Manitoba Builder Bonds
Redemption Information for Agents

Manitoba Builder Bonds - are redeemable only through the Registrar, TSX Trust Company.

Schedule 1 is the redemption table for the Series Fifteen floating rate bonds.  These are for your information only.

Manitoba Builder Bonds - Payment of principal and interest will be made by TSX Trust Company by direct deposit to bondholder bank accounts on file. 

Additional information and schedules are available from:

Manitoba Department of Finance
Bond Registrations
350-363 Broadway Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3C 3N9
Contact: Treasury Operations, 204-945-3702

Manitoba Builder Bonds - Series One, Two and Three have previously matured and may be processed for redemption at any time. The monthly and annual interest bonds pay at par and the compound interest bonds pay as follows:

Series One (matured June 15, 1998) pays $135.23 per $100.00 bond
Series Two (matured June 15, 1999) pays $134.60 per $100.00 bond
Series Three (matured June 15, 2000) pays $132.87 per $100.00 bond