Future Adjustments

Restoring Safe Services

Restoring Safe Services - Future Adjustments

K-12 Schools

Consultation is actively underway with educators and parents on clear plans for a re-opening framework, which will be announced by August 1, 2020.

Child Care Services

Child care services will continue to be adjusted, particularly as the school re-opening framework is finalized, in light of needs of families while considering public health guidelines. Current guidance is that families who have accessed a child care space under the temporary child care program as a critical service worker or as part of the re-opening of the economy will continue to have access to their current space until August 31, 2020, at which time they will be asked to be find alternate arrangements, including returning to their usual centre where applicable in order to support a coordinated process for families to return to pre-pandemic child care arrangements. Child care centres are encouraged to reach out to existing clients to assist with these transitions. All families who are planning to resume their child care arrangements with their child care centre in the coming weeks or on August 31, 2020 are encouraged to contact their centre to confirm these plans.

Post-Secondary Institutions

Facilities continue to plan forms of reopening with different strategies such as more video-based learning to reduce class sizes to ensure they are able to maintain physical distancing. Institutions will make decisions on the actual level of in-person, on-campus activity based on their unique layout and plans.

Large Gatherings/Events and Performing Arts Venues

There will be no large gatherings or events without cohorts until at least September 2020.

Overnight Camps

No overnight camps will be permitted in the foreseeable future.

Temporary Amusement Parks

No temporary amusement parks will be permitted to operate in the foreseeable future.