Disability Support Work Disability Support Work

Job prospects

Supports for adults with intellectual disabilities are provided by over 110 agencies throughout Manitoba. Many agencies currently have job openings.

Each organization is unique with its own vision, culture, philosophy, policies and organizational structure.  Some agencies provide just one type of service while others provide a combination of residential, day, vocational or employment services.

Although the work is similar, how it is provided varies, based on the organization style and the needs of people who are receiving support. Hours of work will vary, including day, evening, asleep and awake overnight and weekends. Full time, part time, and casual work hours give people working in disability support the flexibility to meet their individual career goals. 

As with any job, it is important to find the organization that fits you. To begin searching for the right employer, click on the region in which you would like to work. You can get an idea about organizations by visiting their websites. If they don’t have a website, contact the organization by phone or mail. Agency staff will be happy to talk to you and discuss how your skills, knowledge and talents match what they are looking for.

People interested in working in disability support work have many options to meet their individual needs and preferences. Good luck in your search!

Manitoba’s regions are:

Westman Region
Parkland Region
Central Region
Interlake Region
North Region
Eastman Region
Winnipeg Region


Disability Support Work