The Manitoba Health Appeal Board

The Manitoba Health Appeal Board (the Board) has been established to ensure that residents of Manitoba have access to an independent arms-length appeal process. If a person is not satisfied with certain decisions involving a financial or operational matter in the health care system, they may appeal any applicable decisions to the Board.

The Manitoba Health Appeal Board (the Board) is an independent body established by The Health Services Insurance Act. Sections 2(1), 9, 10, 57(4), 57(5), 58, 61, 85.1(1), 85.1(2), 112.1, 113(1)(dd), 118.2(1), 118.2(3), 118.2(4) and 127(1) of the Act specifically refer to the Board.

The Chairperson and members of the Board are appointed by the Legislature and are not employees or officials of Manitoba Health.

The Board is responsible for making decisions on appeals under The Health Services Insurance Act and its regulations, The Emergency Medical Response and Stretcher Transportation Act and the Charges Payable by Long Term Patients Regulations 155/97 under The Mental Health Act.

The Board handles the following types of appeals:

More detailed information pertaining to each type of appeal can be located using the links under the "Get Started" section on the left side of this screen. You will also find links under this section to the MHAB Policies and Guidelines.

Posting decisions On-Line:  Decisions of the Board will be posted on the CanLII website beginning in 2015.  Identifying information will be removed from all decisions prior to posting. The Board has decided to post appeal decisions for the following purposes:  transparency, fairness, educational and research value.

Personal Health Information Act:  The MHAB collects personal health information with briefs that are submitted for appeal hearings. All briefs are shared with the parties and with the Appeal Panel for appeal preparation purposes. Personal health information is also contained in the appeal hearing recording. The MHAB will comply with the provisions of the Personal Health Information Act and will assist individuals who request a copy of their personal health information. Information related to accessing personal health information can be found at the Ombudsman Office.

Contact Us:

Manitoba Health Appeal Board
Room 102 (Main Floor) - 500 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3C 3X1

(business tower of Colony Square on the south side of Portage Avenue across from the University of Winnipeg)



This communication is available in multiple formats upon request to the Board office.

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