Community Emergency Preparedness Award

The Manitoba Community Emergency Preparedness Award recognizes the dedicated efforts and successes of communities as they work to protect their resident's safety and health, the environment, property and the economic stability of their municipalities.

Although the Manitoba Emergency Measures Act requires communities to have emergency preparedness programs, this award recognizes four levels of achievement in community preparedness for emergencies and disasters:

  • Mandated
  • Enhanced
  • Substantial
  • Comprehensive

The levels are modeled on Canadian and International best practices and standards. A community should seek to progressively develop its emergency preparedness program beyond what is mandated to reach higher levels of achievement.

Awards will be presented annually. This year, the award will be presented during the Association of Manitoba Municipalities Municipal Officials Seminar in April 2020.

Communities presented with an award will receive:

  • a “We are a Prepared Community” road sign (PDF, 419KB) to be placed on a major road leading into their community
  • a framed “Manitoba Community Emergency Preparedness Award” certificate

In addition, a news release will be issued by the Minister responsible for The Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization naming the communities being presented with an award.

Award Recipients

To apply, please click on one of the links below to download and complete an application or contact us to have an application mailed to you:

Manitoba Community Emergency Preparedness Award Application (PDF fillable form) - Version 4
Manitoba Community Emergency Preparedness Award Application (for printing and completing by hand) - Version 4
French award applications are available upon request.

Completed applications may be submitted to Manitoba EMO by:


Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization
1525-405 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3L6

Fax: 204-945-4929

Deadline for 2020: March 30, 2020

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