Social Innovation Office

The Social Innovation Office serves as a hub for social innovation across government. This office is responsible for initiating projects with socially responsible entities outside of government to develop creative solutions to social concerns.

The office supports areas across government to implement innovative solution development, for example through social financing, social enterprise and social procurement.

This creates dynamic opportunities to inform policy and services, working collaboratively with partners in finding solutions. These partners may include the not-for-profit sector, the private sector, experts and Manitobans with lived experience of the concern that needs to be addressed.
The Social Innovation Office also helps to implement government’s commitment to partner with service providers to identify social problems to address with a social impact bond. Under the social impact bond model, one or more investors lend money to cover the program’s costs.
Investors are attracted to social impact bonds because they align with their corporate social responsibility, and may improve their business profile while promoting sector development. Investors also have the potential to gain a return on investment, depending on the project scope.

View the Manitoba Government's website on Social Impact Bonds