Child Care Renovation Expansion Grant

Manitoba’s Action Plan under the Canada-Manitoba Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement allocates capital funding for renovations of existing non-profit child care centres, to increase licensed space capacity. Under this agreement, Manitoba has committed to the development of 23,000 new full time child care spaces by 2026.

On July 11, 2023, Manitoba and Canada announced a total investment of $13.5 million for the 2023-2024 Renovation Expansion Grant. Between 2021-2023, $3.4 million in grants has already been distributed across 14 licensed non-profit child care centres for renovations in order to support the creation of new and newly funded, affordable and accessible spaces with funding provided under the Canada-Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Agreement.

2023/24 Expression of Interest

Application Closed

The 2023/24 Renovation Expansion Grant allows existing non-profit child care centres to develop or repurpose existing space, creating new infant and preschool spaces. Eligible centres will receive up to $2M in capital grant funding to expand spaces for children under the age of seven, ensuring more families have access to high quality and inclusive child care.

To be eligible, the centre must provide:

  • Square footage/size of land/space for development
  • The number of anticipated infant and preschool spaces that may be created
  • Proof of ownership of land and building. If the land or building is leased, proof of landowner’s consent to allow renovation of existing building and agreement from landlord to continue with a long-term lease (15 years).
  • Up-to-date waitlist to support the request for expansion of the proposed number of new child care spaces
  • A three-year operating budget estimate and signed Minutes of the Board of Directors authorizing the budget.
  • Additional information about land and/or building support services, maintenance, and repairs

Grant selections will be made in fall of 2023 and selected recipients should be prepared to begin their project by March 31, 2024.

If you have questions about this grant or the Expression of Interest, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact Capital and Space Planning at

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the ELCC Renovation Expansion Grant?
    The Renovation Expansion Grant is an initiative providing one-time funding for a licensed and funded non-profit centre to renovate and open new infant or preschool spaces. The grant provides centres with, up to a maximum of $2M per project. Funding will support the development of spaces, and the administrative and overhead costs associated with opening new spaces.
  2. Who is providing funding the Renovation Expansion Grant?
    The Renovation Expansion grant is funded under the Canada-Manitoba Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement and will support Manitoba's commitment to develop 23,000 new full time child care spaces by 2026.
  3. How much funding is available for the Renovation Expansion Grant?
    A total of $13.5M is available for the Renovation Expansion Grant, supporting centres to expand their infant and preschool spaces to expand capacity and meet community need.
  4. How will child care facilities be selected for the grant?
    Selection of successful candidates is based on a combination of factors including number of underserved communities that may benefit from the expansion, child care demand experienced by the facility, and readiness to build within the suggested timeline of the grant.

    The department anticipates a significant demand for funding, and will review all submissions with considerations to the type of renovations required, and overall cost. The average cost of new spaces by-way of renovations is approximately $30K per space.
  5. How many child care spaces will be created through this initiative?
    Up to 450 new infant and preschool spaces are anticipated to open as a result of funding through the Renovation Expansion Grant in 2023/24
  6. What is the difference between the Renovation Expansion Grant and the ELCC Building Fund? How do I know which one to apply to?
    The Early Learning and Child Care Building Fund provides approved project proponents with capital grant funding of up to 60 per cent towards the total eligible project construction costs of developing new child care spaces. This grant is aimed to support new centre development or large expansion projects.

    The Renovation Expansion Grant is for existing operators to expand spaces and will cover projects up to a maximum cost of $2M. Expansion Grant.
  7. Is there a required timeline for project construction?
    Yes. Approved candidates are expected to begin preparations for construction by March 31, 2024 and complete construction no later than 2026.
  8. Which child care facilities have previously received the Renovation Expansion Grant?
    The list of 14 Manitoba child care centres that received the Renovation Expansion Grant as per initiative funding provided under the Canada-Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, 2021-2023 Action Plan are as follows:
    • Roblin Park Children's Programs
    • Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre - Kent
    • Plumas Playtime Preschool
    • Mini Mustangs
    • Carter Early Learning Centre Inc.
    • Springs Christian Academy Preschool
    • SPLASH Early Learning Centre
    • Morrow Early Learning & Child Development (Glenwood School)
    • Avicenna Academy - Fajer Winnipeg Educational Institute Inc.
    • Busy Bee Day Care Centre
    • YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg Darwin Before & After
    • YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg - Riverview School
    • St. Anne's Day Nursery
    • Rockwood Kidsplace
  9. Where can I get more information on this grant and other initiatives?
    For additional questions about the Renovation Expansion Grant, contact Capital and Space Creation at To learn more about other child care space creation initiatives and projects across Manitoba, visit the section of Space Creation.