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Mental Health Virtual Therapy Program

Partner Toolkit

The following tools are available to help share awareness of this needed service to Manitobans during COVID-19.

Poster - Help for Anxiety

Help for Anxiety Poster
Help for Anxiety poster

Fact Sheet - About Your Virtual Therapy Journey

About  Your Virtual Therapy Journey
About Your Virtual Therapy Journey

Fact Sheet - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers
Frequently Asked Questions

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Now available in Manitoba: a free and confidential mental health program you can access from home, to help you cope with anxiety related to the #COVID19 pandemic. Learn more today.

Take care of your mental health during the #COVID19 pandemic. Access the new AbilitiCBT digital therapy program at your own pace, while a therapist tracks and monitors your progress. #Manitoba

Are you experiencing stress & anxiety from the #COVID19 pandemic? #DYK you can access a new virtual therapy program right from your home, your way?  It’s free and confidential and available to Manitobans. Get started today.

Develop coping strategies to reduce anxiety during the #COVID19 pandemic with the help of this new digital therapy program available to Manitobans. Take the next step and sign up today.