Important Points to Remember

  1. You are responsible for keeping your information up-to-date and accurate. Log in every few months to keep your account active and ensure that your child remains on your selected waitlists.

  2. Completing this form does not guarantee a child care space will be available by your required date. Waiting times vary, depending on the providers you choose.

  3. When the registration process is complete, you will receive a confirmation letter with a summary of your account. It is recommended that you keep this record for future reference.

  4. The date you add a facility to your list of choices is the date your child’s name will appear on that waitlist.

  5. Information about licensed child care programs is updated regularly. Be aware that program information can change and may not be posted immediately on the website.

  6. All the child care providers listed are licensed by the Early Learning and Child Care Program. The Manitoba government establishes basic licensing requirements for all licensed child care facilities in the province. It also works with providers to ensure quality care. Parents and guardians should decide if a particular child care program’s quality, philosophy and safety standards meet their needs. It is strongly recommended that you visit the child care facility before accepting a space.

  7. The child care provider will contact you when there is a spot to offer your child and may ask you for more information at that time.

  8. After accepting a child care space, your child’s name will be removed from all other waitlists and a notice will be sent to your email or mailing address.

  9. As long as your account remains active, you may receive occasional emails or letters from the Online Child Care Registry.

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