Emergency Managers

Emergencies are challenging situations that require trained and qualified professionals to provide leadership and lead their communities or organizations through a difficult situation. Emergency management is a professional discipline that is both rewarding and challenging, and depends very much on the ability of people to manage issues of emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Working in this challenging and complex environment requires training, practice and awareness of your responsibilities and duties.

In this section, you will find information for emergency managers on how to build your professional skills.


The response to emergencies is human-driven – during a crisis, the most important element in a successful response is the ability of emergency managers to work as a team and make good decisions under very challenging circumstances.

Manitoba EMO’s training program has gained national and international recognition as one of the outstanding models for emergency management. Our training programs offer progressive training for qualified emergency managers from introductory levels through to more advanced levels. Our training is designed with real-world conditions in mind, and provides the skills for the wide range of roles needed as part of an effective emergency management program.

For more information, view the Training page of this website.

Disaster Management Conference

Manitoba EMO is a sponsor and supporter of the Disaster Management Conference. The Conference is organized by an independent, not-for-profit committee representing the broad spectrum of emergency management agencies in Manitoba, and is held approximately every 18 months. The Conference provides a venue for emergency managers in Manitoba to share their experiences, learn examples from our peers in other jurisdictions, discuss trends and receive training on the rapidly-changing emergency management community.

The Disaster Management Conference page has more information on the next and past conferences.