Forty Hour Course Options for Child Care Assistants and Home-Based Child Care Providers

In Manitoba, all Child Care Assistants (CCAs) and licensed home-based child care providers are required to complete a 40 hour course related to early childhood education within the first year of employment.

Under Child Care Regulation 62/86, Section 7 (11.1), all licensed child care centres must ensure that CCAs employed at their centre provide evidence of a completed 40‑hour course to their employer for approval. Home-based child care providers are required to provide evidence of a completed 40-hour course to their Child Care Co‑ordinator.  A final grade of C (60 per cent) or more is required for the 40-hour course to be eligible for consideration. The post-secondary equivalent to 40 hours is 3 credit hours.

There are many course options available in Manitoba for CCAs and home-based child care providers to fulfill the 40-hour training requirement. CCAs working in centres are encouraged to consult with their directors to determine their learning needs. Home-based child care providers should choose a course that will best help them in their work with children.

All courses included in approved ECE diploma programs qualify towards the 40-hour course requirement. For a listing of post-secondary institutions that offer ECE programs in Manitoba, see

Curriculum from approved post-secondary programs offered by other institutions may also be recognized. Courses may be offered through continuing education, distance education or online.

Completion of Other Post-Secondary Courses or Programs

Individuals who are working toward a university degree or college diploma at a recognized, post-secondary institution, or who have already completed a program in a similar field during the past eight years, may qualify for the 40-hour course requirement to be waived.

Examples of eligible courses include:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Observation and Documentation

Examples of eligible programs include:

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Child and Youth Care diploma
  • Educational Assistant certificate

Completion of Applied Family Studies

Individuals who have completed the Grade 12 Applied Family Studies, full credit course (code 0491 40S), after January 2019 may qualify for the 40-hour course requirement to be waived.

Certificates from Provincial/Territorial Regulatory Bodies Outside of Manitoba

Individuals who have received certification to work in early learning and child care from another Canadian province or territory may apply to have their certification recognized for the 40-hour course requirement.

If you wish to inquire about a course or program not listed above, please contact Child Care Information Services at 204-945-0776, toll-free in Manitoba 1-888-213-4754 or email