Frequently Asked Questions

Service Needs Assessment Project

Who is being contacted about the Service Needs Assessment Project (SNAP)?

Employment and Income Assistance clients in the disability category will be contacted by Equal Opportunities West about SNAP beginning in Fall 2020 and over the next two years.

What kind of information will I be asked to share?

You will be asked about your current situation, skills and interests as well as your medical, social, housing, education and employment history.

The assessment will help identify supports that could better meet the needs of persons with disabilities. Your privacy is important and any information you provide will be handled securely.

Do I have to participate in SNAP?

No. This is voluntary but your participation will help EIA better understand your unique skills and circumstances.

Will this affect my EIA benefits?

No. Your participation in SNAP will not affect your EIA benefits.

However, if you have participated and would like to discuss your circumstances, your EIA counsellor can contact you afterwards to talk about potential next steps to help you reach your goals. This may include eligibility for benefits meant to assist with education or training opportunities, or other potential supports.

I received a letter. Who do I contact?

Please contact Equal Opportunities West at 204-560-3590 if you would like to participate and have not received a call yet, or to let them know that you do not want to be involved.

I do not have a phone all the time but would like participate. How can I schedule a time?

To schedule your assessment time, please call Equal Opportunities West at 204-560-3590.

I did not get a letter in the mail but would still like to participate. Is this possible?

If you are a client in the disability category, you will receive a letter over the next two years. You will be contacted as the project moves forward.

Is SNAP connected to the province’s plans to create a new income support program for people with disabilities, outside of EIA?

No. SNAP is focused on the programs and supports currently available to clients in the disability category. The province is continuing to work on the development of a new income support program for Manitobans with severe and prolonged disabilities, but that is happening separately from SNAP.