What is Licensed Home-Based Child Care?

In Manitoba, if you would like to care for more than four children in your home, including your own children under 12 years of age, you must become a licensed home-based child care provider.  

Legislation stipulates the numbers and age groupings allowed. There are two types: family and group child care.

Family Child Care

Group Family Child Care

Family child care is a service provided in a licensed provider’s home to a maximum of 8 children, including not more than 5 children less than 6 years of age, of whom no more than 3 are less than 2 years of age (including the provider’s own children.)
Group family child care consists of two licensed providers caring for a maximum of 12 children of whom no more than 3 are less than 2 years of age. One of the two licensed providers must live at the home where care is provided. The provider residing in the home where care is provided, must include their own children in the maximum amount of children allowed.

Licensed child care in your home provides for a family-like personalized environment for children to learn and develop by:

  • participating in play-based activities
  • making friends and developing important social skills
  • feeling the safety and security they need to grow
  • providing a consistent caregiver from three months to 12 years of age

The home-based provider is a key element to the quality of care, attending to the children’s individual physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. The provider contributes to the safety, healthy development and well-being of children.

Licensed child care in Manitoba must follow The Community Child Care Standards Act and its regulations. To better understand licensing and child care standards for homes, please review the Best Practices Licensing Manual for Family and Group Child Care Homes. If you decide to become a licensed home-based child care provider, supports will be available to help you work through this manual in greater detail.