellen Heldt, 20 Edward Street, Grimsby, EnglandKilled in Action / Messines6-Apr.-16Bio Info
621Hemlin, J.J. - see Hamlin J.J.
359Henderson, JohnSergeant106th Regimen20217WinnipegKin: ScotlandDied of Wounds2-Oct.-17Obituary included
783Henderson, Ralph C.SergeantL.B.D. With MorleyWinnipegParents: 514 Tylehurst StreetKilled in Action6-Nov.-17Obituary included
346Henderson, ThomasCorporalCameronsWinnipegSister: Mrs. Currie, 234 Queen StreetKilled in Action / Wounded: Somme24-Jul-17Obituary included
777Henry, Robert JamesPrivate With Col. Sharpe874210WinnipegKin: Mrs. Margaret Henry, Derby, EnglandKilled in Action22-Nov.-17
515Hewes, JamesWith Lt. Col. Hansford234742WinnipegKin: EnglandDied of Wounds16-Apr.-?
433Hill, Charles W.424913BoissevainDied of Wounds5-Nov.-17
436Hill, Fred1009068BrandonMayfield, SaskatchewanKilled in Action7-Nov.-17
623Hill, Harry721973WinnipegKin: EnglandDied of Wounds14-Nov.-17
147Hill, W.H.Killed in Action11-Nov.-17
879Hoare, Alfred RolandPrivate 79th Battalion152906BrandonDied of Wounds16-Apr.-?
277Hobday, CecilPrivate With Lt. Col. Wayland622914WinnipegBro. Lt. L.S. Hobday; Mother 222 Smith StreetKilled in Action / First Listed as Missing15-Sept.-17Obituary included
953Hodgson, WilliamCorporalManitouKin: Gretna Brother Sgt. Mas. Charles HodgsonKilled in Action16-Apr.-18Brother Won Military Medal, Obituary included
1005Hoerner, Lovie J.Private WinnipegBro. A.R. Hoerner, 426 StradbrookKilled in Action23-Apr.-16Obituary included
22Hogan, R.Kin: WinnipegKilled in Action3-Sept.-17 (Trib.)
886Hogson, John W.150952BrandonKin: EnglandKilled in Action10-Mar.-18
54Holden, W.M.Private With Lt. Col. - Lightfoot292399MelitaFather: C.P. Holden, MelitaKilled in Action21-Aug.-17Bio Info Obituary included
231Hole, Oliver Benjamin267814Enlisted: Theodore, SaskatchewanBrown P.O.Died of Wounds / Missing Since 9 October 191624-Sept.-17
645Holewell, JamesSeaman622900GuntonBro. Arthur also on Board - George and Bert in FranceDied on Mary Rose; Sunk in Action - North SeaObituary included
195Hollingsworth, John622900WinnipegKin: England, MotherKilled in Action23-Sept.-17
375Hollingsworth, John622900
423Hollis, Oscar HaroldLieutenantOrange Battalion, Then CameronsWinnipeg117 Monck Avenue, Norwood - ParentsKilled in Action / Previously Missing23-Oct.-?Obituary included
513Holman, Stanley B.Private With Lt. Col. McMeansWinnipegParents: 197 Mayfair AvenueKilled in Action13-Nov.-17Obituary included
171Hood, ArthurUniversity BattalionWinnipegKin: ScotlandDied of Wounds13-Sept.-17
266Hook, G.A.Corporal86919Winnipeg354 Elgin AvenueDied of Wounds8-May-17Obituary included
316Hooker, Leon A.721016SelkirkKilled in Action11-Oct.-17
1002Hopwood, Clarence A.W.Private 184th Battalion875381LyletonParents: Lyleton, ManitobaKilled in Action30-Mar.-18Obituary included
822Horan, H.J.Lieutenant2nd CEF
471Horne, GeorgeSergeantCamerons153035Winnipeg?Kin: ScotlandKilled in Action / Previously Missing12-Nov.-17
776Horobin, H.147385WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
144Horton, H.H.SergeantWith Lt. Col. WaylandKilled in Action15-Aug.-?Obituary included
933Hosie, Arthur DavidLieutenantBrandonKilled in Action / Somme8-Oct.-16
932Hosie, Robert JamesLieutenantBrandonDied of Wounds / Vimy Ridge22-Mar.-17Bio Info
1019Hoskins, RonaldChapt.Kin: H. Hoskins, Gretna
703Houseley, George1000308NeepawaKin: EnglandDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
196How, James Dennison460448WinnipegKin: Annapolis, Nova ScotiaDied of Wounds23-Sept.-17
865Howard, F.Private 107th Battalion718184Mother: Mrs. J. Howard, Box 71, NewdaleKilled in Action6-Jan.-16
742Howe, A.NeepawaDied of Wounds21-Nov.-17
921Howsan, Robert F.With Lt. Col. McMeans700275StonewallDied - Previously Dangerously Ill4-Jan.-18
310Huffman, Frank L.701105Winnipeg263 LangsideKilled in Action11-Oct.-17
143Huggard, J.C.2nd Lieutenant70th Squad RegimenWinnipegJ.T. Huggard, Barrister, FatherMissing / Captured by Germans23-Sept.-17Obituary included
823Hughes, G.6th BattalionWinnipegKilled in Action
299Hughes, Ry. A.Private 3rd Field Ambulance33368WinnipegKin: 168 Lipton StreetDied in England of Illness27-Jan.-15
244Hughes, W.H.With Lt. Col. Wayland622004St. James498 King Edward StreetKilled in Action28-Sept.-17
23Hull, A.J.Kin: Winnipeg3-Sept.-17
591Hunt, Reginald700002WinnipegOttawa, OntarioDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
590Hunt, Thomas288249Winnipeg330 St. Mary's Ave.330 St. Mary's Ave.13-Nov.-17
683Hunter, John S.871370Winnipeg37 Morley Ave., Fort RougeKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
718Hurlston, Godfrey L.187075WinnipegKin: WalesDied in Calgary16-Nov.-17
260Hutcheon, WilliamPrivate 106th Lt. Col. McLean700387ElmwoodKin at 469 Talbot AvenueKilled in Action27-Sept.-17Obituary included
151Hutchings, William JamesWith Gillespie's BattalionWinnipegKin: England
1032Hutchinson, E.Private ManitouCharles Parker
276Hynes, EllwardPrivate 722228WinnipegKilled in Action3-Oct.-17
712Hynes, ThomasSpr.71484WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
952Iliff, W.Private HazelridgeParents: HazelridgeDied in Training in England16-Mar.-18
951Iligg, T.C.SapperHazelridgeParents: HazelridgeDied of Wounds28-Mar.-18Obituary included
153Ironside, Leonard John718207WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action12-Sept.-17
487Irvine, AlexLeft with American LegionWinnipegDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17
881Irving, Andrew GrahamPrivate 106311BrandonFather: R.G. Irving, BrandonKilled in Action / Ypres2-June-16Bio Info
121Jackson, EdwinWinnipegKilled in Action10-Sept.-17
842Jackson, HarryPrivate With Lt. Col. LightfootSt. BonifaceWife and 2 Children, Regina NowDied of Wounds14-Nov.-?Obituary included
647Jackson, Samuel JosephPrivate With Lt. Col. McLeanWinnipegWidow: 556 AtlanticMissing, Now Reported Killed, April 9Nov.-17Obituary included
658Jackson, T.BirnieKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
856James, F.R.Private 79th Camerons150532ElginKin: Collins Bay, OntarioKilled in ActionObituary included
221Jameson, F.C.Sergeant874956Winnipeg2 ChildrenKilled in Action / Vimy Ridge9-Apr.-17
603Jelly, Roland AlbertCorporal101st McLean700311WinnipegMother: St. Mary's Road, St. VitalKilled in Action19-Nov.-17Bio Info
242Jenkins, FrancisSergeantCamerons153344Winnipeg245 Montrose AvenueKilled in Action
313Jenkins, Robert700159WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action11-Oct.-17
154Jesse, William James922100George RiverKilled in Action12-Sept.-17
424Jickling, Frank2nd Fl. LieutenantDental Corp -> R.F.C.WinnipegMother: 531 Dominion Street, Bro. Now in France, 4 SistersKilled, Aeroplane Accident, England23-Oct.-?
384Joass, Alex152482BrandonKin: ScotlandKilled in Action13-Oct.-17
Johnson, A. V.Private Winnipeg Grenadiers21283As AboveDied from WoundsObituary included
657Johnson, AsgeirPrivate With Lt. Col. SharpeWinnipegParents: 688 McDermotKilled in Action30-Oct.-17Obituary included
337Johnson, PercyPrivate 187081Killed in Action / Vimy Ridge9-Apr.-17See Also 415 Brother
902Johnson, Stephen108th Battalion721064SelkirkKin: SelkirkKilled in Action19-Mar.-18
24Johnson, W.G.Private 874176Parents: 187 HespelerKilled in Action14-Aug.-17Obituary included
415Johnson, William HolmesBlack Devils - Watson892220WestbourneKin: Mrs. Harriet JohnsonKilled in Action17-Oct.-17Brother #337
409Johnston, George420625WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action29-Oct.-17
558Johnston, Lee150980Enlisted BrandonWinnipegosisKilled in Action27-Dec.-?Obituary included
93Johnston, R.FairfordKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
923Johnston, W.WinnipegKilled in Action4-Jan.-18
306Johnston, William W.460984Winnipeg831 Strathcona Street
463Jones, Andrew C.Private Camerons[958/859?]465WinnipegParents: 379 Riverton AvenueDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17
1041Jones, E.K.Private ManitouFather: William Jones, Manitou
732Jones, Ralph Eggerton NorrisLieutenant2nd Regimen, 27th BattalionWinnipegKin: H.V.F. Jones, c/o Canadian Bank of CommerceKilled in Action6-Apr.-16No Photo; One at Campbell's
Jordon, HaroldPrivate Bro. Walter Overseas; Sister Sperling AngusvilleReported Killed in 1917; Was Prisoner in Germany; Repatriated8-Jan.-19Obituary included
884Jorgenson, Carl C.1075286ClanwilliamKin: EdmontonKilled in Action10-Mar.-18
1008Joyce, Walter H.Lieutenant108th BattalionSelkirkKin: Selkirk - Recently Married Brother-in-Law: Join Royal Flying CorpsKilled in Action22-Mar.-18Obituary included
87Kaddonok, A.Winnipeg635 St. Johns AvenueDied of Wounds7-Sept.-17
432Kasp, PeterPrivate Lt. Col. Morley829268WinnipegKin: Edmonton
1054Kasto, Thomas234732PipestonePresumed Dead28-June-18
349Keely, AlfredWith Lt. Col. F.J. Murray461093DauphinKin: Cowley, Alberta
675Keen, J.MoosehornKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
717Kelman, GeorgeLieutenantWinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
620Kelso, P.With Lt. Col. J.E. Hansford234768Winnipeg?Kin: Fort William
749Kennedy, K.HazelridgeDied of Wounds21-Nov.-17
885Kennedy, William L.2114990WinnipegSte. 9 Douglas Block, Graham AvenueKilled in Action; Reported Missing 24-Jan.-1810-Mar.-18
443Kennedy, William S.LieutenantLt. Col. LightfootWinnipegDryden, OntarioKilled in Action5-Nov.-17Obituary included
552Kennedy, William S.148390PipestoneDied of Wounds14-Nov.-17
481Kenssae, John255860Camp HughesKin: Viewfair, SaskatchewanDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17
145Kidd, J.A.Private C.E.F.MedoraKidd Family, MedoraKilled in Action16-Aug.-173 Brothers: See 25 Bro. Samuel in Hospital in England, Obituary included
25Kidd, W.J.Private C.E.F.Medora - DurbanKidd Family, MedoraKilled in Action16-Aug.-17See 145 and Above, Obituary included
494Kilkenney, John292196BroomhillMelita, ManitobaDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
243Kilpatrick, AlexSaskatchewan Timber Wolves441431WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action / Missing 16-Sept.-1627-Sept.-17
197King, Benjamin George1000125NeepawaKin: EnglandKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
723Kirk, WilliamPrivate 27th Battalion718048WinnipegKin: Samuel, 370 Manitoba AvenueKilled in Action4-Apr.-16Bio Info
693Kirkwood, James693176BrandonKin: ScotlandKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
861Kitching, J.E.RolandKilled in Action27-Jan.-18
455Kneeshaw, Harry Walker865048BrandonKin: Brandon, Parents: Birmingham, EnglandDied of Wounds7-Nov.-17
676Knight, A.Winnipeg20-Nov.-17
922Knight, C.McConellKilled in Action4-Jan.-18
553Knight, Percy J.234501Winnipeg1822 Logan AvenueDied of Wounds14-Nov.-17
456Knowles, W.E.Lt. Col. McLean700412WinnipegKin: 302 Arnold AvenueKilled in Action; Previously Missing7-Nov.-17
288Kozzelski, Stanley GeorgeGunner86655Enlisted: Regina
370Kyler, JohnGriswoldKilled in Action20-Sept.-17
198Lacroix, D.With Lt. Col. Lightfoot291725St. BonifaceIle Des ChenesKilled in Action17-Aug.-17
567Laing, James865800VirdenKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
622Laird, William90th / Morley829285WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
713Lake, Albert E.721082WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
235Lamond, Drummond K.CameronsWinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action / Previously Missing23-Sept.-17
858Lamontagne, Charles HoraceMajor16th ScottishBrandonKin: 428 - 15th Street BrandonKilled in Action / Near Arleaux29-Apr.-17
568Lane, Leonard859122Enlisted WinnipegDauphinKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
91Lang, D.A.St. Madline, ManitobaKilled in Action6-Sept.-17
102Lang, JohnBrandonDied of Wounds7-Sept.-17
331Lange, Thomas H.114405Camp HughesKin: Invernay, SaskatchewanKilled in Action20-Oct.-17
71Langtry, G.F.MordenDied of Wounds1-Sept.-17
673Lanham, A.E.WinnipegKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
834Larsen, A.W.WinnipegDied of Wounds
132Laughlin, A.RolandKilled in Action10-Sept.-17
291Law, R. FredCorporal86224WinnipegKin: 302 Toronto Street, Nephew of A. Bonar Law, MPDied of Wounds
867Laws, Harold A.Lieutenant61st BattalionWinnipegSte. 4, Ellesmere ApartmentsKilled Accidentally1-Jan.-18
674Lawson, WilliamCorporal221st BattalionWinnipegWife and 2 Daughters - 504 Spence StreetKilled in Action20-Nov.-17Same Person or Relatives, Obituary included
649Lawson, William ArthurCorporalwith Lt. Col. McMeansWinnipegKin: 504 Spence StreetKilled in Action19-Nov.-17Same Person or Relatives
199Lawson, William R.Swan RiverKilled in Action19-Sept.-17
26Lawton, Harold ArthurPrivate Winnipeg Rifles23537BrandonKilled in Action / Hill 70, Lens15-Aug.-17Bio Info
824Lee, W.A.WinnipegKentish Association
442LeechSon of J. Hillyad Leech
1068Leitch, John C.Private Depot Battalion2379562RosseWife: Margaret, Brook Street, RosserKilled in Action29-Sept.-?Bro. In Scotland, Kin A.
314Leitch, LesliePrivate 292241Winnipeg256 Chalmers AvenueKilled in Action11-Oct.-17
448Lien, George622561RoblinKin: Buchenen [Buchanan], SaskatchewanDied9-Nov.-17
978Lindsay, WilliamSergeantWinnipeg Cavalry UnitWinnipegKin: Wife in EnglandKilled in ActionObituary included
533Linister, F.WinnipegDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
491Linklater, F.Private With Lt. Col. V.A.V. McLean288154Winnipeg427 College AvenueDied of Wounds30-Oct.-?Obituary included
157Lloyd, WalterMounted Rifles910059St. VitalKin: EnglandDied of Wounds12-Sept.-17
529Lockley, Walter J.420952Winnipeg5 McGregor Street WinnipegKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
452Loft, ArthurLieutenantWinnipegKilled in Action7-Nov.-17
232Logan, William B.701283WinnipegKin: Bridgewater, Nova ScotiaKilled in Action25-Sept.-17
847Long, ArthurPrivate With Lt. Col. E.R. Wayland622083WinnipegWife: 623 Sherbrook StreetKilled in Action / PresumedObituary included
925Long, James WilliamPrivate 151033NinetteFather: F.W. LongKilled in Action by Shell10-Apr.-17Bio Info
482Long, W.R.234737MiniotaKilled in Action10-Nov.-17
572Longley, Reginald GeorgeTrooperLord Strathcona's HorseBrandonParents: 624 - 16th Street BrandonKilled in Action30-Mar.-?Obituary included
113Lord, John L.Private With Lt. Col. R.A. GillespieNeepawaFather: Isaac V. Lord, MinnedosaKilled in Action / Lens21-Aug.-17Obituary included
643Lovatt, Charles W.Private 1st Ambulance523640SourisParents: SourisKilled in Action / Medical Services18-Nov.-17Obituary included
447Love, James W.Private Pt. Arthur Battalion871144WinnipegBrother: 354 Simcoe Street / MarriedDied of Wounds3-Nov.-?Obituary included
126Lowes, RoyPrivate Lt. Col. Gillespie's BattalionCarberryMother: Mrs. Hattie Lowes, CarberryKilled in Action10-Sept.-17Obituary included
692Lucas, Joe W.14th Battalion830131AshernParents: 261 Nora Street, Brother with Canadian Army in France, MarriedKilled in Action19-Nov.-17Obituary included
982Luces, George460842WinnipegKin: Listowel, OntarioKilled in Action29-Nov.-17
624Luxton, Roland865708Camp HughesKin: EnglandDied of Wounds14-Nov.-17
525Lyon, William GeorgePrivate 150476CarnegieKin: J.W. Lyon, BrotherDied of Wounds / Spine by Shrapnel / Somme14-June-17
579MacCallum, E.C.LieutenantWinnipegEkbrid, OntarioKilled in Action11-Nov.-17
972MacDonald, A.MulvihillKilled in Action4-Dec.-17?
764MacDonald, Robert HenryPrivate 200th922836BasswoodMother: BasswoodKilled in Action25-May-17Photo Rec'd
253MacDonald, WilliamPrivate 104855Enlisted Grenfell, Saskatchewan, WinnipegWife: 1094 Arlington
385Machaffie, JohnLieutenant29th Squadron R.F.C.WinnipegFather: Former Bank Minister, Now in TorontoKilled in Action21-Sept.-17Obituary included
82MacIntosh, JamesPrivate Royal Scots FusilliersKin: 327 Berry Street / Brother: WoundedKilled in Action23-Apr.-?Obituary included
716MacKenzie, William A.LieutenantWinnipegKin: Glace Bay, Nova ScotiaKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
340MacKissock, W.B.Sgt. MajorCameronsWinnipegParents and Sister: Betties Block, Portage AvenueKilled in Action / Vimy Ridge9-Apr.-17Military Medal - Presented to FatherObituary included
844MacLean, F.D.CorporalLt. Col. Murray's BattalionSterlingFather: D.H. McLean in SterlingDied of Wounds9-Nov.-?Obituary included
580MacLean, Walter L. (Dr.)Major#2 Can. Casualty StationFather: Rev. Dr. John McLean, 719 Pacific Avenue, Wife: In England, Brother - Strathcona HouseDied of Wounds / Hospital Bombed10-Nov.-?Obituary included
204MacMillan, James HoytLt. Col. Gillespie's Battalion1000223DauphinDied of Wounds23-Sept.-17
787MacMillan, SamuelElmwoodKin: 430 1/2 Martin AvenueKilled in Action
434MacNeil, Charles Herman221st BattalionWinnipegKin: Bourgeoise, Nova Scotia / LawyerAccidental, East Harling, Norfolk27-Oct.-17Machine Fell at 150 Feet
573Madill, James820459Minnedosa: EnlistedKilled in Action15-Nov.-17
1050Maebus, H.F.ArtilleryWinkler
27Mahon, P.N.Kin: Treherne3-Sept.-17
694Maitland, Charles100443MacGregorKin: ScotlandKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
788Manary, Wesley WebsterLance Corporal184th Battalion875213WinnipegMother: Holstein, Ontario / Sterling, ManitobaKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
407Martin, A.W.Sapper71288St. Francois, XavierKilled in Action27-Oct.-17
414Martin, Charles HaroldPrivate 148532BelmontKilled in Action / Vimy Ridge9-Apr.-17
973Martin, George H.425055NeepawaKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
200Martin, Robert J.Private 186744WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
1029Martindale, WilliamPrivate ManitouMother-In-Law: Manitou
185Masterton, JamesCol. Sgt. Major61st BattalionWinnipegKin: Leith, ScotlandKilled at FrontObituary included
930Mather, E.Captain
206Mathesius, George E.Left with Col. McLean700754WinnipegKin: 612 McMillan Avenue (Mother)Reported Dead from German Sources23-Sept.-17
296Matheson, Andrew C.M.Private 144th830275Moosehorn BayKilled in Action / Vimy Ridge10-Apr.-17Bio Info
549Matheson, Campbell A.Private 196th University911412BrandonMother, 435 - 13th Street BrandonKilled in Action14-Nov.-17Obituary included
826MatthewsPrivate Lord Strathcona's HorseWinnipeg
202Matthews, H.J.Private RolandKilled in Action18-Sept.-17
392McAndrew, John151092RussellKin: England
519McArthur, Dougall SinclairCamerons153650WinnipegDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17
634McArthur, IrvingBomb Artillery86293WinnipegKin: Guelph, OntarioKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
250McBain, Alex859489WinnipegKin: Oxford, N.H.15-Aug.-17
67McBean, John PeterPrivate 144th Battalion / Morley830473Carey, MBParents: Carey, MB / Brother: 190thKilled in Action / Hill 70, Lens9-Feb.-18Bio Info / 3 Cards, Obituary included
875McBeath, Arthur G.LieutenantWinnipegKilled in Action9-Feb.-18Military Medal
28McBride, LesPrivate 8th Battalion805 Ingersoll Street, Brother A. WoundedKilled in Action3-Sept.-17Obituary included
796McBride, P.WinnipegKilled in Action23-Nov.-17
168McBride, ThomasLt. Col. Murray's BattalionKin: ScotlandKilled in Action11-Sept.-17
63McBurnie, JohnC.P.R. WinnipegKilled in Action4-Sept.-17 (Trib.)
162McCaig, A.M.Portage la PrairieDied of Wounds13-Sept.-17
431McCarthy, JohnCol. Sgt. MajorLeft with J. Campbell150154WinnipegKin: IrelandKilled in Action5-Nov.-17
357McCaully, William GeorgeWinnipegMother: Mrs. Eliza, 763 WarsawPresumed Killed in Action6-Oct.-17
29McClure, HenryLieutenantLt. Col. Wayland's BattalionWinnipegKin: Ireland; Wife: England; Sister: 294 Alfred AvenueKilled in Action3-Sept.-17Obituary included
264McConnell, Charles871617KillarneyMother: Mrs. Eliz.Killed in Action28-Sept.-17
1014McConnell, Elgin L.892568HamiotaDied of Wounds30-Nov.-17
666McCorrister, R.J.Devil's CreekKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
685McCrum, J.EdmontonKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
725McCuaig, HowardPrivate 99th Regimen72095BrandonKin: Arch. McCuaig, 527 2nd Street, BrandonKilled in Action / St. Eloi4-Apr.-16Bio Info
493McCulloch, WallacePrivate with Lt. Col. McMeans288984WinnipegParents: GrandviewDied of Wounds1-Nov.-17Obituary included
362McDonald, John153223WinnipegKin: Scotland, Duncan (Brother)Killed in Action24-Oct.-17
30McDonnell, Harold C.Private 144th Battalion105 Lenore Street, 2 Brothers OverseasKilled in Action3-Sept.-17 (Tel.)Obituary included
576McDonnell, RobertLance Corporal830475Winnipeg597 BroadwayKilled in Action15-Nov.-17
686McDougall, Howard M.1000342Swan RiverTwickenham, SaskatchewanKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
686McFayden, ColinPrivate With Lt. Col. McMeans288420WinnipegWife and Children - 638 Polson AvenueKilled in Action29-Nov.-17Obituary included
877McGill, Irwin C.22nd Battalion291886CarmenKin: Portage la PrairieKilled in Action / Missing: 28-Oct.-172-Mar.-18
954McGill, James420324WinnipegDied of Wounds26-Apr.-18
1055McGill, Morley W.J.892610CarmenPresumed Dead28-June-18
60McGirr, Robert H.Private 871706WinnipegMother: 514 Furby StreetDied of Wounds23-Aug.-?Obituary included
825McGrie, R.J.79th Battalion
329McIntosh, Oliver J.830679WinnipegFather: Science Hill, OntarioKilled in Action12-Oct.-17
962McIntosh, William859109WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action21-Apr.-18
895McIntyre, NeilCorporalWith Col. Wayland622569RoblinKilled in Action24-Jan.-18
899McIntyre, Stewart S.Left 196th Univ.910046WinnipegKin: 123 MiddlegateKilled in Action / Previously Missing19-Mar.-18
73McIvor, DonaldLieutenantWith Lt. BradburyEast KildonanMother in OttawaDied from Appendicitis and Abscess2-Sept.-17Obituary included
488McKeehan, EdwardAmerican LegionKin: Tacoma, WashingtonDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17
903McKellar, A.NinetteKilled in Action19-Mar.-18
945McKellar, William DavidSergeantWith Lt. Col. CampbellMargaretMother: Mrs. McKellar, WinnipegKilled in Action26-Oct.-17Military MedalObituary included
203McKennett, Herbert186775WinnipegKin: Webster, South DakotaKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
602McKenzie, GeorgePrivate 859413St. Boniface24 Berry Street; 24 Victoria Avenue, NorwoodKilled in Action27-Oct.-17Obituary included
800McKenzie, Murdo441887WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action23-Nov.-17
444McKim, William D.Driver2043533Winnipeg506 Polson AvenueKilled in Action5-Nov.-17
311McLaren, Thomas E.151121Pipestone - Enlisted BrandonKilled in Action11-Oct.-17
31McLean, J.J.Kin: Carey, Manitoba3-Sept.-17
869McLean, R.J.Killed in Action2-Feb.-18
656McLelland, J.C.425149WinnipegAlma, P.E.I.Died of Wounds19-Nov.-17
271 + 94McLennan, Edgar A.Private Artillery Unit329967Scotch BayMother: 219 Colony StreetDied of Wounds6-Sept.-17Obituary included
697McLeod, Norman152901BrandonKin: ScotlandKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
848McMaster, James D.Private 61st BattalionWinnipegSister: Mrs. J. Walker, 350 Jamieson AvenueKilled in Action6-Nov.-17Obituary included
969McMillan, ArchibaldArtillery329871Winnipeg804 Lipton AvenueKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
915McNab, Alexander JamesPrivate 79th Camerons1537781ManitouKin: Duncan (Father)Missing Since8-Oct.-16Bio Info
114McNab, JamesNeepawaKilled in Action8-Sept.-17
910McNair, Arthur F.Sergeant107th Battalion718278RounthwaiteKin: Apohagin, New BrunswickDied19-Mar.-18
406McNair, E. LawrencePrivate With Lt. Col. Bonnycastle22748MorrisParents: MorrisKilled in Action15-Oct.-17Obituary included
868McNeilage, George R.892013WinnipegKilled in Action2-Feb.-18
1051McPherson, Fred E.859147Winnipeg871 Bannatyne AvenueDied of Wounds26-June-18
172McQueen, ThomasPrivate City of Winnipeg Battalion71628WinnipegWidow: 510 Castle AvenueKilled in Action / Wounded 19-Sept.-1613-Sept.-17Obituary included
996Medcalf, Percy H.922752WinnipegShoal LakeKilled in Action4-Dec.-17
83Medora, W.J.InfantryManitouOn List1-Sept.-17
788Mellard, Richard B.Kin: J. Denny Bridght, London
698Melvin, Robert859612WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
793Menzie, Ora100th GrenadiersNapinkaKin: Viceroy, Saskatchewan / Brother: Wounded, InfantryKilled in ActionObituary included
748Metcalfe, J.BowsmanDied of Wounds21-Nov.-17
976Michie, StanleyGunner125017GriswoldKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
32Midd, J.A.SapperKin: Medora Station, Manitoba3-Sept.-17
392Miles, WilliamB.C. Pioneers154778Enlisted: SaskatoonDied of Wounds
381Millar, HughPrivate 71199WinnipegKin: Parents, 540 SherbornDied in Action / Courcellete15-Sept.-17
207Miller, Hugh148490WinnipegKin: ScotlandPreviously Missing, Now Dead19-Sept.-17
836Millican, LindsayPrivate “Hard and Dry” BattalionWinnipegMother: 237 Home StreetKilled in Action10-Nov.-?Obituary included
425Mills, George C.Flight LieutenantBrother: B.C. Mills, 315 Mountain AvenueKilled in Accident, Gosport, EnglandObituary included
878Milne, David WilliamPrivate 181st865809NapinkaFather: John, NapinkaDied of Wounds28-Oct.-17Bio Info
1042Milnes, HarryPrivate Manitou
439Milroy, Robert425086Camp HughesKin: Scotland
399Mitchell, Edward GeorgeCol. Sgt. Major874036ManitouWife: TorontoKilled in Action6-Oct.-17
771Mitchell, J. McNaughton148478WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
201Mitchell, Jared C.Captain100th Winnipeg GrenadiersWinnipegParents: 1176 Main Street, Wife: AlsoDied of Wounds16-Sept.-?Obituary included
646Mitchell, JohnPrivate Lt. Col. Kirkaldy BattalionSt. JamesBrother: 378 Albany StreetKilled in Action30-Oct.-17Obituary included
883Moar, CharlesPrivate 1000201KinosotaDied of Wounds15-Apt.-18
275Montgomery, John A.151066WinnipegKin: Scotland
246Montgomery, RobertSergeantCamerons420082WinnipegMr. R. Quinn, 260 Laura StreetKilled in Action16-Aug.-17
125Moore, A.R.G.KinosotaKilled in Action10-Sept.-17
380Moore, GeorgePrivate Col. Beaubier865581Camp HughesWife and Family: 227 Spence StreetKilled in ActionObituary included
115Moore, H.L.Private Edmonton Battalion437255CarberrySister: 343 Edmonton StreetKilled in ActionOct.-16Obituary included
854Moore, James FraserPrivate Little Black DevilsWinnipegFamily: 305 Wardlaw / Son Also KilledKilled in ActionSon #434, Obituary included
970Moore, N.WinnipegKilled in Action4-Dec.-17
534Moore, RobertPrivate 78th Battalion147566WinnipegSee: Father Above, #854Died of Wounds13-Nov.-17Obituary included
398Moore, Wilson J.CameronsElginBrother and Cousin WoundedKilled in Action 17-Apr.-?Obituary included
322Moorhouse, FrankCorporalLittle Black Devils186195WinnipegParents: 343 Boyd AvenueKilled in Action / Reported Missing15-Oct.-17
305Morden, Linden T.892036WinnipegKin: Saskatchewan
827More, G.L.Royal Canadian EngineersWinnipeg
753Morley, Robert E.Private 90thWinnipegParents: 624 Sherbrook Street Younger Brother in FranceKilled in Action21-Nov.-17Obituary included
874Morris, A.Kin: Wexford, Ireland
205Morrison, John NeilPrivate Lt. Col. Mitchell216479WinnipegParents: Ste. 8, Sherbrook Block / Brother at FrontKilled in Action / Guiding Another to Safety18-Sept.-17Obituary included
403Morrison, W.H.874666RolandKilled in Action27-Oct.-17
312Mortimer, Charles NormanWith Lt. Col. Wayland423123WinnipegKin: TorontoKilled in Action / Previously Missing1-Oct.-17
543Morton, Robert Joseph261556American LegionWidow: 636 Walker AvenueKilled in Action19-Nov.-17
294Moss, Sidney RichardPrivate 71709WinnipegFather Killed Accidentally on Car, 9 Days BeforeKilled in Action / Somme / Reported Missing15-Sept.-16
265Mowatt, PeterPrivate With Lt. Col. Wayland423123From U.S.2 Sisters: 820 Government AvenueKilled in Action / Lens14-Aug.-?Obituary included
335Muir, James71975WinnipegWife: Kisbey, SaskatchewanKilled in Action6-Oct.-17
445Muirhead, William RobertCaptainEngineersKillarneyKilled in Action5-Nov.-17
503Mulhearn, W.E.SapperCanadian Engineers504105WinnipegWidow: 472 Lipton StreetKilled in Action12-Nov.-17Obituary included
352Mundie, Robert20196WinnipegWidow: 1 Vaughan StreetKilled in Action / Wounded and Missing22-Nov.-17
356Murdock, AmosPrivate 151827Fisher RiverEnlisted: BrandonPresumed to Have Died / Wounded Somme6-Oct.-17Bio Info
351Murdock, George Clarence20428BinscarthFather: Robert MurdockKilled in Action22-Oct.-17
33Murphy, G.Kin: Winnipeg3-Sept.-17
34Murphy, M.Kin: Swan Lake, MB3-Sept.-17
665Murray, Jack K.Private 100th GrenadiersMargaretParents: MargaretKilled in Action30-Oct.-17Obituary included
392Murray, Percy871994WinnipegKin: MacRorie, Saskatchewan
278Murray, PeterCorporal27th Winnipeg71292Winnipeg610 Toronto StreetKilled in Action15-Sept.-16Bio Info
650Nasa, W.292201DeloraineKin: EnglandKilled in Action19-Nov.-17 (Trib.)
233Nedelka, Tony294687WinnipegKin: Bohemia, Came from ChicagoDied of Wounds25-Sept.-17
527Nelson, Allan1000733MansonKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
765Nesbit, ThomasCol. Sgt. Major10th Battalion20272WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action / Ypres22-25-Apr.-15Bio Info
747Neste, R.V.St. BonifaceDied of Wounds21-Nov.-17
379New, James DennisonLeft Lt. Col. MurrayWinnipegKin: Annapolis, Nova ScotiaDied of Wounds1-Sept.-17
625Newbold, Alfred H.147231WinnipegKin: England
917Nicholl, Christopher16th Light HorseManitouBrother of #208Died of Wounds30-July-15Bio Info
180Nicholl, Frank A.Private Lt. Col. McMeans288169Father: 410 Sherbrook StreetKilled in ActionObituary included
208Nicholl, Herbert Mansell90th186652ManitouKin: Brother G.H. At ManitouDied of Wounds, Rec'd 9-Sept.-1711-Sept.-17Bio Info
528Nicholson, Alex859706NinetteKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
35Nicolette, F.N.WinnipegKilled in Action3-Sept.-17 (Trib.)
472Nicoll, Charles EdwinCameron Draft153547WinnipegKin: ReginaPreviously Missing
270Nixon, Albert StanleyPrivate A Winnipeg Battalion292401WinnipegParents: Portage la PrairieKilled in Action28-Sept.-17Obituary included
699Noble, Andrew859241WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action19-Nov.-17
700Noble, Andrew859309WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
158Noble, J.C.Private 184th BattalionWinnipegKin: CalgaryKilled in Action21-Aug.-?Obituary included
768Northrup, A.261529WinnipegKin: OhioKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
36Oakeford, A.StonewallKilled in Action3-Sept.-17 (Trib.)
592O'Brien, Henry Roger Trueman81st Brandon Battalion865317BrandonKin: SisterKilled in Action / Passchendaele28-Oct.-17Bio Info
548O'Dell, William H.291563Enlisted: BaldurKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
37O'Donnell, Thomas H.BrandonKilled in Action3-Sept.-17 (Trib.)
160Oleason, OlePrivate Lt. Col. Campbell's Battalion722035WinnipegParents: 840 Ingersoll StreetKilled in Action21-25-Aug.(?)-17Obituary included
68Olive, A. SydneyLance CorporalUniversity Battalion910017WinnipegParents: Elder Brother Lieutenant A.K. In BramshottKilled in Action20-Aug.-[17?]Obituary included
141Olliver, D.B.Corporal106th Regimen, Lt. Col. Munro187129WinnipegRelatives: 309 Parkview Street, Father in R.F.C.Died of Wounds21-Aug.-17Obituary included
701Olson, Karl A.1000411NeepawaKin: Sweden
457Olson, Maxwell IrwinPrivate Universities' Battalion910116Dauphin2 Brothers OverseasKilled in Action24-Oct.-17Obituary included
234Opperman, L.S.152602KillarneyKin: J. OppermanKilled in Action25-Sept.-17
38Orde, F.H.Private Lt. Col. A.W. Morley830293Winnipeg207 Nassau Street, ParentsKilled in Action / Lens3-Sept.-17Obituary included
283Orr, Robert C.234200WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action, Previously Missing1-Oct.-17
971Ostland, A.WinnipegKilled in Action4-Dec.-17
116Ostrander, NormanPrivate Lt. Col. Sharpe's Battalion460366WinnipegParents: Ste. 9, Ripstein BlockKilled in Action8-Sept.-17Obituary included
332Owen, Peter A.Private Camerons153459WinnipegMother: 713 Logan AvenueMissing 1 Year; Killed in Action8-Oct.-16
876Owens, Cecil E.C.Private 8241ManitouMother: ManitouKilled in Action / Ypres26-Apr.-15Bio Info
283Pack, Daniel531737WinnipegKin: Carduff, SaskatchewanDied1-Oct.-17
321Page, Richard420773WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action17-Oct.-17
828Palmer, R.LieutenantB. Co. 27th BattalionKin: Mrs. G.E. Palmer, 36 Knappen Avenue
394Palmer, Reginald DrakeMounted Rifles622363WinnipegKin: Mrs. M.E. Palmer, 3-840 Cameron Street, ReginaKilled in Action
1066Parfitt, E.H.Lance CorporalCamerons859483St. JamesWidow and Son: 310 King Edward StreetKilled in ActionObituary included
988Parker, James288684WinnipegKin: Ashland AvenueKilled in Action28-Nov.-17
169Parkinson, Bruce H.GunnerWinnipegKin: Thornbury, OntarioKilled in Action13-Sept.-17
731Parkinson, ThomasPrivate 27th Battalion72012BrandonKin: Liverpool, EnglandKilled in Action4-Apr.-16Bio Info
980Parr, Hubert T.Gunner86456WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action28-Nov.-17
317Parr, JamesPrivate Lt. Col. Morley830255WinnipegFather: 257 Albany StreetKilled in Action / Lens11-Oct.-17Obituary included
1059PatersonLieutenantSon of Judge George P. Paterson
638Paton, S.1000068VirdenKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
544Patterson, A.701054Oak LakeKilled in Action19-Nov.-17
454Patterson, JamesSergeantCamerons153339WinnipegWife: 783 Beverly Street; Brother in FranceKilled in Action / Wounded Ypres 17-May-167-Nov.-17Obituary included
1Pattison, JohnPrivate 12th Manitoba Dragoons808887Rapid CityKilled in ActionVictoria CrossObituary included
757Paver, Joseph WilliamPrivate 27th Battalion71946BrandonKin: Huddersfield, YorkshireKilled in Action6-Apr.-16
1024Payne, B.Private ManitouFriend: J. Mudjer, Manitou
727Peacock, John693345WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action17-Nov.-17
152Pearce, J.CorporalWinnipeg526 Alexander AvenueKilled in Action12-Sept.-17
41Pearson, E.Private Lt. Col. F.J. Murray461379WinnipegKin: 140 Guay Avenue, Grand VitalDied of Wounds3-Sept.-17Obituary included
687Peck, Durward F.874164MorreParents: 743 McMillan AvenueKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
1028Peel, W.Private ManitouCharles Parker?
829Peerless, A.N.Lieutenant6th BattalionWinnipeg
924Peers, Harold T.Corporal43rd20564WinnipegWife and Infant Son; Brother Kenneth in ServiceKilled in Action6-Sept.-16Bio Info
274Pendreigh, ThomasPrivate 721648WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action2-Oct.-17
871Penny, Edward W.865585BrandonDied of Wounds2-Feb.-18
257Pentland, J.A.With Lt. Col. J. Hansford234827JusticeDied of Wounds13-Sept.-17
39Peppler, C.E.Fisher BranchKilled in Action3-Sept.-17 (Trib.)
414Percy, HowardLance Corporal245201Camp HughesKin: KenoraDied of Wounds
909Perrie, S.TreherneDied of Wounds19-Mar.-18
1039Perry, K.F.Private ManitouKilled in Action / At Hill 7015-Aug.-17Bio Info
368Perry, Zeno Ernest90th Unit183137Kin: Wellington, P.E.I.Killed in Action15-Oct.-17
136Peterson, G.E.CorporalTeulonKilled in Action10-Sept.-17
1838Petric, AndrewPrivate ManitouFriend: Mrs. John Edgar, Manitou
535Pettypiece, Jhos. W.261441HartneyDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
798Phare, G.DauphinDied of Wounds23-Nov.-17
904Phelan, Andrew101st700954WinnipegKin: IrelandKilled in Action19-Mar.-18
983Pigott, Henry D.874254MordenKilled in Action29-Nov.-17
107Polson, P.I.GimliDied of Wounds8-Sept.-17
426Pook, EdwardPrivate 186658SelkirkKilled in Action5-Nov.-17
602Pott, Charles H.148510StuartburnDied of Wounds16-Nov.-17
599Potterton, Ted152531DeloraineAccidentally Killed16-Nov.-17
651Poxon, SamuelCorporalWith Lt. Col. Gordon532744WinnipegKin: Carbon, Alberta
772Premock, S.288076WinnipegKin: RussiaKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
905Preston, S.SergeantAltamontKilled in Action19-Mar.-18
40Prince, L.W.S. MajorWith Lt. Col. Morley830692WinnipegParents: 290 Milton StreetKilled in Action25-Aug.-17Obituary included
307Proctor, Harris700971WinnipegKin: Lachine Lock, QuebecKilled in Action / Courcelette25-28-Sept.-16Previously Missing
759Prouty, George WilliamPrivate From: 65th Battalion472033Killed in Action4-Apr.-16
688Pruden, HerbertPrivate Lt. Col. Bradbury721030LockportParents: Lockport, Brother Killed 3-June-17Killed in Action20-Nov.-17Obituary included
849Pruden, Oliver R.CorporalLockportParents: LockportKilled in Action3-June-17
934Pugh, George NelsonPrivate West Universities Battalion910775BrandonFather: 444 15 Street, Brandon
1069Raine, HubertPrivate 44th BattalionWinnipegFather and Brother: Overseas, Wife and ChildInvalided Home, Dies15-Nov.-?Obituary included
845Raine, J.G.Private Lt. Col. Sharpe's BattalionWinnipegMother: 305 Boyd Avenue Training R.F.C in TexasKilled in Action9-Nov.-?Obituary included
564Rainey, G.E.Sergeant44th BattalionMother: 593 Dufferin AvenueKilled in FranceMilitary Medal and BarObituary included
438Rainey, James71838WinnipegKin: Ireland
42Ray, M.P.MiamiKilled in Action3-Sept.-17 (Trib.)
664Raynor, B.SourisKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
468Redgwell, BenjaminMounted Rifles440095Camp HughesDesoronto, OntarioDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17
81Redhead, A.M.Private 106th RegimenWinnipeg1103 Sherborn StreetDied of Wounds13-Aug.-17Obituary included
541Redman, ThomasWinnipegDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
466Reed, Warren1000686SourisMedford, Massachusetts, U.S.A.Died of Wounds9-Nov.-17
663Reeves, E.WinnipegKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
43Regan, R.Kin: Winnipeg3-Sept.-17
661Reid, F.NeepawaKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
164Reid, John229261WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action13-Sept.-17
259Reid, JohnPrivate Selkirk Battalion721065WinnipegWife: Bannerman Avenue, 5 ChildrenKilled in Action15-Aug.-17Obituary included
521Reid, Robert M.University BattalionWinnipegKin: New Westminster, B.C.Killed in Action10-Nov.-17
44Reid, T.W.H.M.3-Sept.-17
236Reilly, E.L.NeepawaWinnipegKilled in Action26-Sept.-17
45Rettie, W.WinnipegKin: Scotland3-Sept.-17
992Richards, Frederick81737WinnipegKin: Scotland
724Richards, GeorgePrivate With Col. Snider71839WinnipegKin: Mrs. G. Richards, Liverpool, EnglandKilled in Action4-Apr.-16Bio Info
460Richards, James BrittonBrandon Battalion425241DauphinKilled in Action7-Nov.-17
342Richmond, Thomas H.Private With Lt. Col. Wayland622271WinnipegParents: 132 Fort StreetKilled in Action20-Sept.-17Obituary included
239Rickson, A.E.BenitoDied of Wounds27-Sept.-17
961Robb, Albert V.1000798Glenboro
864Robbins, John E.291984KillarneyKin: EnglandKilled in Action1-Mar.-18
499Roberts, GeorgeMounted Rifles291407SpringfieldKin: EmersonKilled in Action12-Nov.-17
655Roberts, Henry E.1000491SourisDied of Wounds19-Nov.-17
297Roberts, John PrendergastCorporal222nd291429WinnipegMother: 33 Cathedral AvenueKilled in Action / Vimy Ridge31-Mar.-17Bio Info
806Robertson, J.S.LieutenantWinnipegKin: ReginaKilled Accidentally21-Nov.-17
149Robertson, JamesWith Inf. BattalionWinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action11-Sept.-17
1001Robertson, M.Lance Corporal131st Battalion, New Westminster790214WinnipegParents: 1248 Barclay Street Vancouver, Brother Overseas with University BattalionDied of Wounds19-Apr.-18Obituary included
341Robertson, MarcusSergeantWith Lt. Col. Hansford234189Winnipeg42 Thelma MansionsKilled in Action; Originally Missing15-Aug.-?Obituary included
75Robertson, Stanley CurrieLieutenantWinnipegFather: John C. RobertsonDied of Wounds4-May-17Military Cross and BarObituary included
497Robertson, W.SergeantWinnipegKilled in Action23-Nov.-17
272Robinson, ErnestDriver87059SewellKin: England
993Roche, Edward D.292031MorrisMerrickville, OntarioKilled in Action4-Dec.-17
729Rock, George M.LieutenantBrandonKin: Walkerton, OntarioDied of Wounds17-Nov.-17
92Rogers, A.A.GrandviewKilled in Action6-Sept.-17
46Rogers, S.Kin: Makaroff, ManitobaDied of Wounds3-Sept.-17 (F.P.)Obituary included
138Rolfe, ArthurCorporalLittle Black DevilsWinnipegMother: 297 Gunnell StreetKilled in Action10-Sept.-17
631Rose, ArthurUniversity Battalion910050WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
347Rose, Donald71303WinnipegKin: John C. Rose, Orilla, OntarioKilled in Action20-Oct.-17
364Ross, Charles874009WinnipegSister: 462 Carlton AvenueDied of Wounds24-Oct.-17
880Ross, John AlexanderLieutenantStrathconasWinnipegKin: W.H. RossKilled by Shell / Somme14-Aug.-16
156Ross, Kenneth T.Mounted Rifles292178HartneyKin: Montreal, QuebecKilled in Action12-Sept.-17
897Rothwell, Clarence1084249ArgyleDied24-Jan.-18
88Rowe, W.F.WinnipegKilled in Action6-Sept.-17
906Russell, George E.78th Grenadiers148762WinnipegKin: OttawaKilled in Action / Missing 9-Apr.-1719-Mar.-18
762Ruthven, MatthewPrivate 8th C.M.R.113529Killed in Action with 27th Battalion6-Apr.-16
354Ryan, Frank926018Camp HughesBuffalo, New YorkKilled in Action / Previously Missing6-Oct.-17
946Ryan, J.A.Private With Lt. Col. McMeansSt. NorbertBrother: 602 Sanford StreetKilled in Action30-Oct.-17Obituary included
1009Ryan, Webster Y.TrooperStrathcona HorseWinnipegUncle: W.J. Webster, 34 Furby StreetDied of Wounds / Rouen8-Apr.-18Obituary included
770Rybaczuk, Jakim288331WinnipegParents: New Westminster, Brother in France, Kin: RussiaKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
744Sager, J.GriswoldDied21-Nov.-17
496Sailman, Robert ThomasLieutenantWinnipegJamaice, BWI or P.E.I.?Killed in Action12-Nov.-17
212Salter, John C.187798WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
211Sandys, WilliamLieutenantR.F.C.WinnipegKilled in Action10-Sept.-17Obituary included
478Sargent, AlexKirkaldy’s Grenadiers147277WinnipegGrandmother: 266 BalmoralDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17
1046Schimnowski, William TimothyLance Corporal460856GretnaSister: Miss Teresa (Gretna)Killed in Action25-Oct.-16Bio Info
79Schofield, AlfredLance Corporal71845WinnipegKin: England, 2 Years in Trenches in FranceKilled in ActionObituary included
77Schoyen, A.Private 90th Under Morley829692WinnipegWife: 54 Dagmar Street, 1 DaughterKilled in Action15-Aug.-?Obituary included
117Scott, A.V.Lt. Col. Gillespie's BattalionTransconaParents: Regent Avenue, West TransconaKilled in Action8-Sept.-17Obituary included
512Scott, C.687401Father: W.A. KelownaDied of WoundsObituary included
852Scott, Stanley D.Private With Lt. Murray's Battalion460873WinnipegFather: 189 Home StreetKilled in ActionObituary included
506Scott, StewartPrivate 420671WinnipegCousin: Willis Robertson Killed at Same Time, Mrs, Walter Scott, EnglandKilled in Action9-Oct.-17
913Scribner, W.Sandy LakeKilled in Action27-Jan.-17
484Seele, E.L.820489Bluff CreekDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17
483Selter, John A.910241WinnipegKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
404Setter, Alex B.871237ParkdaleKilled in Action27-Oct.-17
345Severn, Vernon MitchellLieutenantWith Lt. Col. GillespieWinnipegParents: 139 Polson Avenue, 2 Brothers in ArmyKilled in Action6-Nov.-17Obituary included
137Sharman, J.SourisKilled in Action10-Sept.-17
358Sharpe, Charles Jackson423109Portage la PrairieWife: 624 King Street, Portage la PrairiePresumed Killed in Action6-Oct.-17
308Shaughnessy, Cyril J.701355WinnipegKin: TorontoKilled in Action23-Nov.-17
795Shaw, WilliamLance CorporalGilbert PlainsKilled in Action2-Apr.-18Obituary included
1000Shea, Ernest J.Private StrathconaWinnipegParents: Ottawa, Brother Thomas F., 200th BattalionKilled in Action17-Oct.-17Obituary included
336Shearer, John AlexanderPrivate 301485WinnipegParents: Baumfshire, Scotland, Letter Sent to Mrs. Jean Shearer, 51 McGee, Returned: Marked “Dead”Killed in Action17-Oct.-17
782Shearer, Thomas P.Private 114095Camp HughesKin: ScotlandKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
931Shelton, JohnPrivate 184th Battalion874612ManitouMother: Mrs. Robert - ManitouDied of Wounds5-June-17Bio Info
246Sherman, PattonLieutenant1st ContingentMissing, Then Reported KilledObituary included
830Shipman, D.Kentish Association
293Shirriff, Francis M.Lieutenant79th Battalion, BrandonBrandonKilled in Action9-Apr.-17Recommended for M.C., Mentioned in DispatchesBio Info
892Shumrack, Charles922421WinnipegKin: Revelstoke, B.C.Died of Wounds14-Mar.-18
669Shuttleworth, W.WinnipegKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
882Simmons, Howard L.829693WinnipegFort George, B.C.
584Simpson, George228067WinnipegFoxwarrenDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
360Simpson, JamesGrenadiersParents: Shoal Lake / 3 Brothers AlsoKilled in Action24-Apr.-16Obituary included
72Sims, Frederick A.Private Orange Battalion871068Wife and 2 Children - 1482 Alexander AvenueKilled in Action / Vimy RidgeObituary included
654Singer, HenryWellwoodDied of Wounds19-Nov.-17
209Singer, Thomas A.Gillespie's Battalion1000675Portage la PrairieEnglandKilled in Action22-Sept.-17
410Sinicky, DimitroWinnipegKin: RussiaDied of Illness29-Oct.-17
393Sinker, H.Lance CorporalEngineers451767Winnipeg578 Windsor Avenue, ElmwoodKilled in Action3-Oct.-17
679Sipley, Robert C.687483ElkhornKilled in Action19-Nov.-17
530Skinner, Morden E.727031SelkirkKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
907Smales, John E.174th Camerons693288WinnipegKilled in Action19-Mar.-18
47Smith, Albert EdwardLieutenantMounted RiflesCamp HughesCarberryKilled in Action; Corrected - Not Dead3-Sept.-17, 27-Sept.-17
48Smith, C.Kin: Belcourt, Manitoba3-Sept.-17
473Smith, D.A. (Digby)LieutenantLt. Col. Kirkaldy's BattalionWinnipegFather: 261 Berry StreetKilled in Action2-Nov.-17Obituary included
120Smith, D.S.WinnipegKilled in Action8-Sept.-17
986Smith, Frank W.422397Winnipeg179 CathedralKilled in Action4-Nov.-17
891Smith, H.D.WawanesaDied of Wounds3-Feb.-18
604Smith, J.LieutenantCartwrightRegina, SaskatchewanKilled in Action19-Nov.-17
635Smith, John T.Private Medical Services523543St. JamesSister: Mrs. J. May, 287 Hampton Street, St. James, 3 Brothers in ServiceKilled in Action14-Nov.-17Obituary included
740Smith, PercyPrivate 27th Battalion71430WinnipegKin: Springfield, EnglandKilled in Action6-Apr.-16
146Smith, T.R.GunnerWinnipegSister: Nurse at King Edward HospitalKilled in Action8-Aug.-17
71Softley, TomPrivate Little Black DevilsWinnipegBrother: Arthur in Same Battalion, 2 Other Brothers, 1 Killed, 1 in NavyKilled in Action6-Sept.-17 (Trib.)Obituary included
563Somerville, GeorgeActing Corporal184th Battalion875049NeelinMother: Neelin, ManitobaKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
726Sorneberger, Hollis693212WinnipegBeford, Quebec; Rushton, Saskatchewan (?)Killed in Action17-Nov.-17
660Sparrow, G.StrathclairKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
301Speer, Bertie RileyPrivate 151241WinnipegPresumed Dead / Somme16-Sept.-16
654Spencer, S.425347BrandonKin: EnglandDied of Wounds19-Nov.-17
857Spick, ArthurCorporalCol. Lightfoot's Battalion291512Wife and Child - 184 Sherbrook StreetKilled in Action26-Oct.-17Obituary included
550Sproule, Milton FrederickCaptainLt. Col. DucharmeOak BluffFather: William Sproule, WinnipegDied of Wounds21-Nov.-17Military CrossObituary included
319Stamp, John W.University BattalionWinnipegKin: England17-Oct.-17
912Stanlake, RussellActing CorporalWinnipegKilled in Action27-Jan.-18
966Starr, Frederick S.Mounted Rifles718387MorrisKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
376Stebbing, Charles AlbertWith Lt. Col. J.E. Hansford234181Kin: Golden, B.C.Missing Since 9-Sept.-16, Reported Killed in Action24-Sept.-17
427Stedman, WilliamPrivate 829454WinnipegKin: ScotlandKilled in Action5-Nov.-17Obituary included
210Stephen, C.G.Private Col. Mitchell's BattalionWinnipegWife: Gloucestershire, EnglandKilled in Action22-Sept.-17
177Stephenson, JackWinnipegKilled in Action; Previously Missing14-Sept.-17
598Stevens, Arthur H.288719WinnipegKin: EnglandDied of Wounds16-Nov.-17
213Stevens, William H.Sergeant425359BrandonKin: EnglandDied of Wounds
1044Stewart, DavidPrivate Manitou
289Stewart, Edmund RobertLance CorporalWith Reserve81849WinnipegKin: Ireland1-Oct.-17
754Stewart, GeorgePrivate 27th Battalion71482WinnipegKin: Mrs. Henry Rims, Quebec CityKilled in Action6-Apr.-16
866Stewart, George A.1000991Ochre RiverKilled in Action6-Mar.-18
327Stewart, James892148WinnipegFather: David in ScotlandKilled in Action20-Oct.-17
174Stickler, W.BeausejourKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
648Stinson, C.R.MajorLt. Col. Murray's BattalionWinnipegParents: 230 Home StreetKilled in Action / Passchendaele6-Nov.-17Military CrossObituary included
1060Stone, Robert M.Gunner76th BattalionMinnedosa: EnlistedParents: MinnedosaDied of Wounds10-Nov.-17Obituary included
997Stone, W.J.Private CameronsBeaverParents: Beaver, ManitobaKilled in Action / Believed Spur26-Dec.-17Obituary included
262Stott, Charles H.871813WinnipegKin: Cut Bank, MontanaKilled in Action28-Sept.-17
70Stringer, G.S.Winnipeg185 Chambers AvenueDied of Wounds1-Sept.-17 (Trib.)
558Stronach, GeorgeSergeant424427BrandonKin: Sister - BrandonDied of Wounds21-Aug.-17
989Stuart, James229286Winnipeg962 Sherbrook Street
323Sturges, SamuelSpr.Engineers502377WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action20-Oct.-17
943Sudds, FredSergeantWinnipeg GrenadiersWinnipeg3 Brothers and 1 Sister in WinnipegDied of WoundsObituary included
582Sutherland, Edward R.Mounted Rifles216973HolmfieldKilled in Action12-Nov.-17
587Sutherland, Robert P.2025179Winnipeg157 Furby Street, Victoria, B.C.Died of Wounds15-Nov.-17
593Sweeney, Carson532184WinnipegKin: Melrose, New Brunswick
959Sweeney, HughLance Corporal420355WinnipegWidow: ScotlandKilled in Action21-Apr.-18
247Swindell, H.Corporal460269WinnipegWidow: 590 CathedralKilled in Action17-Apr.-17Military MedalObituary included
258Sykes, GeorgeWith Bradbury721895WinnipegKin: Russia
882Sylvester, William693348BertonDied of Wounds15-Apr.-18
618Syme, David J.425392Camp HughesKin: ScotlandKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
2Tait, MortimerPrivate MordenFather: Victoria, B.C.Killed in Action3-Sept.-17 (F.P.)Obituary included
853Tandy, WilliamLance CorporalWith Lt. Col. Lightfoot291360WinnipegParents: EnglandKilled in Action1-Dec.-? (Trib.)Obituary included
49Tape, Ernest S.Private Lt. Col Sharpe875459WinnipegKin: 141 Henry Avenue, WinnipegKilled in Action15-Aug.-17Obituary included
315Tarrant, Albert H.234889WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action11-Oct.-17
1003Tate, George F.700229WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
831Taylor, A.27th BattalionKentish Association
547Taylor, Archie L.With Lt. Col. Lightfoot292446BoissevainKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
878Taylor, George44th Battalion622861WinnipegKin: OttawaKilled in Action2-Mar.-18
252Taylor, JamesPrivate Camerons859731WinnipegFather: Aberdeen, ScotlandKilled in Action3-Sept.-17
251Taylor, John H.Private 234643BrandonWife: Mrs. Annie, Griswold
540Taylor, R.MiddlechurchDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17
667Taylor, W. (Alfred)Private MinnedosaParents: Minnedosa, 3 Brothers in ServiceKilled in Action20-Nov.-17Obituary included
514Taylor, William700950WinnipegKin: EnglandDied of Wounds9-Nov.-17
835Tennant, James C.Lance Corporal90th RiflesWinnipegKin: Ireland, Mother: 396 Brooklyn StreetKilled in Action22-July-?Obituary included
1045Tennant, ReginaldPrivate GretnaFather: Customs - Winnipeg
479Terry, Albert EdwardLt. Col. Lightfoot291581Boissevain
531Tetroe, Frank E.721067SelkirkKilled in Action13-Nov.-17
690Thomas, Norman J.Lieutenant45th BattalionPortage la PrairieParents: Portage la PrairieKilled in Action / Passchendaele8-Nov.-17Military MedalObituary included
714Thomas, Thomas C.922642Camp HughesKin: Aberdeen, South DakotaKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
222Thompson, Charles ThomasPrivate 151275NinetteWidow and 1 Child: NinetteKilled in Action15-Sept.-16Bio Info
546Thompson, J.A.Western University Battalion910241WinnipegKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
304Thompson, John P.S.Private 196th Battalion151276WinnipegMother: River AvenueKilled in Action26-Oct.-?Obituary included
802Thompson, Steinn A.531736Selkirk
756Thorburn, RobertLance Corporal79th Regiment71321WinnipegKin: Walter Thorburn, 1633 Pacific AvenueKilled in Action6-Apr.-16
755Thores, Alexander AxtonPrivate 27th Battalion71981BrandonKin: Dundee, ScotlandKilled in Action6-Apr.-16
950Thorne, W.Private 100th BattalionWinnipegKin: EdmontonKilled in Action30-Oct.-?Obituary included
717Thornton, ArthurSergeantArtillery301812WinnipegKin: ScotlandDied of Wounds16-Nov.-17
486Thornton, StuartLieutenantWinnipegKin: IrelandKilled in Action10-Nov.-17
715Thorrington, SidneyPrivate MordenWidow and 6 Children, MordenMissing May 1917; Presumed Killed2-Jan.-18Obituary included
428Tingley, Arthur E.Private Little Black Devils830262WinnipegParents: Midway, New BrunswickMissing 28-Apr.-17; Presumed Dead5-Nov.-17Obituary included
328Tingley, Fred Josiah22 Casualty Clearing Street424365Rapid CitySister: Grenfell, SaskatchewanDied of Wounds3-Oct.-17
1058Todd, John A.BomberArtilleryWinnipegKilled in Action25-June-17
507Todd, John AlfredPrivate 1000174VirdenSister: England
832Tomlin, A.E.27th BattalionKentish Association
555Tressing, Martin S.261506WinnipegKin: Nokoma, New BrunswickDied of Wounds11-Nov.-17
55Trick, J. DouglasLance Corporal46155WinnipegMother: 375 St. John's AvenueDied of Wounds4-Sept.-17Obituary included
98Tricker, Albert VictorPrivate 52nd Battalion439427Winnipeg777 Alexander AvenueDied of Wounds13-Oct.-16Bio Info
883Trotter, S.F.LieutenantR.F.C.Kentish Association
746Trueman, J.H.Private 90th Regiment / Watson892941WinnipegFather: 1 Luxton AvenueKilled in Action / Passchendaele10-Nov.-17Obituary included
269Trueman, S.E.1001063Swan RiverKin: MinnedosaKilled in Action28-Sept.-17
689Trumbell, Orville E.LieutenantWinnipeg?Brandon?Killed in Action19-Nov.-17
214Turnbull, WilliamPrivate Canadian Army Medical Corps2476639WinnipegKin: Ste. 2, Bell Rose Apartments or 904 CliftonDied from Appendicitis / Shorncliffe23-Sept.-17Obituary included
131Turner, P.T.BrandonKilled in Action10-Sept.-17
960Tuttle, Robert G.1001247Rapid CityKilled in Action21-Apr.-18
594Twerdun, Tony859786DauphinKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
672Uders, F.WinnipegKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
919Ullyot, Ernest E.184th BattalionManitouFather: G.W. Ullyot, ManitouKilled in Action / Passchendaele10-Nov.-17
975Vale, William L.1000970MinitonasKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
751Verhaege, RichardLance CorporalMounted Rifles114186Camp HughesSaskatoon, SaskatchewanKilled in Action18-Nov.-17
595Vievier, Joseph1000298Portage la PrairieKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
695Vincent, Wallace B.Mounted Rifles425447Camp HughesKin: EnglandKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
497Vincy, Arthur T.700959Winnipeg338 Ferry Road, St. JamesDied of Wounds12-Nov.-17
1093Vizena, LouisPrivate 108th Battalion721173WinnipegAunt: As AboveKilled in Action22-Oct.-18
1086Vizena, William HectorPrivate 244th Battalion?247762WinnipegAunt: Mrs. J. House, West Kildonan, Brother 1093Killed in Action30-Aug.-18
893Voy, James693224BrandonKin: ScotlandDied of Wounds14-Mar.-18
489Wales, Claud L.University BattalionWinnipegKin: Victoria, B.C.Died of Wounds10-Nov.-17
520Walker, AlexCamerons859354Winnipeg
363Walker, Charles Hengham292185HartneyMother: 839 - 8th Avenue, CalgaryKilled in Action8-May-17
343Walker, ErnestDriver301502Winnipeg806 Lipton StreetDied
279Walker, George W.Corporal187846Oak River, ManitobaKilled in Action1-Oct.-17
704Walker, John D.1000776MinnedosaKin: ScotlandDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
215Walsh, Thomas MorrowLieutenantSewellKin: Perrington, QuebecKilled in Action23-Sept.-17
50Walters, H.Kin: Winnipeg
51Walton, HudsonLittle Black DevilsTyndallFather: Tyndall; 2 Brothers at FrontKilled in ActionObituary included
387Walton, W.WinnipegKilled in Action25-Oct.-17
348Wamboldt, WilfridGunner5th Artillery86996WinnipegWife and 2 Sons, 559 Mulvey AvenueDied in Winnipeg, Cerebro Spinal Meningitis20-Oct.-17Invalided Home July, Shellshock and Head Troubles, Obituary included
981Warbank, Stephen W.2043532PoplarfieldKilled in Action28-Nov.-17
596Ware, Fr. W. [Frederick William]721189WinnipegKin: St. John, New BrunswickKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
935Warne, OwenSergeant79th [Brandon C.E.F.]150687NapinkaKilled in Action9-Apr.-17Bio Info - Incomplete Record
705Watson, Francis C.J.Mounted Rifles150689Enlisted BrandonDied of Wounds13-Nov.-17
171Watson, FrankPrivate Lt. Col. Wayland's Battalion622055WinnipegWife: 8 Scott Apartments, Maryland StreetKilled in Action21-Aug.-?Wounded: Battle of Martinpuish, Last September, Obituary included
377Watson, JohnPrivate Camerons420807Missing 18-Sept.-16, Presumed Dead24-Sept.-17
804Watson, John McGregorPrivate 79th Regiment72005WinnipegMother: Glasgow, ScotlandKilled in Action25-May-16Bio Info
389Waugh, RobertSergeantCamerons420125WinnipegWife: 711 Furby StreetMissing 8-Oct.-16, Presumed DeadObituary included
378Way, NicholasLeft with Lt. Col. McLean700157WinnipegMissing 8-Oct.-16, Presumed Dead24-Sept.-17
150Webb, Harold RussellCorporalKin: EnglandKilled in Action11-Sept.-17
532Webb, Matthew “Pat”SergeantLt. Col. Glen Campbell718230WinnipegFather: 692 Jessie, 2 Brothers EnlistedKilled in Action13-Nov.-17Obituary included
96Webster, A.J.Private Lt. Col. J.E. Hansford235117WinnipegFather: 51 Martha StreetKilled in Action24-Aug.-?Obituary included
170Webster, Francis W.425471BrandonKin: EnglandKilled in Action13-Sept.-17
216Weeks, Arthur E.425472DauphinKin: EnglandKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
268Welch, Fred C.1000387Portage la PrairieKin: EnglandKilled in Action28-Sept.-17
334Welch, William H.Seaforth CharleyKin: England
710Welstead, Harold WilfridSergeant27th City of Winnipeg71536WinnipegMother: London, EnglandKilled in Action - St. Eloi4-Apr.-16Bio Info
974Wesley, Andrew150694BrandonKin: ScotlandKilled in Action30-Nov.-17
248Wheadon, Charles E.693141WinnipegKin: Somerville, MassachusettsKilled in Action18-Sept.-17
1007Wheatley, A. EricLance Corporal184th BattalionWinnipegMother: 761 Home StreetDied of Wounds31-Mar.-?Obituary included
611Whetmore, John859479WinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action14-Nov.-17
255White, RobertPrivate 420915WinnipegFather: 101 Alexander AvenueMissing 8-Oct.-16, Presumed Dead24-Sept.-17
76Whiteley, F.Private Orange Battalion, Lt. Col. EdgecombWinnipegWife: 518 Beresford AvenueDied of Wounds18-Aug.-?Obituary included
175Whitman, C.C.Portage la PrairieKilled in Action14-Sept.-17
636Wigginton, "Reg" J. ReginaldSergeantWinnipegParents: 370 Anderson AvenueKilled in Action18-Nov.-17Recommended for Military MedalObituary included
789Wilcox, Alex CumberlandPrivate WinnipegKin: Captain E.A.C. Wilcox, Fort William
53Williams, F.Kin: Winnipeg, No Address3-Sept.-17 (F.P.)
722Williams, HarrySgt. Major27th City of Winnipeg71559St. JamesKin: Mrs. H. Williams, 492 Queen Street, St. JamesKilled in Action4-Apr.-16Bio Info
577Williams, James J.461303Winnipeg410 Breadalbane ApartmentsKilled in Action15-Nov.-17
218Williamson, James FraserCamerons, Lt. Col. Red693107Le PasMrs. Joan Williamson, Shetland Island, ScotlandDied of Wounds23-Sept.-17
52Willis, FrankPrivate 184th Battalion874980ManitouWife and Children, 2 Brothers in ForcesKilled in Action - Lens15-Aug.-17Obituary included
1015Willis, Thomas E.829348SnowflakeDied of Wounds30-Nov.-17
994Wilson, Harvey F.261344WinnipegMoncton, New BrunswickKilled in Action4-Dec.-17
217Wilson, Henry J.Lt. Col. Wayland62777SewellKin: Northcote, MinnesotaKilled in Action23-Sept.-17
78Wilson, JamesSergeantOrange Battalion, Lt. Col. Edgecomb871483WinnipegWife and 2 Children, 671 Maryland AvenueDied of Wounds / Lens15-Aug.-17Reported Wounded in July, Then Reported Missing, Obituary included
139Wilson, JamesSergeantOrange Battalion, Lt. Col. EdgecombWinnipegWife and 2 Children, 671 Maryland AvenueDied of Wounds / Lens15-Aug.-17Reported Wounded in July, Then Reported Missing, Obituary included
265Wilson, James W.722174ArgyleKilled in Action28-Sept.-17
653Wilson, Leslie M.Lieutenant61st Battalion, Lt. Col. MurrayWinnipegFather: Ex-Alderman T. Wilson, 834 Wolseley AvenueKilled in Action16-Nov.-17
630Wilson, Orville K.Private 222nd Battalion, Lt. Col. Lightfoot292319BaldurKin: Forest, OntarioKilled in Action14-Nov.-17Obituary included
89Wilson, R.W.WinnipegKilled in Action6-Sept.-17
365Wilson, Richard721062SelkirkMrs. Jean Walton, EnglandMissing; Killed in Action24-Oct.-17
937Wilson, Stanley EdwardPrivate 90th187736NapinkaKilled in Action28-Sept.-17Bio Info
691Wilson, Sydney H.CaptainWinnipegKin: EnglandKilled in Action19-Nov.-17
54Wilton, W.B.LieutenantLt. Col. Sharpe's BattalionManitouWife and Son in Winnipeg, 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters OverseasKilled in Action4-Sept.-17Obituary included
559Winn, Arthur T.700487Winnipeg471 Sornic Street, WinnipegKilled in Action21-Apr.-18
280Wonsaintch, NicholasOrange BattalionBrokenheadBrother-in-Law, BrokenheadDied of Wounds27-Sept.-17
467Wood, John A.Camerons/ Reid859270WinnipegScotlandDied of Wounds
382Wood, Melville C.Flight LieutenantR.F.C.WinnipegWife and SonKilled in Egypt9-Oct.-17
123Woodings, A.Lavinia, ManitobaKilled in Action10-Sept.-17
104Woods, J.18 Arnold StreetKilled in Action8-Sept.-17
668Wray, W.Fisher SidingKilled in Action20-Nov.-17
914Wright, E.L.PlumasPresumed to Have Died 27-Nov.-17
118Wylie, LesterWinnipegKilled in Action8-Sept.-17
1025Yardlie, S.Private ManitouSister: Mrs. J. Edgar, Manitou
124Yeaman, R.L.SergeantPortage la PrairieKilled in Action21-Aug.-17Obituary included
492York, Arthur WilliamPrivate 150703NinetteWrite: R.C. ScottKilled in Action10-Apr.-17Age 40
219Young, DonaldSergeant148066BirtleKin: Croydon, EnglandMissing Since 9-Apr.-17, Now Dead19-Sept.-17
261Young, Fred D.Private Lt. Col. Dan McLean700656WinnipegWidow: 38 Albert BlockKilled in Action28-Sept.-17Obituary included
159Young, HarrySergeantFoxwarrenWife: FoxwarrenKilled in Action / LensObituary included
963Young, HowardPrivate 90th Battalion187749WinnipegMother: Ste. 29, St. John's BlockKilled in Action21-Apr.-18Obituary included
733Young, JohnPrivate 27th City of Winnipeg71232WinnipegKin: Thus. Young, Moffat, ScotlandKilled in Action6-Apr.-16Bio Info
504Young, Wilfrid Percy425516VirdenKilled in Action; Missing since 8-Oct.-169-Nov.-17
Card # Surname, Given name Rank Battalion Personnel # Community of Residence Next of Kin/Siblings at the Front Details Surrounding Death Date of Death Military Honours Notes