Respond to Disaster

Canada's system of emergency management places primary responsibility for responding to emergencies at the municipal level, and this responsibility remains intact regardless of how large an emergency grows. The critical role of municipalities in responding to an emergency requires an on-going commitment to build these resources at the community level.

24 Hour Emergency Line

A 24 hour emergency line is available for municipal authorities to report an emergency. Call (204) 945-5555.

Emergency Alerting

EMO is the provincial aggregator for the National Public Alerting System. EMO has the capability to provide broadcast interrupted emergency messages through radio and television where and when required. More information about the Emergency Alerting Program in Manitoba can be found in the Emergency Alerting section of this website.

Reporting Emergency Information to EMO

Local Authorities in Manitoba should report emergency related information to the Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) Duty Officer. Details of this process can be found on Reporting Emergency Information page.

Local Situation Report

Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) requests a Local Situation Report from local authorities to ensure the coordination of provincial government resources in support of the pending or current situation. A Local Situation Report can be completed on-line or downloaded and submitted to EMO.

WebEOC for Communities

WebEOC is a web-based program that supports incident managment in real time. It supports scribing / logging, assigning tasks and has a contact list. WebEOC replaces white boards and paper logs typically used during an event and provides a permanent record of your event or exercise. EMO is offering the software to municipalities free of charge. To sign up email Heather Sorko at Click here to view an information sheet about WebEOC for municipalites and communities.

State of Local Emergency

Section 11(1) and 11(2) of The Emergency Measures Act provides the local authority to declare a State of Local Emergency. Such declarations can be essential, even critical, in enabling local authorities to take actions necessary to provide maximum protection to people, property and the environment.

More information regarding declaration of State of Local Emergency can be found on the State of Local Emergency page.


Manitoba Emergency Social Services Fact Sheet

Manitoba Emergency Social Services has provided the following template forms for communities to use for evacuation events.

Provincial Emergency Social Services (ESS) has developed a set of guidelines. They provide recommendations on how municipalities should plan for the delivery of Emergency Social Services in the event of a disaster or emergency.

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