Report on the Health Status of Manitobans (2010)

Priorities for Prevention: Everyone, Every Place, Every Day

Health is a matter of concern for all of us; every Manitoban has a role to play in their own health and the health of others. It is also a matter of concern of all governments, private industry and non-government organizations. A healthy society promotes health for everyone, in every setting, every day. It is not just the business of the health system and its health care providers or facilities. This report addresses a range of health issues that have been selected because of their major impact on health, their preventability and the availability of information about them. It attempts to present a composite picture of the health of Manitobans, emphasizing preventable priority health outcomes for Manitobans and the importance of addressing their suspected causes, such as health-related behaviours, environmental conditions and other determinants of health.

The report emphasizes prevention as one of the most promising ways to improve the health of Manitobans, to reduce inequalities of health among Manitobans and to sustain the publicly funded health system and other public programs and services that directly or indirectly prevent disease and injury (ex: Education, Family Services). Much progress has been made over the last decade in addressing issues described in this report. The recommendations found here are intended to build on and increase the coordination of initiatives and strategies already underway, whether being carried out at the federal, provincial or community levels of government, by health and other sectors, private industry and other non-government organizations, or by families and individuals.

This report is, ultimately, for all Manitobans. It is hoped that media and others can help to make the facts and opinions in this report accessible to everyone (ex: parents, community members, employers and teachers) all of whom share responsibility for how we live, grow, learn, work, and play. It is hoped that this report will stimulate thinking and dialogue and will be used for further action to improve the health of Manitobans, especially those who are most disadvantaged.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the report, or have comments please contact us by e-mail. Your message will be reviewed by staff in the Office of the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer.