Manitoba Protection Plan

Child Care Services During COVID-19

Manitoba child care providers continue to deliver important services to help meet the needs of children and families during COVID-19.

All Manitobans returning to work are now eligible to access the Manitoba Child Care Search tool to connect directly with licensed child care facilities. Using this tool, families can search for facilities that meet their needs based on location, hours and availability.

Please note: Each licensed child care facility manages their own intake process and policies when it comes to filling spaces. Families are encouraged to ask questions about the facility's policies, safety standards and services before accepting a space to make sure you and your child's needs are met.

Manitoba Child Care Search supports access to available child care as part of Manitoba's COVID-19 pandemic response. This search tool remains in effect as the preferred search option to find licensed and available child care in Manitoba.

Early Learning and Child Care continues to monitor and update resources related to COVID-19 and child care in Manitoba. For operational updates and directives, visit: Manitoba Families COVID-19 Notices and Circulars

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Programs and Support

Early learning and child care services have continued to adapt to meet the evolving needs of Manitoba families as part of the provincial COVID-19 response. As part of Manitoba's Pandemic and Economic Roadmap for Recovery, early learning and child care programming remains essential in supporting the provincial economy, as it enables families to return to work, continue education, or seek new employment.

During this next phase of re-opening the economy, four new one-time start-up grants are available as part of the Child Care Expansion Fund programming:

Learn more by reading the Child Care Expansion Fund Start-Up Grants guide and apply online.
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